3 Best Brands of 2017 (So Far…)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, God knows how this happened considering my Christmas dinner feels like it was last week, but we’re now more than halfway through the year. EEK. In order to distract myself from the sheer panic of how quickly time is going (and that I really need to start putting more money into pension, seeing as I’ll be 70 in about two months at this rate), I decided to focus on some of my favourite brand discoveries of the year. Of course there are still five months for me to fall in love with new products, but for now these are my winners of 2017… View Full Post

Gemporia Review


As I creep ever closer to my 26th birthday, I’m starting to reflect on the fact that – contrary to what my chubby lil’ cheeks would imply – I’m actually getting older. And as I am getting older, there’s an increasing number of things that I am OVER, that cause me to get all “ain’t nobody got time for that!” The list of things that I no longer have time for includes (but is not limited to): the Daily Mail sidebar, heels that squash my toes, trying to make halter necks suit me aaaand rings that turn my finger green. Yes, important stuff.

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Poundland Jewellery? Purple Ivy: Pictures & Review

Poundland 2Now, you all know that we’re not fussy in the slightest when it comes to where our stuff comes from, but we have to admit that even we raised our (perfectly drawn on) eyebrows when we heard that Poundland were launching their own jewellery line. Sure we love Poundland for shower gel, hair grips and wicked-sick deals on biscuits, but jewellery for a pound? Was this just a bit too Jezza K, even for us?

However, take a look at these snaps we found on the Poundland website and try to say that you’re not at least a little bit impressed…
Poundland 6The range, called Purple Ivy, features a whopping 82 pieces. These all belong to different trends, listed by Poundland as Lady, timeless elegant pieces; Girl Next Door which is cutesy and feminine; Vintage Colour featuring bold retro-inspired pieces; Mysterious (which we cannot talk about); Nature, containing simple silver and leafy inspired things; and finally, Rustic Animals – which is quite self-explanatory.

Poundland 5 Poundland 4 Poundland 3I popped into my local Poundland the other day and when I saw they were stocking the range, I decided to try one of the pieces out. I picked up a set of 4 rings which I think are from the ‘timeless’ Lady range. Considering by the time I got the bag home one of the stones had already fallen out, I have to say that I think these do have a time and that time is approximately 25 minutes. However, with that slight grievance aside, the rings that kept their stones are still super pretty:

Pounland 1One thing to note is that I got a Medium, yet they’re a little big even on my massive sausage fingers so the sizings may be a little off in the rings. Overall though I’m pretty pleased with them for a POUND and they’ll make a nice addition to my stacker ring collection (aka that assortment of silver rings that Lauren and the Bonus Jonas regularly find scattered around the house).

Poundland 7(Told you I had massive sausage fingers.)

So what do you all think of Poundland’s jewellery range? Would you buy it? Let us know in the comments below!