Outfit of the Day: Dorothy Perkins Midi Skirt & Topshop Crop Top

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Waddup you marvellous people.

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the fact that we only have one more day until the weekend, and I don’t know about you, but I plan to drink cocktails and probably lurk in bed for 24+ hours.

Yesterday was probably the most exciting day that Claire and I really care about. Birthdays? Get gone. Christmas? WHO THE HELL CARES. But payday…come to me my sweet, sweet love. You are beautiful in every way.

Which is why we made our obligatory trip to the retail park near to our work to stock up on a few bits and bobs that we simply couldn’t afford in the dark days before we were paid. While we said we were just going to pick up some cream for my scabby eczema, we ended up buying a load of other nonsense. It is the way of life.

Amongst the nonsense things that I bought, I also picked up this lovely little midi skirt from Dorothy Perkins. Now, I wouldn’t say that I am a regular shopper in Dotty P’s, but I do have to say that their sale was excellent when we popped in.This paisley print midi skirt was a mere £10, marked down from £20 (I think I probably would have bought it full price even if it hadn’t been in the sale!). You can find it online here, but it seems to be £5 more expensive than when I bought it in the shop. I thoroughly recommend that you have a nosey online though, they have LOADS of lovely midi skirts.

I paired it with my new Topshop ‘La Vie Boheme’ crop top, which I actually listed on my most recent spring/summer wish list. This little bad boy will set you back £10, and I would say that you definitely HAVE to wear a nude or white bra underneath, because it’s super see through.

I popped on my New Look round sunglasses and also wore my New Look white platform sandals on my trotters.

I apologise for the state of my hair, I tried to go for the ‘cool messy look’ (read: woke up late, couldn’t find hair brush) but ended up looking  slightly  like a ginger haired tramp. Whoops.

What do you think of Dorothy Perkins midi skirt offerings?

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Outfit of the Day: Primark Printed Trousers & Fur Coat

Good day scoundrels,

I’ve been woefully absent on the blog over the last week as I have been suffering from the stupid flu, which like a stalker will not leave me alone. I finally allowed myself to have a proper day off work today (after having an emotional/physical breakdown yesterday and one of my lovely colleagues having to drive me home) and it’s doing me miles of good! So much so that I actually feel like eating AND leaving the house (pardon?!), so I decided to slather my troll face in makeup to make the short journey to the corner shop. For biccies.

I’ve been dressing in attractive array of big tshirts and leggings for the past 4 days, so today felt like the day I should look like a normal human being and wear real clothes. This was my outfit!

DSCN2966Primark Printed Trousers : Topshop Peacock Print Baggy Tshirt : Dorothy Perkins Boots : Primark Gold Chain Necklace : Topshop Ring

I bought these delightful trousers a few weeks ago in Birmingham and I genuinely love them. They’re really comfortable and easy to wear, meaning if you get the urge to do some street lunges – YOU CAN. I think they have the capacity to be dressed up or down and they are a fabulous addition to my wardrobe. I can’t exactly remember the price, but they were around the £10 mark.

The tshirt is an old one, I bought it from Topshop a couple of years ago but it’s still a firm favourite. The picture doesn’t pick it up, but there are actually velvet peacock feather prints on the shoulders (I’m a gal that likes alliteration but that sentence was a bit much pahaha).

I don’t know about you guys, but it is fereeeeezing here in Cov and because I’m still in the throes of illness, I figured my adventure to the shop needed to be super warm and cosy. CUE GIANT BEAR COAT. This Topshop fur coat is my child, I love it so dearly. It’s also quite old now but it’s still in amazing condition (even after I couldn’t be bothered to take it to the dry cleaners and did it in the washing machine…). I hope it will stay with me for many years to come and if any of you lovely lot are thinking of investing in a fur coat from Toppers…I recommend it. I can’t believe how well this has lasted!

DSCN2976Topshop Fur Coat : New Look Bag

What do you all think? I for one am proud that my hair doesn’t resemble Hagrid’s beard.

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My Outfit of the Day and a Fashion Tragedy.

I had a quarter life crisis last week (much like Claire and her strange purple dip-dye phase) and decided to overhaul my general appearance in my eternal quest to become a trendy wendy. This meant dashing to the hairdresser in my lunch break on Friday and carefully explaining that I wanted a fringe cut well above my eyebrows, so that all the effort I spend drawing them on is not wasted. After a disdainful “that’s a bit short isn’t it…’ and my hairdresser deciding not to charge me (probably because she thought it looked horrible and I was upset by it. I wasn’t, I love it and I got a free haircut), my new look is on its way to being complete. For those of you who follow us on Instragram, you may have seen a picture but here is the final result anyway:


I’m also lying slightly when I say outfit of the day because this was actually my outfit on Saturday. However, I generally look slightly trampy at work because I get ready at 6am and forget how to dress myself, so there will rarely be a good outfit post here. Anywhoo, this was my favourite outfit from the weekend (the rest of the time was spent in a tshirt with a strange Jamaican man on it) and I wore it to do a spot of shopping in Birmingham.


Neon skirt: H&M 

Lace top: Next

Box bag: Primark (its hilariously old so I wont even attempt a link)

Black boots: Dorothy Perkins 

I also have to share with you all possibly the worst fash trag (also know as a fashion tragedy) that has happened to me yet. On my shopping ventures on Saturday, I bought these absolute stunners from New Look. I’m a big fan of New Look heels in general (although I don’t love their clothes) and these ones are bang on the mark in every single way. I can’t describe to you how much I love(d) them; my day, NAY MY LIFE, was infinitely improved. They were only £24.99 too, so literally the biggest bargain of my entire human life.


So, my shoes and I should have lived happily ever after. We had all the makings of a perfect couple. I wore them out on Saturday night for a casual one at Snobs and things were going swimmingly. They were comfy. I was tall. It was a most exciting time. HOWEVER, being the literal clumsy idiot I am and also blaming New Look somewhat, I managed to break ALL of the straps on one of the shoes. I wasn’t even vigorously dancing; I managed to break my shoes by simply standing up. Obviously, I was more upset about the fact my shoes had broken than the fact that I had to spend a million pounds to go home, get another pair of shoes and come back out. I’m going to replace them this weekend and hope that the next pair survives longer than an hour because I really, really can’t live without them!