Ombre / Dip-Dye

One of the key trends for this summer is undoubtedly ombre.

Ombre (or dip-dye) first really burst onto the high street fashion scene in the form of dip-dyed hair. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am a lifelong advocate of ‘Blonde Is Better’, so it was with great surprise that I actually experienced brunette envy for the first time in my life. I couldn’t help myself, though – dip-dyed hair just looked good (I even once Googled to see how the dip-dye would look with blonde on top fading into brown – needless to say, this was NOT GOOD and I abandoned the idea sharpish).

Now ombre has extended into fashion. Everything from tops and dresses to scarves and bags to underwear and jewellery are receiving the dip-dye treatment.

For me, ombre kind of falls into that category at the moment of ‘things that if you told me I would be wearing two years ago would have made me literally LOL’ (in case you’re interested, other things in this category include: crop tops, polo necks, dunagarees, flatforms – basically the whole 90s trend. Who would have known I would want to re-capature my youth so).

However, despite my initial skepticism I have to say that I love ombre. I think it’s the perfect trend for summer as it lets you incorporate pretty pastel shades without looking washed out. I have a slight phobia of wearing anything pink, mainly harking back to my bleached blonde days where I was worried I would end up looking like Miss Piggy; so an ombre item is the perfect way to introduce a bit of pink into my wardrobe without feeling over the top. Its boho vibe also makes it perfect for festivals, barbecue and all those other summery activities we love so much.

Of course, here in the UK we haven’t experienced a whole lot of good weather yet – I think we’ve only had about three days of spring, actually – and so people are still a bit wary of wearing anything obviously summery. Luckily, ombre also works just as well in monochrome shades. White or grey fading into black is a much more wearable look, and also ticks the box of being two trends in one.

Here are some of my personal favourite ombre pieces available on the high street and online:

Ombre High Street Fashion

Black Ombre Maxi Skirt: Missguided
Grey Ombre Cut-Away Shoulder Jumper: Topshop
Pink & Peach Omdre Dress: Boohoo
Green Ombre Leggings: Boohoo
White & Red Ombre Knit: Asos
Ombre Tassle Shorts: Topshop
Sleeveless dip hem shirt: Motel Rocks
Ombre Beige Jeans: Cheap Monday

Oh, and you know I said that I gave up on the blonde-to-brown dip-dye idea? During an episode that I’m describing as my ‘quarter life crisis’, I decided to do this on a whim a couple of weeks ago:


What do you all think of the ombre trend?

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