Christmas 2014 Partywear Wishlist

Right, so before any of you Christmas-haters get on me like an angry rat on a soggy biscuit, I know it’s only the middle of November. In theory, I know it’s far too early to be whacking out the Mariah and thinking about mince pies. But at the same time, my work Christmas party is 3 weeks away, advent calendar season is just round the corner and DAMN IT, I really just like Christmas dresses.

So while this wishlist might be a little premature, hopefully you will all join with me in lusting over sequins, velvet, feathers and fur. There are SO many amazing Christmas party dresses and party bits (ooo-er) around, that I am seriously considering buying it all and then declaring myself bankrupt (after mysteriously hiding the clothes and creating a treasure map for Claire). I have already bought one dress, so clearly I have a problem. Don’t make me buy two, world.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourites.

Stylingo Christmas Partywear wishlist

Lace Bandeau Midi | Sheer Lace Midi | Silver Sequin Dress | Fluffy Sandals | Fur Foldover Clutch | Barry M Gold Christmas Nail Varnish

stylingo christmas party wear wishlist

Mermaid Bodycon Dress | Silver Wrap Dress | Cream Feather Bustier Dress 

I wish I had more occasions to go to. I really need that blue mermaid dress in my life, it’s possibly the greatest thing that I have ever laid my eyeballs on. I will die happy, knowing that I have seen a dress this beautiful. I’m also keen for the sheer lacey midi dress, which is super sassy.

What’s on your Christmas partywear wishlist this year? I think I have finally outgrown the Christmas jumper, and all I want to do is wear things that are sparkly, feathery, sequiny and preferable in any form of Christmas colour. WHO’S WITH ME?

Outfit of the Day: Missguided Trouser Co-Ord

OOTD 29th Sep Collage 1Top and Trousers: both Missguided | Shoe: Primark | Clutch Bag: ASOS (old)

HEY GUYS. As you may know if you read our recent Missguided wishlist post, I’ve had my beady eyes on this two-piece for a couple of weeks now. I had a christening to go to over the weekend and so finally saw my chance to buy it. Yes, I technically wore a crop top to church. Sorry baby Jesus. I have to say though that I’m COMPLETELY in love with this co-ord. It’s made from quite thick polyester so feels much more formal and fitted than other crops-and-trouser combos, and I think the print is really flattering (despite my hips looking approx 3 metres wide).

OOTD 29th Sep Collage 2I was a bit unsure how the trousers would fit as normally my stumpy legs require petite lengths, but Missguided trousers are actually a really good length for me. I’m looking forward to wearing these for my new job with a cami or jumper, and I should get plenty of wear from the top too seeing as it’s not too cropped.

OOTD 29th Sep Collage 3I teamed the co-ord with my nude Primark heels (£13, say whut) and bright envelope clutch from ASOS.  I kept jewellery simple with a couple of silver rings, and had my new Barry M shade ‘Coconut’ on my nails.

What do you all think of this look? Let us know in the comments below!


Outfit of the Day: Primark Drop Waisted Dress

Primark Drop Waisted Dress 2

Primark Drop Waisted Skirt

Primark Drop Waisted Skirt1

Before anyone criticises me too much, I have relatively changed my mind about drop waisted dresses and skirts. I have always been like WHY, WHY DO THESE THINGS EXIST THEY ARE STUPID when it comes to drop waisted things, but now I have changed my mind and decided to love them, c’est la vie.

And the dress that changed my mind is this one. Granted, I bought it when I was slightly merry and had been drinking virtually all day in the delights of Yorkshire, this should have been a total disaster. But I was so pleasantly surprised, and for the price, it is such a great little buy. But how much was it, I hear you asking? WELL. IT WAS FIVE POUNDS. Yes. Five human pounds. This bad boy was a part of the Primark fiver range, which continues to impress me. While the quality isn’t great, for standard dresses that do alright for work and so forth, they really are great. I wore this out when we headed out in Hull for a delightful partay, and it worked really well with heels too.

I’m wearing it today with my favey denim jacket, my ASOS platforms (cough, I never wear these hehe) and a few bits of jewellery I have found lying around my room.

What do you think of this £5 Primark dress? Worth the bargain?
(What a stupid question Lauren, of course it is worth the bargain)

Outfit of the Day: New Look Duster Coat & ASOS Platforms

New Look Duster Coat 1

Big up to my homegirl Claire for this outfit of the day post, because she has basically influenced it. I’m not sure if I mentioned in my last post where I was wearing these shoes, but Claire and my dear Coventry friends got me these beautiful ASOS dreamboat shoes for my birthday just gone. I have literally not removed them from my feet since then, I love them SO much and they are perfect in every way.

As well as having my back on the shoe front, Claire also introduced me to the wonderful autumn/winter trend that is the duster coat. I’ve well and truly fallen in love, and I invested in my first one this season last weekend. It was actually quite awkward when we both turned up to work on Monday wearing duster coats from New Look, because she had the same idea and got one in dusty pale pink from New Look too! Which, as you may have guessed, is where mine is from. CAN I RAVE ABOUT THIS COAT ANY MORE? No. I absolutely love it, with the fiery passion of a girl who loves duster coats. I really really recommend you go and check their frankly brilliant coat selection out, because you will not be disappointed in any way, shape or form.

New Look Duster Coat 3

I bought this checked wonder for £29.99, which is the biggest bargain of the century. It’s not too thick, so a perfect transitional piece for these weirdly chilly late summer days. I’m enjoying my darker hair with darker colours, so I feel like I can swan about like a bit of a goth in this and feel fabulous. HUZZAH.

I paired it with a leather look tee from F&F, a REALLY old faux-denim skirt from H&M, some faaaaabulous tights sent to me by Luxury Legs (I cannot rave enough about them, they are absolutely brilliant) and my beautiful River Island tote bag (they’re not retailing this badboy online yet as far as I can see).

River Island Black and Gold Bag

Will you be donning the duster coat this A/W?

Outfit of the Day: Sports Luxe

OOTD 4th Aug Collage 1Top: Brave Soul via ASOS / Shorts: Motel Rocks / Sandals: Primark

Hey there lads and lasses! So I have to say that sports luxe is a trend I never really felt brave enough to attempt, feeling that my take on joggers and heels would look less ‘fashion’ and more ‘confused chav’ (which is basically what I am, but we must try to hide this from the world). However, I think with this outfit I’ve sort of managed the varsity-inspired smart/casual blend that has been intriguing me for a couple of seasons now.

I’m in love with this Brave Soul top that I picked up in the ASOS sale a couple of weeks ago. You can’t see too well in the photos but it’s actually a perforated jersey so has that authentic sports vibe, but the cropped fit keeps it from being too masculine (which is a good thing considering I have shoulders broad enough to take on any American footballer). I also like the fact that the print isn’t a varsity number or anything too sporty, as I think that’s a leeeeedle bit done and dusted now.

OOTD 4th Aug Collage 2To add the smarter edge to the outfit I paired the top with these beautiful embossed white shorts from Motel. I got these as part of a co-ord, but they’re so versatile I’ll get plenty of wear out of them on their own. I can’t track them down on the website any longer which is a DARN shame, but they still have the black version here and they’re currently in the sale for £15 so GO MONKEYS, GO.

Of course my Primark sandals also had to be worn. Legend says that I’m actually incapable of wearing any other shoes at the moment…

What do you all think of this outfit?

July 2014 Haul: ASOS, Missguided & Primark

Do you ever have one of those months where you check your bank balance and actually consider alerting the authorities because you’re convinced SOMEONE must have swiped your card and gone on a spending spree? I did. As always though, I then looked in my wardrobe and realised that yes, a lunatic had indeed been on shopping spree… but that lunatic was me.

Non, je ne regrette rien.

July Haul 1Floral Shift Dress: River Island via ASOS / Sunflower Print Smock Dress: Motel Rocks*

I’ve been loving the ASOS sale this month, and this River Island dress was one of the beauties I picked up for my summer wardrobe for the mere price of £17 (down from £32). It comes quite long on me, so that teamed with the three-quarter sleeves and loose shift fit means that this is officially my new ‘grown up’ dress. Work meeting? I’ll wear this dress. Family meal? I’ll wear this dress. Want me to hang out with your nan? I’ll wear this dress (incidentally if anyone does want me to hang out with their nan then I genuinely will; I don’t have any grandparents left and really long for someone to do crosswords and bitch about young people with. Will bring my own Victoria sponge).

I was also lucky enough to WIN this beaut Motel dress last month from Yahoo Lifestyle‘s Twitter account, which I was super happy with. I don’t have the best luck with babydoll/smock dresses, but this one fits really nicely and isn’t as swampy as many that have come before it.

July haul 2Layered Cami & Beach Cover Up: both Primark

I popped into Primark for some ‘holiday bits’ (yep that old excuse) recently and had to pick up this coral cami. I have the same style in a floral/jungle print and I absolutely love the way it sits so couldn’t resist this version too. For only £6 it’s fantastico value for money. I also found this crochet, tassled vest top which is perfect as a beach cover up (actually something holiday-related, huzzah!). This was only £10 and they also did it in black, so I’m considering sneaking back for that one before my holiday on Tuesday. Because… well, why wouldn’t you?!

July Haul 6I also picked up these 3 pairs of shoesies from Primark. Both of the sandals were £4 I believe, and the nude heels were a crazy good £13.

July Haul 3Watermelon Crop: New Look /Tropical Print Crop: Missguided

Like it or not, watermelons are sexy now thanks to Beyoncé. Fruit print is all over the joint this S/S so I couldn’t say no to this little crop tee in New Look, especially as it was a mere £5.99. As it’s summer, my crop top game is of course on, so this little palm print beauty also found its way into a recent Missguided order. It’s scuba material, obviously (rumour has it everything is made from scuba material at Missguided, even the staplers and the staff), so has a really nice, flattering fit.

July Haul 4The same Missguided order saw me pick up this scuba frill crop top and scuba midi skirt, which I featured in this recent pastel OOTD so I won’t waffle on about them anymore (on a side note, mmmm waffles).

July Haul 7Crop Tee: Brave Soul via ASOS /Floral Sweat: Pull&Bear via ASOS

ANOTHER trip to the ASOS sale saw me pick up these 2 sale babies. I like the Brave Soul top because of its exceptionally subtle nod towards wealth (nobody will ever know that I was only able to fill my petrol tank halfway because I was so broke before payday, shhhh) and the Pull&Bear one will be lovely as we head into slightly chillier months. These were £10 and £6 respectively.

July Haul 8Bardot Body: Motel Rocks via ASOS

And the final purchase of the ASOS sale, and the month, was this Motel body which was £25 down to £12. Surely the sheer amount of bargains I acquired this month make this all totally acceptable, right? And if we think about the amount of money I’ve saved in the sales then, er, this is all basically free. Ah, the warped logic of a lunatic/blogger.

What do you all think of this haul? And what have you been buying lately?