Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara: Review

Hello fellow loons and happy Sunday to merry England,

I’m writing to you from the Scottish highlands today, because I have finally decided to leave the streets of Coventry (I have a house, I’m not a prostitute) and spend some time with my delightful family. Needless to say, I’m vaguely baffled by the sheer number of trees and would quite like someone to explain what these giant rocks sprouting from the ground are (…mountains, what?!).

Apart from investing in a kilt, eating haggis and stalking Nessie, it is raining so we are not doing any activities today. Big surprise, I know. Thankfully, we have wifi in our Swedish-style lodge (and a sauna, so you all know what I will be doing shortly after writing this post!), so I thought I’d spend my time off work by catching up on blogging. Claire and I have been busier than Obama this week at work (with quite a few moments we wanted to throw in the towel and become Britney’s backing dancers. Wait…we still want to do that). Claire has managed to be a good egg and blog but I have been very pathetic and rubbish, so I do apologise!

ANYWAY, I hear you thinking “I came here to read a mascara review, not hear an idiot’s witterings about Scotland” (rude..).

I picked up this mascara during the week because there was a jazzy 2 for £10 situation going on with some Rimmel products in Boots. My foundation was one of the products involved in the deal, so it was definitely rude not to get something else.

You may have read our e.l.f makeup haul quite a while ago, but I got an e.l.f 3 in 1 mascara amongst everything else I bought. We were quite excited because the brush was similarly shaped to Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara and we thought we had come across a dupe. We hadn’t. The mascara is fine, but I do have some issues with it. Firstly, it takes FOREVER to dry on your lashes. If you sneeze or make sudden movements, you may as well give up on going out anywhere because your face will be ruined. Another issue is that because it takes so long to dry, my bottom and top lashes stick together causing me to look like a god damn fool.

BECAUSE OF THESE AWFUL ISSUES…I decided enough was enough. I’ve given the e.l.f mascara a decent trial and I just don’t like it. So I figured a new one was in order and grabbed this bad boy when I was in Boots the other day.

So, what about Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara?


I gather it is a fairly new product, Rimmel are certainly still splashing the word ‘new’ all over display stands. The name promises a lot – acceleration? ENDLESS ACCELERATION? This is too much. Is endless acceleration even possible? I think I need to consult my engineer father on this one. Rimmel say that this mascara defies the laws of lash length. Has anyone got a copy of these Lash Length Laws they want to share?

I’m not usually one to comment on the packaging so I will just say that it looks like a tube of mascara. Which is a plus. I’m glad it doesn’t look like a bowl of cereal.

The brush is quite good, I’m quite the fan. As you can see, it’s a plastic one (do fibre brushes even exist anymore?) and it is fairly small and thin. The smallness is which I enjoy, it means you can get into the corners properly and not worry as much about poking yourself in the eyeball and screaming “HELP! IN THE NAME OF THE GOOD GOD OF MASCARA, WHY?!”


The colour is extreme black, and while I would say it is definitely black, I am unsure how extreme it is. Will report back with more info if this changes or if my eyelashes suddenly become racist.

I’ve included a picture of my eyeballs with one featuring NO mascara and one featuring a couple of coats of the Lash Accelerator Endless mascara. I’m quite pleased and I think this may just be my new go to mascara.



And here is my face with no other eye makeup on EXCEPT the mascara – I’m definitely a pleased Larry.


What do you all think? Anyone else tried this jazzy little Rimmel mascara?

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  1. danielad July 28, 2013 / 9:41 pm

    i love the name of this! your lashes look ace xx

    • Lauren July 30, 2013 / 4:37 pm

      Thanks lovely! Very pleased with this mascara 🙂 xx

    • Lauren July 31, 2013 / 6:45 pm

      Thanks lovely! I’m definitely pleased with it 🙂 xx

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