Rock T-Shirts From Sugar Bullets

Get your metal on this summer and rock out with some iconic vintage tees!

I’m a big fan of women wearing rock clothing and there’s nothing better than a worn band t-shirt. The heavier the better with skulls, daggers, skeletons and blood… faded black or white and preferably GNR, Led Zeppelin or Iron Maiden.

Looking around, the best site I found online through 3rd party references is Sugar Bullets. Having been established for over 8 years they are the largest stockist of Amplified Clothing and have an awesome selection of womens tees at really good prices.

Throw on a pair of faded blue ripped jeans, old converse low-tops and you are ready go. A simple look with great character for the rock chick in you!

Fearne Cotton Rock T-Shirt

Image Credit – Conde Nast

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