Outfit of the Day: Karma Shift Dress

OOTD 7th F Collage 2
Dress: c/o Karma Clothing / Bag: Forever 21 / Shoes: eBay

Firstly, my apologies for the lighting in these photos – the sunlight abandoned me a few minutes too early while I was trying to snap these. Secondly and more importantly, a huge thank you to Karma Clothing for sending us this beaut little dress!

I’d been tempted by quite a few thing from Karma before but am always a bit weary about ordering from online stores for the first time, just because sizing can be so difficult to judge (unless you have something as sophisticated as, I don’t know, a tape measure – but who has that sort of newfangled technology at their fingertips?) However I ordered this in a Small and I would say it would happily fit most people between the UK 6-10 range – even midgets like moi.

To be honest, I was spoiled for choice on the Karma website. They have so many lovely dresses in particular in at the moment, and the prices are right up my street (Cheap Street, FYI). I eventually settled on this dress though; the shift/tunic style is set to remain big news as we head into S/S 14 and I thought the coral would be perfect in the warmer months as well as adding a bit of cheer to the dreary days right now.  The baroque print is also a nice detail touch, and it’s definitely good for me to move away from my beloved florals for at least one day.

With super quick delivery on top of this amazing dress, I would fully recommend Karma Clothing to y’all and can’t wait to make a few cheeky purchases myself come payday!

Have any of you ordered from Karma yet? What would you buy? 

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January Fashion Haul: Missguided, Boohoo & Primark

So, how are all of your post-Christmas spending bans going? Yeah, mine’s going great too thanks. Anyway, moving on…

Haul 11th Collage 1Playsuit (sold out) £15 / Jumpsuit £25 – Both Missguided.com
I placed a cheeky little Missguided order just after Christmas, I think with the intention of getting something to wear for New Year’s Eve. In the end our NYE plans were cancelled and I ended up staying in, eating pizza and watching repeats of Stars in Their Eyes (which was surprisingly fun, actually – there was a very impressive Cliff Richard), so neither of these were worn for the occasion – but aren’t they flippin’ beautiful?

I also picked up a Bardot body from the Sweet Deal range (though that’s currently in the wash) and some leggings – which did NOT please me length-wise, being the longest leggings known to mankind and completely unwearable. Hmph.

Haul 11th Collage 2Crop Top (sold out) £4 / Chelsea Boots£ 30 – Both Boohoo.com
Not long after New Year I ended up making a little Boohoo order too. This was for no other reason than I was fighting the January blues, and realised that these boots were the one and only thing that could bring happiness to my life. And my oh my, they have made every day better since. 

Haul 11th 7Sports Bra £4 – Primark
My gym is currently twice as busy as it was pre-Christmas due to all of the ‘New Year New Me’ gym joiners – and this is a trend that Primark clearly knows all about, as their gymwear has been moved from a dusty corner at the back, right to the front of my local store. Now, it will come as no surprise to you that I don’t really need to wear a sports bra, seeing as I essentially have no boobs whatsoever – but I couldn’t say no to this neon crop of joy.

Haul 11th 6Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan / Sultry Eyelashes £1 each – both Primark
I’ve been wanting to try out the Cocoa Brown fake tan for ever and ever and ever AMEN, and today was finally the day I added it to my massive Primark basket. I’m going to a party tonight and am currently the ultimate pail Gale, so can’t wait to blast my skin with this and see how it turns out. I think this is about £6 a bottle (currently too comfy on the sofa to go and check my receipt, soz) which is expensive compared to my usual St Moriz – but I’ve heard such good things about it that I decided it was worth the extra pounds. Rumour has it that Cocoa Brown tan doesn’t even smell like fake tan. Wizardry.

I also stocked up on a couple of pairs of Primark’s eyelashes in ‘Sultry’. I reviewed these lashes here and they’re genuinely pretty amazing for just one measly quid.

Haul 11th 5Necklace £3 / Midi Rings £1.50 – Both Primark
Primark’s currently coming up with some absolutely beautiful statement necklaces, and this one was too much of a bargain to resist. You can’t see well in the photo, but it’s rose gold metal woven with a kind of pearlescent cream material. I also picked up a pack of three silver midi rings. I have horrendously fat fingers and so I’ve got no idea whether these will look good or not, but for £1.50 I was willing to risk it.

I also picked up some Primark essentials including tights, leggings, hair bands and a new hair donut, but thought I’d spare you the boredom of seeing those. And now I must get back to my life, and look up what ‘spending ban’ actually means…

What do you think of this haul? What have you been buying lately?

Outfit of the Day: Fluffy Crop & Leather

OOTD 30th D Collage 1Fluffy Crop Jumper: Glamorous / Leather Skater Skirt: eBay (similar here) / Bag: Primark

Okay, so I’m definitely noticing a bit of a habit emerging here with pastel fluffiness and leather (case in point here and here), which I’m very sorry for – but there’s just something about these extremely girly jumpers that cries out to be toughened up with some good old cheap nasty pleather.

This jumper’s my new cropped dream from Glamorous that I snagged at the Clothes Show for a mere £20. Every blogger and her nan seems to currently have one similar, but I can fully understand why. They’re SO cosy and SO comfy and SO FRICKIN’ FLUFFY.

OOTD 30th D Collage 2Rings: Primark / Brogues: Primark (surprise surprise)

I’ve been basking in a few extra days off work post-Christmas, and so went out for lunch with my sister yesterday. I don’t know why I thought a rather tight fitting skater skirt was a good idea for a lunch date that involved a huge portion of enchiladas and sweet potato fries (Best. Things. Ever), but the feeling of being about to explode like the fat man in Se7en was still completely worth it.

What do you all think of this outfit? 

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Outfit of the Day: Oh My Love Playsuit

ootd 26th d collage 1 Playsuit: Oh My Love via ASOS / Leather Jacket: H&M / Shoess: eBay

Hey there sexies! Just a quick OOTD to show you what I wore for a night out on Boxing Day.

It’s one of those outfits that looking back on, I’m not 100% happy with; while I LOVE the digital print of the playsuit, I think the shorts cut me at a bad angle and length, leading to a bit too much chunky thigh on show. It’s still a beaut playsuit though, and the elasticated waistband was MUCH appreciated after  a few days of Christmas bingeing (potentially also to blame for the chunky thigh).

OOTD 26th D 4Rings: Primark and eBay

I had my hair in rollers for about four hours to achieve the bouncetacular ‘do that you see here, and about sixteen layers of St Moriz finished off the look by making me look nice and brown, like a coffee table.

What do you all think of this outfit? 

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Outfit of the Day: Primark Tartan and Leather

OOTD 16th D Collage 1Leather-sleeved coat: eBay / Tartan leggings: Primark / Boots: eBay

Hey chicas. Excuse my chronic case of Bitch Face re-surfacing here, I think it was just a case of the Sunday night blues when these snaps were taken.  I featured these tartan leggings in my recent haul post and I’ve already got so much love for them. This is also potentially the first year I’ve genuinely liked my winter coat; this wool and PU leather mixed coat manages to fight my usual coat gripes by being a good length and also not too bulky for my petite frame – plus it was a complete and utter bargain from China.

OOTD 15th D Collage 2Oversized tee: Boohoo (old) / Chain: eBay (similar)

Teamed with an oversized t-shirt and my trust Jeffrey Campbell dupes (which are so stupidly comfy it’s ridiculous) I was pretty pleased with this a smart/cas outfit. But the question of the day, as always is:

What on earth do YOU all think?

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December Fashion Haul: Glamorous, Abandon Ship & Primark

Dec Haul 1Hey there all of you fine pieces of ass! Now normally it annoys me ever so slightly when people post a ‘haul’ and it actually only contains a couple of items. And yet… that is exactly what I’m going to do for you today. I know, I know, one rule for you and another for me; I’m a bloody nightmare.

Due to poverty I haven’t been buying much recently, but here are a few bits that I’ve managed to pick up when I’ve been able to collect enough pennies from bins, gutters, etc.

Dec Haul 3Cropped fluffy jumper: Glamorous

I picked up this little beauty from The Clothes Show last weekend. My obsession with all things fluffy has been strong this winter, and I lusted after the similar Topshop version of this jumper for a good while, but at almost £40 I just couldn’t justify it. When I spotted this at the Glamorous stand my little heart started singing with joy, and I managed to bag it for a mere £20 (RRP £35, huzzah!)

Kitten body: Abandon Ship Apparel

Another Clothes Show purchase. As soon as I laid on this body I was almost borderline hysterical with laughter and joy – and while I wouldn’t usually recommend hysteria as a good mindset for shopping, I haven’t looked back. I can’t find this on Abandon Ship’s website anymore, but they have a range of other Satanic kitten-themed clothes that I strongly suggest you check out.

Dec Haul 4Cigarette trousers: Primark

I actually picked these up about a month ago from Primark so I’m not sure if they’re still in stock. They have a kind of embossed effect that makes them a little jazzier than your usual black trouser. I think they were only around £11 and I’ve already got a lot of wear out of them.

Tartan leggings: Primark

Finally, finally, I hop on the tartan bandwagon. Topshop have had an amazing pair of thick tartan leggings in store for a while, but again I couldn’t indulge myself with Toppers prices. These aren’t quite as nice, but at £6 they’re around a quarter of the price so I’m definitely able to cope. They’re a nice thick material so avoid that tacky look that printed leggings sometimes have, and I quite like the strong blue tones in the tartan. I’m looking forward to wearing these rolled up with some chunky black boots and pretending I’m cool.

Dec Haul 5Fur collar: c/o New Look

I’d been after a fur stole/collar/scarf thing for ages and was delighted to stumble upon this one in New Look. Despite the fact that it’s still – as Lauren and I keep telling anyone who will listen – very mild for December, this has been a welcome addition on many early mornings.

Miscellaneous: Primark

Whilst in Primark at the weekend I had to pick up a few boring essentials such as tights, socks, a hair clip and the elusive black vest (I must have about twenty yet can I ever find them?!). I also picked up these brogues, which I already have the brown version of – never let it be said that I don’t step out of my comfort zone.

What do you all think of this mini haul?

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Outfit of the Day: The Clothes Show

OOTD 8th D CollageJumper: New Look / Skirt: Primark / Boots: New Look / Rings: Primark / Nails: Barry M in ‘Watermelon’

Good afternoon ladies and gents! This is just a lazy quick post for you showing you what I wore to The Clothes Show today. Lauren and I were lucky enough to blag press passes (I know, they’ll let any old riff raff in) and we had a fantastic day swanning about with our name badges, spending money despite telling ourselves that we wouldn’t. We’ll have a full post all about the show coming tomorrow – there are loads of pictures of topless men, if that does anything to help persuade you to come back then.

Oh, and for anybody still interested in my quest for white/silver hair, I recently used La Riche Directions Silver Toner as opposed to the White Toner that I used before, and I think y’all will agree that this is the best colour that it’s turned out yet. I edge slowly closer to the hair of my dreams (shame about the outgrown fringe, to cut back in or not to cut back in, THAT is the question).

What do you all think of this OOTD? Were any of you at the Clothes Show?

Latest Trend: Velvet | Best of the High Street

Velvet CollageAs we approach the Christmas season each year, there’s always one material that re-surfaces to get us in the festive mood: velvet. There’s something about the plush texture that seems to scream Christmas louder than Noddy Holder (who, as a side note, basically ruins Christmas for me. Annoying berk).

Now, I’ve always been a bit wary of velvet. I think this stems back to a rather shocking fashion faux pas I committed when I was younger. My mum re-married when I was around 10, but I used to be scared of dresses and so, for some reason God alone knows, I thought it was appropriate for me to wear at the wedding – please brace yourselves for this horrifying image – a purple velvet suit. I kid you not.

So ever since that frankly traumatising time in my life, I’ve given velvet a bit of a wide berth. However, this year it’s interesting to see the various forms that velvet is now appearing in. For the last few years it’s been pretty exclusively reserved to dresses; but with this A/W’s focus on texture, texture and more texture, there are a huge number of options on the high street for different ways to wear velvet.

Here are some of our favourite pieces:

Velvet 1Velvet Playsuit – Boohoo

A velvet playsuit is a nice alternative to the usual velvet dress. Cami straps and loose swing styles have been really big the last few months, so this one manages to tick quite a lot of boxes with one massive pen.

Velveet 3Gold Foil Velvet Tube Skirt – Topshop

If you thought that Topshop reached it’s peak of gaudiness with the pale pink PVC skirt that everyone was loving recently, then you will see that you’re wrong. This shamelessly extravagant skirt is Christmas opulence in sartorial form.

Velvet 5Velvet Cropped T-Shirt – River Island

Moving away from the traditional blacks and burgundies that velvet usually appears in, this electric blue cropped t-shirt is a slouchy alternative to the trend.

Velvet 4Floral Velvet Bodycon Dress – Miss Selfridge

Patterned velvet is emerging strongly this year, and the winter hues of this dress keep the floral from looking too summery.

Velvet 2Velvet Leggings – Missguided

If you’re a bit unsure about how wearable velvet is, then these leggings from Missguided are a very easy-to-wear take on the trend. They can be teamed with a baggy tee or chunky knit for a daytime look, or dressed up with a crop top or body. Versatility, eh, got to love it.

What do you all think of this trend? How would you choose to wear velvet this winter?

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Outfit of the Day: The Big Massive Fedora

OOTD 30th N CollageSo I recently decided to branch out a bit and buy myself a fedora. I’d seen them gracing the heads of many a fashionista and thought, yeah, let’s give that a go. However because I am an IDIOT I failed to buy one of the reasonably sized fedoras that the likes of Lily Melrose have been sporting,and instead accidentally ordered this massive hat from eBay. Honestly, it looks like a frickin’ sombrero.

OOTD 30th N Collage 2Hat: eBay / Dress: Topshop / Sleeveless Leather Jacket: H&M

OOTD 30th N Collage 3Boots: New Look /Rings: Primark and eBay / Nails: Barry M ‘Lychee’

While I do enjoy the drama that the big massive hat brings to an outfit – imagine, for example, how emotional my train station goodbyes would look if I wore this – I’m unconvinced of the ultimate wearability of the big massive hat. I mean, will my head even fit in my car?

What do you all think of the fedora trend? Do you have any tips on how to wear them?

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Outfit of the Day: How to Wear the Casual Jumpsuit

OOTD 18th N CollageJumpsuit: H&M (old) / Cardigan: Primark / Chain: eBay / Shoes: Primark

Okay, so you know how basically winter comes around and we all just wish we could wear our onesies to work? Well I have cracked how to do this without receiving a disciplinary – a jumpsuit! Of course this is only really a useful tip if you own this exact jumpsuit, which I bought from H&M about two years ago, and I accept that the chances of this are unlikely. Sorry then, can’t help you there.

I can brag, however, that this was one of my comfiest days at work in a long while. The jumpsuit is a loose fitting cotton material – so not exactly as warm as a onesie, but with the help of my current favey Primark cardigan, the chills were kept at bay. I’ve had these gold studded pumps around 18 months now but I still see them popping up in haul posts sometimes, so I think they’re the sort of Primark wonder that sometimes re-appear in store.

Oh, and these photos also give you a little update of the current state of Operation Grey Hair. As you can see,  a wee disaster mishap occurred where I accidentally dyed quite a bit of my hair purple. However, I think this just adds character. Yep. That’s what I’m saying.

What do you think of this OOTD?

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