NKD SKN Pre-Shower Tan (& Other Shower Essentials)

NKD Skin Pre-Shower Tan ReviewI don’t know if I’m alone in this (don’t you dare let me down and say I am), but I kind of hate having to shower. Taking my clothes off and being all cold and then getting in the shower and being all hot, and then getting out and being all cold again while waiting to get warm… it’s just straight-up HASSLE. And don’t get me started on how red and blotchy I go after a shower, because I genuinely thought that might ruin my relationship when me and the BF went away together for the first time (who wants to go out with a blotchy tomato?). View Full Post

Fighting the Post-Christmas Blues

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJanuary: we’re skint, we’re bored and we’re having withdrawals from not eating eight Ferrero Roche for breakfast anymore. It’s easy to end up feeling a bit miserable once the Chrizzy decorations have come down and we’re thrust back into plain old winter, but the January blues don’t have to engulf us completely. How, you ask? Well, this is how…

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Bloom & Wild x Birchbox | Birchtree Review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello there my little festive elves! Christmas shopping season is upon us, and before I start churning out my gift guides (aka not-so-subtle hints to my family members of what I’d like to receive come December 25th, please and thanks), I decided to dedicate a full post to this oh-so-cute little gift that plopped through my letterbox last week. Looking for a quirky present for the girl who has EVERYTHING? Look no further than the lovechild of flower delivery company Bloom & Wild and beauty box giants Birchbox: the Birchtree. View Full Post

Makeup Mini Haul: Rimmel on Boots 3 for 2

DSCN4868Did I mention that I was going to South Africa this week? No? Well I am. And good heavens am I excited.

In fact, I am so excited that I might accidentally shoot Claire in the bathroom because I think she’s an intruder (…too soon?). Inappropriate jokes aside, I am really looking forward to it and I have also been doing a helluva lot of shopping. You can see the clothes I bought for my little trip here. Unfortunately, because I spent a million GBP on clothes, my makeup budget was slightly lacking, which is why I obvs had to hit Boots and take advantage of some 3 for 2 excellence.*

* You may notice that I have 4 things. I don’t know why that happened either. I probably forgot how to count again.

Rimmel is one of my go to makeup brands, which you might think is slightly surprising considering my absolutely slating review of Rimmel’s Scadaleyes Rockin’ Curves mascara (read all about the uselessness that it is here). Even so, I love their foundations, their powders and have found that you can’t go wrong with their eyeliners either. Which is why I decided to get a few of their bits to take away with me.

PicMonkey Collage

My absolutely favourite foundation, I won’t rave on too much on here but you can read my full review over here. It’s going to help me keep my face on when it’s a bit on the sweaty side over in SA, fo sho.

lskfkldjsfsA nicely finger printed photo, soz guys. Anywho, this is another one of my staple makeup products and I love it. It does help to keep my discoball face at bay and it’s cheap too!

waterproof eyelinerIt’s surprisingly hard to find a waterproof pencil eyeliner anywhere, so I literally grabbed this before I could say ‘Huzzah and thanks to Queen Lizzy’. I’m actually planning on using this on my eyebrows so I don’t look like a complete lunatic when I slow-mo run out of the sea.

waterproof mascaraThis Rimmel mascara is actually alright, definitely a step up from the terrible Scandaleyes one. It’s not exactly the best in terms of length or volume, but the waterproof side to things is good enough and again, will help me not look like an albino rabbit on the beach.

So girls, please share with me your Boots 3 for 2 purchases but try not to give me too much holiday makeup advice, I don’t have the time or money to buy anymore and I will probably cry into my pillow and/or accidentally rob Duty Free on my way there.

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A Week In Instagram #5

Why hi there homies,

I meant to put this post up yesterday, but unfortunately I spent pretty much my whole day reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I know, about 5 years too late), napping and then being overwhelmed by the new Sherlock episode (anybody else have an inappropriate crush on Moriarty? So glad he’s back in the game).

Anyway, Claire and I have been doing our best to put lots of effort into Instragram and post as much as possible. If you fancy giving us a glorious follow, hit us up at StylingoUK. Our posts are always fashion and beauty related and are usually laced with guilt because we accidentally spent all of our money on makeup. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

Instagram2 Instagram1Instagram31. My Primark necklace and Primark fluffy jumper: have so much love for these two pieces. Massively cheap and cheerful but I’ve been wearing them constantly. I featured this necklace in my most recent outfit of the day too!
2. Claire looking like a genuine hotty off to a party over the weekend, featuring one of her favourite Barry M lilac lipsticks.
3. Shameless selfie with a top I bought at The Clothes Show (read about our trip to The Clothes Show).
4. Our love of Primark will never die, Claire picked these cheap and excellent bits of jewellery over the weekend.
5. Claire picked up this amazing MAC makeup shade in a blog sale last week, definitely the perfect colour for daywear (and nightwear, lets be honest!).
6. Another one of Claire’s purchases, recommended by one of our favourite bloggers Latasha at Today I Adore. Keep your eyes peeled for this silver hair dye review.
7. I went to buy a new foundation over the weekend and ended up picking up a Bobbi Brown foundation and concealer (WAHOO, reviews coming soon beauts).
8. How amazing are these Primark tartan leggings? Claire featured them in an outfit of the day recently and they have definitely become a wardrobe staple.
9. The result of Claire’s new silver hair dye – it’s looking fiiineeeee and I basically think she is Daenerys now.
10. Claire’s fit new boots from Boohoo. Read all about them in her haul post.
11. Claire’s epic collection of Barry M nail varnishes!
12. One of my favourite Missguided dresses, the pattern is so lovely!

Well chums, I hope you have enjoyed a peek into our somewhat exciting (?!) lives. If you want to keep up with our updates, make sure you give us a follow on Instagram, Twitter or Bloglovin. Have a fabulous Monday!

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(do you think I’ve plugged our Instragram enough?!?)

Best of the January Sales: Where to Spend Your Pound Coins

If you’re anything like me and didn’t join the hordes of shoppers attacking stores on Boxing Day (with the crazed eye of a gal with money to spend, of course) you may be thinking now is the time to invest in some exciting sale stuff.

Except…it seems like there’s nothing left. And I mean nothing. In fact, all I could find on a recent shopping trip were some tragic yellow espadrilles and a strange beaded bra. No thank you, H&M. No thank you at all.

In horrible despair (there were tears and screams of ‘WHY GOD WHY’), I decided to hop online where (thank the good Lord) I had a bit more luck. And I have decided to put together a few of my favourites to help a brother out. So, if you’re looking for some excellent bargains and are 100% not looking for beaded undergarments, then check out my top picks from the January sales. Awooooooga.

The Best of the Beauty Bargains: FeelUnique.com

I’ve not particularly shopped at Feel Unique before, but I’ve heard good things (mostly that there are many a bargain to be had, so basically it is a magical wonderland). Now I know that all of you die hard Boots and Superdrug fans may be thinking ‘yes, but I can buy Soap and Glory for half price at Boots and I can get a steak bake from Greggs while I’m at it’. Well, I will tell you this now free of charge: Feel Unique have some fabulous brands and products on offer at the moment – and not just Soap and Glory (or Sanctuary, heaven forbid). Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they don’t sell pasties. Sorry.

Sales Collage 1

All of these are over 40% off. Yes my son.

The Best of the Fashion Finds: ASOS

It’s not really groundbreaking news that ASOS sales are brilliant, but this year seems to be more excellent than usual. The jewellery especially is around the 50% off mark, and its always worth investing in ASOS shoes when they’re on offer. Here are some of my favourites, but it’s defo worth having a look to see what you can find! I’ve already seen some marvy pictures of half price ASOS threads on Instagram and Twitter, but there are many more beauties to be found.

Collage 2


All over these are over 30% off.

The Best of the Electronic Stuff: Argos

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 14.01.26

Before you all get pervy and weird, I’m talking about hairdryers and what not. January is definitely the time to be investing in some new electric beauty goods, particularly if you are like me and the wires are hanging out of your hair dryer and every time you try your hair, it is like Russian Roulette. Argos is always your best bet for finding a good range of electronic products, and this year there are so many products over half price. Amazing!

So chums, what do you think? Have you seen any other online stores selling some amazing bargains? Or did you manage to hit the sale rails before all the good stuff went?

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If I Was A Rich Girl | October Wishlist

Good morning chums,

I am still in a horrific pit of poverty and haven’t bought much in the last few weeks, snore. Spending bans make me want to cry softly to myself. Nevertheless, I am still perving on a huge number of things at the moment that I simply must share with you all. That way, you can buy it and I can live through you all like a crazy mum on Toddler’s and Tiaras (although I probably wont be forcing you to do dance routines…).

Clothes & Shooooooes

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 09.05.15

Motel Rocks Printed Jeans | Missguided Heeled WedgesMissguided Velvet Shift Dress |Asos Tweed Coat | River Island Lace Insert PlaysuitTopshop Knitted Lace Croptop | Topshop Lace Sleeve Swing Dress | Miss Selfridge Armour Trim Sandals

Clothes, glorious clothes. My wardrobe is looking increasingly more pathetic as I keep selling everything on eBay. Claire and I are becoming quite the social butterflies (instead of sitting in and watching Downton Abbey, which has become our lives). Events are coming and obviously new clothes are necessary. I love this little Topshop pastel crop top and I am a keen bean to incorporate a few more pastels into my autumn/winter wardrobe. It’s knitted, so I think I should be able to keep the frostbite at bay.

I need more heels in my life and LETS ALL SAY HELLO TO THESE MISS SELFRIDGE HEELS. Phwoar, corr and good lord. They are stunning. I’m pretty positive I can’t afford to purchase them on my meagre bank account, so lets all start the hashtag #PrayForLauren to get these into my possession.

Beauty & Makeup

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 13.47.25

 Collection The Smokey Eye Palette | Seventeen Stay Time PrimerSleek Face Contour Kit | Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum | Barry M Pale Nude Lipstick | Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | Topshop Lips in Called UpBarry M Burgundy Crush Matte Nail Paint | Barry M Gelly Effect Plum | Barry M Gelly Effect Blackberry | Smashbox Brow Tech To Go | Benefit Stay Flawless Primer | Topshop Golden Aura Palette |

Excuse the horrifically long list of items in my beauty wishlist, but you know how it is…when you start browsing it is simply impossible to even think of stopping. I need to go to beauty bloggers anonymous. Particular favourites in this hugey list of beautiful things includes the Sleek Face Contour Kit. I love the look of this (much like I love the look of cake every second of the day) and the range of colours looks perfect for sculpting my face to look like someone who has bones rather than marshmellows for a face. I reviewed the Bourjois Bronzing Primer as a contour product here, but this will be my next facial experiment. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to look like Scarlett Johansson.

I’ve also heard everyone rave about the Smashbox Brow Tech To Go kit, which is a little brush/pencil set. I’m keen to try it out as I am also on an eyebrow quest for the perfect brows. Too many quests, so little time.

I have a lot of primers in my life at the moment. I’m using Seventeen’s Flawless Poreless Primer, which is excellent beyond belief and I recommend it to anyone looking to get rid of those pesky holes in your face. Nevertheless, a gal can never have too many primers, so I want to try this Benefit one and see how it compares to the cheaper ones I own. I already use the Pore-fessional Primer, but this long-wearing intrigues me like a mysterious woman.

I saw this Collection Smokey Eye Palette recently on a beauty blog (I wish I could remember which!) and I was hugely impressed with the swatches. While I am definitely not a Collection snob, this palette looked a bit cheap to me. After seeing the range of colours and the pigmentation, I MUST OWN IT. NOW.

WELL FRIENDS. What do you think of my October picks? Do you guys have any reviews/hauls/ootds with some of these bits and bobs in? If so, PWEESE share them with me so I can have a gander before I launch myself at the Bullring.

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17 Wow! Skin Highligher & Flawless Poreless Primer | Review

17 4I have to admit, Seventeen has always been one of those brands that I just breeze past when I’m in Boots and never really bother considering buying from. It’s not a snobbery thang; it’s no secret that I’m more than happy to try the cheaper makeup brands and have plenty of Collection and MUA in my makeup bag. Rather, I just always assumed that Seventeen was just as the name suggests – a very young brand, on par with Miss Sporty in the sense that they cater to that ‘first makeup’ market.

However, when I saw Seventeen’s new releases I realised I might have been a bit quick to judge all these years, as they looked very interesting indeed. I popped into Boots at the weekend and lo and behold, they had a Buy One Get One Half Price offer on, so of COURSE both of these ended up coming along to the till with me. Sigh.

Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer

17 1Up until recenty, my pores never really had much impact on my life. About six months ago, in our pre-beauty blogging days, Lauren complained to me about her large pores and I remember literally thinking ‘what are you on about you idiot, nobody cares about their pores’. For me, legitimate skin complaints included spots, blemishes, dark circles, dry skin, oily skin, flaky skin and scabby skin – people who actually thought about their pores were clearly people with too much time on their hands.

And then, I suppose I got too much time on my hands.

I suddenly one day became aware of my pores. I noticed they were definitely there, and more problematically, they were bloody massive. They were all I could see when I looked in the mirror and I genuinely wondered whether when people looked at me their eyes were just about to travel down a fraction and settle on my large pores.

So when I saw this Flawless Poreless Primer, I knew I immediately had to try it. I’ve only ever really used glorified moisturisers liquid primers before, so at first I was a bit bamboozled by this balm-like product. Also as I initially swiped my fingers across it and could feel and see absolutely nothing on my finger tips, I began to think I’d royally been had. Then I actually applied the primer to my skin, and most important around my nose a.k.a. Pore City (a.k.a. Pore-tsmouth if I’m feeling particularly humorous), and I was FLABBERGASTED. It just smoothed right over them, like Pollyfiller for the face. I’ve heard people use the word ‘airbrushed’ to describe their skin after some primers and foundations and thought they were being dramatic, but that’s honestly how that particular area looked after using this.

I know the lighting etc is completely different on the following photos, but hopefully they’ll still give you an idea of how visible my pores were without the primer, versus their invisibility cloak with the primer:

17 Prime CollageI am genuinely ridiculously impressed with Flawless Poreless for its ability at hiding my pores, but how is it for actually making my makeup last? Well… also ridiculously good if I’m honest. I don’t think I realised but I must be quite used to my foundation casually slipping off my face over the course of the day, as usually by the time I go to the gym after work I look a lot more bare-faced. This week though, I’ve been heading to the gym with what looks like a full face of makeup (which everyone knows is the ultimate gym faux pas; it’s been an embarrassing time, I assure you).

This is sold for £5.99 in Boots and is honestly worth every penny. Seventeen, I am sorry I judged you.

Seventeen Wow! Skin Highlighter

17 Wow 1The second product that caught my eye was this 3-way highlighter. As you may know, I’m very new to the highlighting game and was left somewhat unimpressed with my Bare Minerals ‘Radiance’ highlighter. When I heard this Seventeen product praised as a Benefit High Beam dupe then, I was feverish with excitement. It’s called a 3 way highlighter as, who’d have thunk it, it can apparently be used three ways – either underneath foundation as a primer, mixed in with foundation as some sort of all-over dewy base creator, or applied to cheekbones and all those other pointy bits you’re meant to put highlighter on (as I said, I’m new to this).

On day 1 I mixed it with my foundation. I wasn’t a huge fan of this look as it seemed primarily to thin out my foundation, leaving a much sheerer coverage. It also left me a bit glowy, but not really in an ‘ah, I’m an angel!’ way, but rather a ‘I’ve just had to walk pretty briskly to catch my bus’ way. HOWEVER, I do think that there are some days when this effect will be much more appropriate – I don’t mean to be a complete yob, but I’m mainly thinking those hangover days when your skin looks all pallid and you need to be perked up.

17 Wow 2

17 Wow CollageNext I used it just to highlight. It has a really lovely, pearly sheen to it that thankfully isn’t at all glittery (pet peeve). As you can see, when blended out it goes really sheer and is maybe not noticeable enough, so it’s a good idea not to try to blend it in too much and instead just stipple it on lightly.

At 30ml it’s not the biggest bottle, and depending on how you use it it might not last you that long. Again though, at £5.99 I would say it’s worth the money considering how expensive other brands can be (yeah Bare Minerals, I’m looking at you).

Have any of you tried these products? What did you think?

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