My Outfit of the Day and a Fashion Tragedy.

I had a quarter life crisis last week (much like Claire and her strange purple dip-dye phase) and decided to overhaul my general appearance in my eternal quest to become a trendy wendy. This meant dashing to the hairdresser in my lunch break on Friday and carefully explaining that I wanted a fringe cut well above my eyebrows, so that all the effort I spend drawing them on is not wasted. After a disdainful “that’s a bit short isn’t it…’ and my hairdresser deciding not to charge me (probably because she thought it looked horrible and I was upset by it. I wasn’t, I love it and I got a free haircut), my new look is on its way to being complete. For those of you who follow us on Instragram, you may have seen a picture but here is the final result anyway:


I’m also lying slightly when I say outfit of the day because this was actually my outfit on Saturday. However, I generally look slightly trampy at work because I get ready at 6am and forget how to dress myself, so there will rarely be a good outfit post here. Anywhoo, this was my favourite outfit from the weekend (the rest of the time was spent in a tshirt with a strange Jamaican man on it) and I wore it to do a spot of shopping in Birmingham.


Neon skirt: H&M 

Lace top: Next

Box bag: Primark (its hilariously old so I wont even attempt a link)

Black boots: Dorothy Perkins 

I also have to share with you all possibly the worst fash trag (also know as a fashion tragedy) that has happened to me yet. On my shopping ventures on Saturday, I bought these absolute stunners from New Look. I’m a big fan of New Look heels in general (although I don’t love their clothes) and these ones are bang on the mark in every single way. I can’t describe to you how much I love(d) them; my day, NAY MY LIFE, was infinitely improved. They were only £24.99 too, so literally the biggest bargain of my entire human life.


So, my shoes and I should have lived happily ever after. We had all the makings of a perfect couple. I wore them out on Saturday night for a casual one at Snobs and things were going swimmingly. They were comfy. I was tall. It was a most exciting time. HOWEVER, being the literal clumsy idiot I am and also blaming New Look somewhat, I managed to break ALL of the straps on one of the shoes. I wasn’t even vigorously dancing; I managed to break my shoes by simply standing up. Obviously, I was more upset about the fact my shoes had broken than the fact that I had to spend a million pounds to go home, get another pair of shoes and come back out. I’m going to replace them this weekend and hope that the next pair survives longer than an hour because I really, really can’t live without them!

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  1. Ella Ralph June 5, 2013 / 9:22 am

    I too am a huge fan of New Look shoes (again, not the clothes so much! Weird that!) and I bought a beautiful pair of mid-thigh high, brown, super high heeled boots with pretty buckles on the side…. I was in shoe heaven.

    Then I wore them out shopping (admittedly it was a pretty epic trip) and by the time I got home, the heel had come off leaving that irritating metal stub you get on stilettos. NOT happy. I hadn’t even kept the receipt, such was my misguided faith in the quality of New Look footwear, but I barged into my local shop on my high horse and they exchanged them for me anyway 😀

    So far this pair have survived but that’s probably because I’m too scared to wear them…

    (Sorry this comment has turned a bit lengthy, I see you feature guest posts…. feel free to use this ;-))

  2. Debs June 6, 2013 / 5:40 pm

    I had a pair of those New Look shoes too, I just walked down the street and they broke. Another girl on my timeline also had a pair very similar that broke almost straight away. I wouldn’t waste your time getting a new pair, get your money back.

    • Lauren Forse June 12, 2013 / 10:28 am

      Took your advice and decided to just get my money back…I’m still slightly heartbroken that I don’t have these beauts anymore but I’m sure some better quality ones will be found soon! xx

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