OOTD | Wearall Embroidered Denim

Wearall DenimEmbroidered Denim Co-ord: Wearall* | Sandals: River Island* | Sunglasses: eBay

You know what I love? Well, as well as Game of Thrones, cheesecake and fake tan? Discovering new clothing sites, ESPESH ones where all of the clothes are fully on-trend and as cheap as the proverbial chips. We all know about Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing et al, but a new site that has just popped up on my radar is Wearall.com.  I was sent a few items from the brand recently, including this amazing denim two-piece, and it’s safe to say that I’ve found a new fave. View Full Post

Currently Watching: eBay Wishlist #6

eBay Wishlist SummerFloral Trousers / Cleated Sole PlatformRose Print Kimono/ Studded Bumbag/Mesh Swimsuit / Palm Print Bralet 

Hey hey everybody, it’s Cleopatra, coming atcha. Not really, just Claire again (sorry). I realised we haven’t done an eBay wishlist for months and knew that this had to be rectified as I have loads of fit bits in my watching list at the moment, and it would frankly be cruel to not share them with you. Once I’d gathered them all together I realised this is a very summery wishlist, so if you still have a festival or holiday to go to this year then I’mma hook you up.

The trousers and kimono are both from the same overseas seller, and they have SO many nice things. The prices are frankly ridiculous – the kimono, for example, is £4.26. Yes, four pounds and twenty-six pence! With prices like that, it’s definitely worth the wait of a couple weeks for delivery  – and whatever I’ve had from Chinese sellers so far has always been good quality. Accessories-wise, I’m loving these white cleated sole platforms (obviously – who isn’t?!) and the studded bumbag was one that I wanted for Wireless festival a few weeks ago (but I accidentally spent all of my money on houmous before the weekend so couldn’t afford it, sob). I’m off on holiday in FOUR DAYS so it’s a little late for me to order this mesh insert swimsuit but I think it’s absolutely beautiful, and it would also be super flattering for those not quite brave enough to fully flash their stomach. And finally we have the palm print bralet, which is so perfect for summer it almost causes a tear to come to my eye.

What do you all think of this eBay wishlist?

Outfit of the Day: Company Style Blogger Awards #1

OOTD COMPANYFedora: H&M / Dress: Topshop / Shoes: eBay / Bag: charity shop

Hey there you foxy things! Hope you’re all well and wearing your Friday pants with fervour.

As you may know, Lauren and I were lucky enough to go along to the Company Style Blogger Awards on Wednesday night. We’ll have a full post on the event up over the weekend but for now I thought I’d give y’all a look at what I wore. I fell in lurrrrrve with this Toppers dress as soon as I saw it. Short, body con, garish print? Yep, that’s a Claire dress. To give it a slightly more casual edge I teamed it with my new H&M fedora and JC rip-offs dupes. I also picked up this furry bag in a charity shop recently (I know, who am I now) and I love it – though I did throw almost half a pina colada over it later in the night, so I’m not sure how funky fresh it’s smelling now. C’est la vie.

What do you all think of this outfit?

June 2014 Haul: Primark, H&M, NEU Apparel & More…

Hello you little saucepots! It’s safe to say we’ve been a very OOTD-heavy this last week, so to give you a bit of a break from our moon faces, today I come bearing a haul post. Yes, another haul post. In my defence, I haven’t been completely spend crazy since my last haul post (which you can see by clicking here) as some of this was kindly gifted to us. I don’t really have a defence for the rest of it except, er, I can’t walk around with my nips out can I? This isn’t Game of Thrones.

Anyway, let’s crack on!

31st May Haul 1Trousers: Primark, £9 / Culottes: Primark, £12

A little trip to Primark last weekend saw me exit stage left with these couple of beauties. I love the jogger-style trousers for several reasons, which I will explain to you quickly: 1, elasticated waistband = give me all the biscuits, thank you; 2, the crazy club Tropicana print, it’s summer somewhere; and 3, £9 means change from a tenner to go and buy some Haribo with, HUZZAH. What’s not to love?

Secondly, we have here a pair of culottes. Yes, culottes. Has anything divided a nation more since Gareth Gates vs Will Young than culottes? I bought these on an absolute whim and to be honest haven’t quite got round to trying them on yet to see if they actually look nice or, as I suspect, will make me look like a 2 foot tall mutant.

31st May Haul 2Shorts – H&M, £8 / Playsuit: H&M, £13

I also popped into H&M and to be honest was pretty flabbergasted at how much nice stuff they have in at the moment, as well as how good their prices are. I ended up picking up these two pieces “for my holiday” (yep, that excuse is still going strong) though I’m sure I’ll get plenty of wear out of them before then.

31st May Haul 3Crop top – eBay, £10 / Trousers: c/o Sammy Dress

I wore this top in a recent OOTD and my love for it is still going strong. These trousers were sent to us by the wonderful folk at Sammy Dress, which is a Chinese site definitely worth checking out if you want ridiculously cheap clothes. And I mean ridiculous. As it’s international you have to wait quite a while for delivery  (I think I ordered these when I was about 16) but when the prices are so good you don’t mind as much.

31st May Haul 4Mesh Panel Gym T-shirt  / Gym Leggings – ℅ NEU Apparel

These last few weeks I’ve seriously lost my gym motivation, which I think has been down to a combination of remembering I love pizza LOADS and also not having anything new to wear to the gym. Yes I know that is pathetic but it’s me, I am pathetic. So for that reason I was SUPER HAPPY to be sent these pieces from NEU Apparel’s new collection to try out. I’m going to have a full post on this brand soon but I’m basically in love with their whole range.

31st May Haul 6London Retro Sunglasses –  ℅ Glasses Direct, £95

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of sunglasses that cost more than a fiver in my life so I’m so grateful for Glasses Direct for sending over these bad boys. While £95 is definitely more than I would pay myself, these are amazing quality and I know they’ll last for years – unlike my usual Primark versions that snap easily/lose lenses/bend in the heat/all of the above (stay classy).

What do you all think of this haul?


Outfit of the Day: Vague Crop Tee

OOTD 24th May COllage 2
Crop top: eBay / Leather look leggings: River Island (old) / Chain: eBay / Bag: Primark

Good afternoon, ladies and gents!

Now this look is what I call ‘hoochie chic’ (no, I’m not really sure where the chic bit comes in either) and features my new crop top which I picked up from eBay this week. I may have explained before that despite liking slogan tees, I am quite fussy about what said slogan says. I don’t like t-shirts that say anything about partying – because I’m clearly not a party when I’m filling my car with petrol at 9am on a Sunday – or love, or dreams, or anything remotely shit like that. This, though, I like. I also like the loose fit and rolled sleeves. Top marks all round, eBay, top marks!

 OOTD 24th May Collage 5
Sunglasses: Primark / Shoes: Garage Shoes

I am also in love, yes LOVE, with my new shoes. I went on a search high and low for these babies, after seeing similar ones either sold out everywhere online or versions that were not quite right (ie a lot have white tops but black heels whereas I was after the full white). I finally chanced upon these on Garage Shoes, which I hadn’t visited before but definitely recommend for some cheap and cheerful new foot friends. I’m aware that sounds a bit like a club that foot fetishists might join. That is not what I mean.  ANYWHO, these only cost £30 and literally make me so happy I could do a little cry. Whether or not they survive a night out in Birmingham tonight is fully another matter. Alas, we shall see.

What do you all think of this outfit?