3 Best Brands of 2017 (So Far…)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, God knows how this happened considering my Christmas dinner feels like it was last week, but we’re now more than halfway through the year. EEK. In order to distract myself from the sheer panic of how quickly time is going (and that I really need to start putting more money into pension, seeing as I’ll be 70 in about two months at this rate), I decided to focus on some of my favourite brand discoveries of the year. Of course there are still five months for me to fall in love with new products, but for now these are my winners of 2017… View Full Post

Skinny Tan Ultimate Dark Mousse | Review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the old saying goes, tan-liness is next to godliness (err, something like that anyway). As such, I’ve always taken my quest to find a good fake tan v. seriously indeed, and I’ve tried a lot of brands in my time. One that I’ve heard a lot of buzz about but hadn’t got round to trying myself yet was Skinny Tan, so when a bottle passed through work recently I seized the opportunity to try it out (along with one of the application mitts and an exfoliation mitt too – in for a penny etc).

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NKD SKN Pre-Shower Tan (& Other Shower Essentials)

NKD Skin Pre-Shower Tan ReviewI don’t know if I’m alone in this (don’t you dare let me down and say I am), but I kind of hate having to shower. Taking my clothes off and being all cold and then getting in the shower and being all hot, and then getting out and being all cold again while waiting to get warm… it’s just straight-up HASSLE. And don’t get me started on how red and blotchy I go after a shower, because I genuinely thought that might ruin my relationship when me and the BF went away together for the first time (who wants to go out with a blotchy tomato?). View Full Post

Huge Summer Beauty Haul | July 2016

Huge Summer Beauty HaulI don’t know if it’s the increase of fake tan or the fruity scents that make me think of poolside cocktails – mmmm pina colada – but I love the little beauty switch-up we tend to make in the summer.  I’ve picked up quite a few new products lately that have helped give my beauty drawer a summer revamp, so though I’d talk y’all through them. While they’re not all summery products per se (I mean, live your life, but I’d recommend using toothpaste all year round personally FYI), they’ve injected some much needed variety into my routine.

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October Beauty Haul & Favourites

October Beauty 1Aloha beauties! I originally sat down to write a September favourites post, then realised September ended 14 days ago. SORRY, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?! So instead you get a bit of a random mixed post of things I’ve bought or have been given lately that have made me think ‘this is aiight, this’. I know, the enthusiasm is overwhelming, right?

Beauty 2Tantruth Ultimate Tanning Collection* – £16.99 Salon-Services

I hadn’t heard of Tantruth before I was kindly sent this range to review, but they’re a professional spray tanning brand which also stocks a retail range. This Ultimate Tanning Collection contains three of their retail products, which match the three stages of self-tanning: preparation, tanning and maintaining. The products are:

  • The Perfectionist Exfoliating Body Scrub, 250ml
  • The Ultimate Self–Tan Lotion, 195ml
  • The Prolonger Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser, 250ml

(Has anyone noticed I left the exfoliator at my sister’s house so it’s not in this photo? No? Oh good, our liddle secret)

I’m really impressed with the tan itself. It has a strong guide colour so you know exactly where you’re putting the tan, and the colour once applied is the closest I’ve achieved to a professional shade while at home. It’s a lotion, whereas I do usually prefer a spray or mousse, but I haven’t noticed any problems with streaking so I suppose that’s not really an issue. The exfoliator is really nice to use – and is also bright pink, so a nice addition to my sister’s bathroom. The post-tan moisturiser is the only product of the three I don’t love, mainly because it’s a very thin, milk-like moisturiser so a lot more spills out of the bottle than you expect. It’s also a bit difficult to apply because of this, BUT on the plus side it does leave skin feeling nice and has a nice whiff to it too.

Overall this is a really nice collection, and I think having the three products together is a really nice touch. I mean, we all know that we should exfoliate the night before tanning but sometimes it’s just a massive CBA. Having this box did force me to be a little more A, so props to it for that.

Beauty 3Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – £4.99 Boots

Micellar water has been one of the most hyped products in skincare for a while, so I picked up this cheapo Garnier offering (as obviously I would never pay £30 for a bottle, do I look like some sort of fancy Nancy?) With no soap or alcohol, it’s supposed to be a gentle makeup remover and cleanser. And it is. Using this leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, and is a good eye makeup remover now I’ve got my Hollywood lashes and need one without oil. So… good. That’s as enthusiastic as I’m ever going to get about skincare, I’m afraid.

Beauty 4Juicy Couture Couture Eau de Parfum – £64.36 for 100ml, Boots

As I’m a massive chav I’m a big fan of Juicy Couture perfumes, so was suuuuuper happy to get Couture Couture for my birthday this year. I can’t describe scents at all so I won’t even try, but it’s fresh and girly, which is what I like for my day-to-day stank. I also think it’ll go really nicely with the Juicy velour tracksuit I would also still really like to own…no? WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?!

Beauty 5Barry M Gelly Nail Paints in ‘Chai’ and ‘Coconut’ – £3.99 each from Boots

Lauren and I both adore Barry M Gelly Nail Paints and so when I had to stop getting acrylics done due to silly things like council tax and TV licenses (zzzz), I knew the only thing that would cheer me up was a couple of new shades. Chai is one of the new releases for autumn and is a steel grey. Coconut is white, but a much nicer white than the plain white Barry am Nail Paint they brought out a couple of years ago. That one was a bit Tippex-y, whereas this is slightly…warmer? I don’t actually know why it’s a better white, but it just is (great reviewer, eh).

Beauty 6Primark Candle – £1
Finally, no, this is not a beauty item. But if you haven’t discovered the joy of Primark’s candles yet then you ain’t living life right.

What do you all think of these items? Have you tried any of them?

Karora Tinted Self Tan Mist | Review

Karora Tan 2Happy Sunday chicas! Today’s review is for all my fellow fake tanners out there (shout out to the girls for whom white bed sheets can only ever be a dream – the struggle is real, so real).

Last week I was invited to an event in Manchester by CiCi PR, where I was lucky enough to come away with a bottle of Karora Tinted Self Tan Mist to try out. I hadn’t heard of Karora before, which actually isn’t too much of a surprise as it’s quite a high-end tanning brand and I considered myself to be quite the fancy Nancy when I progressed from £3 St Moriz to £6 Cocoa Brown. Karora retails for between £14.99 to £26.99 so is out of my usual price range, but I was crazy excited to give it a go.

Karora prides itself on being a ‘botanical bronzing range with skincare status’. The Tinted Self Tan Mist which I tried is packed with skin-benefiting ingredients including aloe, acai berry, argan and coconut oil, meaning that you get the bronzed glow without any of the chemicals found in other fake tans. Usually I’d be all ‘chemicals schmemicals’ about claims like that, but I’ve got to admit that the tan did feel much more moisturising and nourishing to apply than any other tan I’ve used before. It goes on light, but with a handy guide colour, and leaves a faint citrus-y smell.

Karora Tan Before and AfterI applied before bed and then when I woke up in this morning, ta daaa! I know these photos were taken at different times of the day and even the carpet looks a tad anaemic but I assure you the difference was as prominent.

The colour was beautifully even and, dare I say it, natural-looking (not that I have any memory of what a natural tan looks like, so long has it been since my pasty body graced a beach). I tried out the Light-Medium shade and am still really impressed with the colour; for a night out I would probably prefer the Medium-Dark shade, but as a day-to-day tan for the working week this is absolutely perfect.

It’s also definitely worth pointing out that I only used a couple of spritzes for each part of my body to achieve this colour, so I think the bottle should last a fairly long time.  When you compare that with a cheaper brand like St Moriz that I used to plough through at an alarming rate, the higher price tag suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

The Tinted Self Tan Mist retails for £17.99 and can currently be found online or in Lloyds pharmacy.

Have you ever tried Karora?

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan | Review & Photos

CB 8We’ve all been there. You decide fairly last minute that you’re going ‘out out’ and have to start a rushed attempt at getting ready. You’re paler than Pale Gail the Paleontologist and realise with horror that you’ve fully run out of instant wash-off tan.

You now have two options: 1, you go out pale. That’s not happening, obviously. So 2, you risk putting on a layer of normal developing tan and just not washing it off, figuring that the club’s dark anyway so it doesn’t matter if you progressively get more tanned throughout the night. Then you see the pictures the next day and realise you started the night as a bronzed goddess and ended up looking like Sir Trevor McDonald. 

Well thankfully – no offence Trev – those nights are now in the past.

Cocoa Brown fake tan, developed by Irish beauty expert Marissa Carter, promises to give you a golden glow that develops in just 1 hour. I was really excited when I first heard about this; it effectively could mean the end of overnight tanning sessions and maybe, just maybe, mean that I can allow myself to have white bedsheets again for the first time since I was 15.

I was in Primark last week and finally remembered to pick up a bottle. I’ve tried it out twice now and can confirm: it’s really bloody good.

CB 7Cocoa Brown is a mousse, which is my favourite form of fake tan anyway as I find that it tends to apply more evenly and with less mess than sprays or liquids. It’s also got a pale coffee colour to it, which is dark enough that you can see where you’re applying the tan but not so dark that you have heart palpitations when some drops on your cream carpet. 

A lot of the reviews I’ve read so far of the tan have commented on the smell – or shall we say, lack thereof. Cocoa Brown is missing the traditional biscuity smell that we all know and love; it’s lightly fragranced but nothing too overpowering – and certainly doesn’t smell like a Custard Cream.

But enough chit chat, WHAT ABOUT THE RESULTS?

CB Collage flashBefore Application / After Application

As you can see, the tan left me with a lovely, even coat of colour after just one hour of development. It’s not the darkest tan in the world, but I think this is still really good for one layer and of course you can layer up. The tan also gets darker the longer you leave it on for, with the Cocoa Brown website saying that three hours is all that’s needed for a dark glow.

The tan dries quickly and doesn’t feel at all sticky, and after one hour you’re ready to wash off and get on with your life. Having first used it last week I can say that it’s one of the best cases of fading I’ve experienced with fake tan; whereas St Moriz can go very speckly and leave you looking a bit like you’ve got some sort of disease, Cocoa Brown fades nice and evenly.

At £6, it’s not as cheap as brands like St Moriz – but I do think the formula’s got the edge here. Overall I’m completely impressed and a total convert to the Cocoa Brown brand. So that’s another reason for me to pop into Primark each time I’m in town – farewell, funds.

Have any of you tried Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan? What do you think?

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January Fashion Haul: Missguided, Boohoo & Primark

So, how are all of your post-Christmas spending bans going? Yeah, mine’s going great too thanks. Anyway, moving on…

Haul 11th Collage 1Playsuit (sold out) £15 / Jumpsuit £25 – Both Missguided.com
I placed a cheeky little Missguided order just after Christmas, I think with the intention of getting something to wear for New Year’s Eve. In the end our NYE plans were cancelled and I ended up staying in, eating pizza and watching repeats of Stars in Their Eyes (which was surprisingly fun, actually – there was a very impressive Cliff Richard), so neither of these were worn for the occasion – but aren’t they flippin’ beautiful?

I also picked up a Bardot body from the Sweet Deal range (though that’s currently in the wash) and some leggings – which did NOT please me length-wise, being the longest leggings known to mankind and completely unwearable. Hmph.

Haul 11th Collage 2Crop Top (sold out) £4 / Chelsea Boots£ 30 – Both Boohoo.com
Not long after New Year I ended up making a little Boohoo order too. This was for no other reason than I was fighting the January blues, and realised that these boots were the one and only thing that could bring happiness to my life. And my oh my, they have made every day better since. 

Haul 11th 7Sports Bra £4 – Primark
My gym is currently twice as busy as it was pre-Christmas due to all of the ‘New Year New Me’ gym joiners – and this is a trend that Primark clearly knows all about, as their gymwear has been moved from a dusty corner at the back, right to the front of my local store. Now, it will come as no surprise to you that I don’t really need to wear a sports bra, seeing as I essentially have no boobs whatsoever – but I couldn’t say no to this neon crop of joy.

Haul 11th 6Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan / Sultry Eyelashes £1 each – both Primark
I’ve been wanting to try out the Cocoa Brown fake tan for ever and ever and ever AMEN, and today was finally the day I added it to my massive Primark basket. I’m going to a party tonight and am currently the ultimate pail Gale, so can’t wait to blast my skin with this and see how it turns out. I think this is about £6 a bottle (currently too comfy on the sofa to go and check my receipt, soz) which is expensive compared to my usual St Moriz – but I’ve heard such good things about it that I decided it was worth the extra pounds. Rumour has it that Cocoa Brown tan doesn’t even smell like fake tan. Wizardry.

I also stocked up on a couple of pairs of Primark’s eyelashes in ‘Sultry’. I reviewed these lashes here and they’re genuinely pretty amazing for just one measly quid.

Haul 11th 5Necklace £3 / Midi Rings £1.50 – Both Primark
Primark’s currently coming up with some absolutely beautiful statement necklaces, and this one was too much of a bargain to resist. You can’t see well in the photo, but it’s rose gold metal woven with a kind of pearlescent cream material. I also picked up a pack of three silver midi rings. I have horrendously fat fingers and so I’ve got no idea whether these will look good or not, but for £1.50 I was willing to risk it.

I also picked up some Primark essentials including tights, leggings, hair bands and a new hair donut, but thought I’d spare you the boredom of seeing those. And now I must get back to my life, and look up what ‘spending ban’ actually means…

What do you think of this haul? What have you been buying lately?

September Haul: Missguided & Bodycare

iyaaaa! Right, now the politeness of the day is over, let’s get on with it.

Today we have a super fun haul post for you all. Yes we are officially still on our spending ban (and are delighted to announce that it’s been worth it thus far as our application for our new house has been accepted! AWOOGA) but in our defence, many of these products were absolute life necessities. I mean, do you really expect us to go through life without false eyelashes? What sort of barbarian are you?

As it was payday on Wednesday we actually ventured away from our desks at lunch time and went into town. Like the big spenders we are, we headed straight to Bodycare to stock up on all of our cheapy cheap beauty essentials. We then came back to our desks and placed some orders online because we’d scratched the shopping itch, but just made it more itchy and needed to scratch it some more. Hate when that happens, don’t you?

Here’s a little run-down of some stuff we purchased:


DSCN3005T Zone Pore Strips | L’oral Elvive Triple Resist Hair Mask | Schwartzkopft Supersoft Volumising Hairspray | St Moriz Tan Dark | Aussie Miracle Mask | L’oreal Hot & Smooth Serum | Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser | Nivea Harmony Time Shower Gel | Eye Candy Lashes | Rimmel Lasting Finish 200 | Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | Gold chain from eBay

Gut gott in himmel, I accidentally spent £30 in Bodycare. As Drizzy would say however, you only live once and my life required lots of new beauty products. CUFF ME.

I won’t bore you too much, but a couple of these products I would thoroughly recommend. First off, Eye Candy eyelashes are a big favourite of mine and they are amazing quality for the price. When I get the chance to go to Bodycare, I always stock up on these badboys. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Eylure, then these are your man!


I also have loads of love for this heat protecting serum, L’Oreal Hot & Smooth. I used to use this all the time when I was younger and first started straightening my hair and sort of forgot about it until I saw it the other day. They’ve changed the packaging to be a bit more jazzy, but it’s definitely the same product inside. 100% recommend it, especially if you are skint like I am but still want to protect your locks. HUZZAH.

2 DSCN3005

I put in an order with Missguided after spending about 300000 hours trying to figure out what to buy. This dungaree dress was the result, which I LOVE. Unfortunately it’s way too big so I’m going to have to return it and exchange, but it’s the perfect A/W addition to my floordrobe – 90s you are back with a vengeance, my son!



September Haul 1

September Haul 2

September Haul 3Kimono | Crop Tee | Bodycon Midi Dress – Missguided

I also bought quite a few bits in Bodycare, but as I started scooping up my various shower gels and body scrubs to photograph it occurred to me how massively boring they all were so I thought ‘EFF THIS!’ and threw them all back into the shower. My Missguided order was thankfully a little more interesting; I snapped up this kimono (there’s 15% off them this week, so go go go!) and crop tee to wear over the weekend as we’re going to the Bullring’s tenth birthday catwalk show so I fancied something new – don’t worry, I’ll also be wearing something on my bottom half, I’m not trying to be the most scandalous person in Birmingham (Lauren already has that title).

I also finally bought this midi dress that I look at each time I’m on their site. I’ve always been put off buying it as the sizes only some in ‘S/M’ or ‘M/L’ (which is something that annoys me more than you would even believe, how can they narrow down all the shapes and sizes of women in the UK to just two sizes? How? How and why and how?!) but it’s part of the Sweet Deal range and only costs £5.99 so I decided it wasn’t the end of the world if it didn’t fit. It’s an okay fit; as I expected it’s too baggy on me to really be called bodycon, but it still sits quite nicely and is a good length so is fine for work – and still amazing for the price!

What have you all been buying lately? And what do you think of this haul?

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The Pale Gail Revolution: How to Make the Most of Pale Skin

Pale CollageToday, dear readers, I come to you with an announcement that I never thought I would make: I am giving up fake tan. 

Ever since I recently bleached my hair and made the decision to try to achieve a very white/silver colour, I’ve been thinking about what this means for my skin.  Considering that my inspiration for the new colour was definitely a combination of Iggy Azalea and Daenarys from Game of Thrones (shut up, fictional mothers of dragons ARE legit beauty icons), I had to ask myself:

Is it time to become a Pail Gale?

I’m not the most extreme fake tanner in the world, but I’ve consistently applied fake tan at least once a week for several years now, and before a night out will usually aim to make my skin at least 26 shades darker before I’m happy leaving the house. Being tanned for me is practically synonymous with being healthy, groomed and ‘ready’. Pale is something that only happens to me if I’m ill or depressed or dressing up as a porcelain doll for Halloween (which, FYI, was the worst, fugliest fancy dress idea ever). To put it simply, although so many people pull off light skin beauifully, I just don’t know how to be pale and look nice. Here are some of the burning questions I have vis-a-vis the matter:

  • how do I avoid looking ill?
  • can I still contour or will all bronzers and dark shades look atrocious?
  • how can I make bare legs look nice and not like flabby pieces of ham?
  • what do I do if I walk past a white wall and become camouflaged and get run over by a passing bike?

Confused by all my questions, I took to Twitter and let out a cry for help to fellow pale beauty bloggers. The response was excellent and so below I have a huge amount of advice, both for myself and anyone else who might be interested in taking the pale way of life.

Vickie from Stone’s Got Style

Pale Vickie

I may not have always embraced it or been as accepting of it through out the years, but the fact is ladies and gentleman that I am, and always will be, a pale, practically translucent skinned young lady (careful I’m not that old).

Yes it has taken me many years to be able to happily and confidently say that sentence out loud. Actually that’s not exactly true up until I went to university I had a Twilight phase in which I tried to be as pale as ‘humanly’ possible (not a hard task) and didn’t brush my hair for a good 6 months in the hopes of achieving the Kristen look!

However awkward, embarrassing vampire phase aside I have always been a little embarrassed by my as my Dad would lovingly say (thanks Dad) English rose looks. Meaning I was the girl in the playground with freckles, dark hair and pale, pale skin. Sounds ideal nowadays right? But back then well they just didn’t get it (must have been the lack of Twilight).

Now like with everything first you have to find your own unique ‘look’. It took me a very long time to tell myself that it is OK to look different from everyone else. It’s all about what you feel comfortable in not about what’s in trend at that moment. I suggest trying the different trends and styles to see what feels most like you. If you feel uncomfortable in something chances are people can tell. So dare to be different be you, be pale and most of all… be proud!

Now to the first and possibly biggest problem with being as pale in my opinion is…LEAVE THE OOMPA LOOMPA’S IN THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY! Or in normal terms pick the right foundation for your skin. Let’s face it ladies no one loves a bright orange face especially when your neck is ten shades lighter! Pick a foundation that is the closest shade to your own skin tone. Something very tricky for us pasties I know, however just remember that mixing is your saviour. If you can’t find the ‘perfect’ shade for you then why not mix a couple of the closest shades you have.

Now I’m going to be a little controversial here and say that this is the same with picking and using fake tan. Sometimes you’ve just got to say no! I’m not saying you can’t tan if your pale but take the proper precautions and don’t load on the extra dark shades as I have done in the past (who else is guilty here?) and ended up looking like a basted chicken! Instead stick to gradual tanners in lighter shades so you can control the ‘orangfication’ process.

Find out what colours really pop against your skin. I am personally a huge fan of dark contrasting colours against a pale base. My pale beauty crush/ actual girl crush (you know you have them) is the stunning Rooney Mara! Oh gosh that woman can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. Since dropping the American girl next door look of long light locks and bronzed skin, Rooney has in my opinion never looked better. I love the contrast of her jet black hair and fair skin against her most often make-up choices of simple black liner and a dark berry or bold lip! I am a huge, huge fan of dark lip colours on pale skin and personally this is what I will be seen wearing nine times out of ten.

So ladies and gents my ultimate rules of the pale go something like this, embrace your natural beauty, pick the right shades for you, do not reach for the extra dark self tanner, slather is not an appropriate way to apply tan either (you know what I mean) and pick colours that really pop against your complexion. And most of all have fun with it!

A few of my favourite products.

  • Revlon Colorstay foundation- I wear the 2nd lightest shade! (can you believe it)
  • Dainty Doll and Sleek Blushers.
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid (a bit of a luxury but the perfect berry lip colour)
  • Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 04 (a cheaper alternative)
  • Sleek contour kit- light
  • Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion- fair to normal skin.

Katie from Katie Guilding

Pale KatieGuildingLike you Claire, I haven’t always embraced my pale skin and have used fake tan and sunbeds in the past. But over the past 2 years I have avoided hitting the bottle and the beds.

My first bit of advice would be don’t think pasty, instead think glossy and dewy. Use your lighter foundation shades to create a really flawless and creamy finish. In my opinion red lips look most striking against pale skin, think Dita Von Teese.

Embrace your inner old Hollywood Glamour goddess – pale was sexy (and sign of wealth!)

Looking pale and flawless is just as easy as looking bronzed and beautiful once you know how. You can still use bronzer to contour your face just don’t use as much on your brush and make sure you blend the product in to your skin. Build the products up gradually.

I also think being pale blusher is a must! It brings the colour to your face, leaving you looking healthy and fresh. You can go a pink as you wish, think the brightest pinks as well as the most pale pink shades.

Don’t be scared of flashing pale pins – tip from me always shave the night before, as well as moisturising regularly will keep you legs looking smooth. If you still feel a little uncomfortable or feel your legs have some pigmentation you want covered just lightly dust over your legs with your face powder. And a light brush of highlighter straight down the middle of your legs will create a lengthening illusion.

Over the past few years I have noticed the change within the makeup industry, more and more brands are producing many different shades of pale (instead of the one shade!) So this is the perfect time to forget the fake tan.

Use pale stars such a Nicole Roberts for your inspiration. Best of luck!

Amy from Purse Friendly Pretty

Amy Purse Friendly PrettyFair skin is possibly one of the biggest pains to work with. It burns easily, and it’s hard to find foundation to fit just right. However, there are ways to work fair skin and stop hiding it behind fake tan and bronzer and learn to love and embrace your fairness.

Personally, I aim to add colour to my fair skin without overwhelming, washing out and distracting from my features with a rosy blush, light contouring with a cool toned matte bronzer, a neutral eye, and a cool champagne highlighter polished off with a glossy nude peachy pink lip.

When you’re going for a night out, don’t forget to make any exposed pale bits (particularly legs) look great, too.
I like to conceal my body imperfections with a body foundation to get rid of bruises, veins, etc., then mix a good moisturiser with a little highlighter to make them really glow without the tan and bronzer!

My most used products for my pale skin which I recommend include:

  • Revlon Colourstay foundation in Ivory
  • Dainty Doll Loose Mineral Foundation
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
  • MUA Powder Blush in Bubblegum
  • Laura Geller Blush in Nude
  • NYX Highlight and Contour Powder
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Notting Hill Nude + Pink Chic

Natalie from The Blonde Ethos

Pale Natalie

I have been blessed with very fair skin but cursed with terrible blemishes. My skin was clear throughout my teens but since I have entered my 20s, I have experienced the nightmare of acne. I understand that skin troubles can make anyone feel very self-aware but I feel that having fairer skin accentuates the extreme redness of blemishes and pigmentation even more.

Because of my problematic skin I have been forced to hunt down good coverage makeup, whereas I would have previously survived with a little concealer and bronzer, but being so fair, this has proved tricky with some of my favourite brands not even making a foundation light enough (Origins and No.7, I’m talking to you). The brands that I have researched, tried and tested (several times) and eventually invested in are:

  • Estee Lauder: I use Double Wear in shade Ivory Nude and would recommend it for all skin types.
  • Bare Minerals: I use the shade Golden Fair and would recommend Bare Minerals for normal, oily or combination skin.
  • Laura Mercier: I used Creme Smooth in Porcelain Ivory during a dry-skin phase.

With fairer skin, using the wrong shade of foundation is a lot less forgiving so please don’t settle for ‘okay’ and instead aim for ‘flawless’ – it should look like your own skin, only better! I think it is really important to know whether your skin has pink or yellow undertones; mine is yellow and, it seems, harder to match! I recommend matching foundation with your neck rather than different sections of your face and always asking at beauty counters whether a sample is available for you to try outside of the harsh store lighting and alongside your own products.

In terms of other makeup colours, I think a subtle bronzer is great to add a slight sun-kissed look as well as to contour with and my preference for blushes are pretty peaches.

Rosie from Rosie Alexandraa

Pale Rosie AlexandraFirst all, pale is the way forward! Especially in A/W!

Fake tan wise, I only ever fake tan on good nights out 🙂 I seem to be the only person who doesn’t understand the logic in just fake tanning your legs?! What about the rest of you?! Hahhaa! Anyway my favourite fake tan is St Tropez Gradual Tan in Light/Medium! As long as you exfoliate about a day/two days before hand, it doesn’t streak! I like to rub the gradual tan in with a bit of moisturiser and then apply it all over except the face because this just gives that even effect! It’s hard finding a fake tan that matches your skin because being so pale, it always looks awful! But St Tropez is by far my favourite! You pay for what you get I suppose!

Foundation wise, my holy grail foundation that i cant rave about enough is Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 in Light Ivory. It’s suchh a pale colour but it’s gorgeous. I can’t cope with pale people wearing foundation shades too dark, and having an awful line across their jaw to their neck, it looks awful! My plan is to rock the pale look with a pale foundation, and just make it nice with a bronzer and blush 🙂 It looks natural and lovely! That foundation is the only one I will buy. It’s perfect. It’s about a medium coverage but it’s really light and quite runny which again I find nicer because I hate thick creamy foundations.

To create a flawless look with that foundation, apply it with a brush and then buff it with a brush like RT buff brush or expert face brush or one similar! Then I use a pale powder to set  it!

Contour wise, I use the Sleek Contour kit in light because I love the colour 🙂 I then use a bronzer for places like forehead, temples, jaw line etc! My bronzer I’m currently using is the Bourjois Delice de Poudre in shade 51. There’s mixed reviews about this but i love it. It’s gorgeous, smells nice and its a lovely subtle colour that adds some colour to your face. I’ve also heard the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder from the body shop in Light Matte is meant to be divine! And another contour kit thats great is the Crown concealer palette because it has a ray of brown shades that you can match to your skin 🙂

Blushes are great for pale skin because most of them look great. You can use a dark pink for like a natural subtle look, or a brighter pink for that flushed look. I tend to stick to more subtle blushes!

Lipsticks are awkward for pale people i think. Red looks nice especially in winter, all the dark shades are great! Nudes are good. I don’t think bright pinks are good with me though 🙁 But definitely dark shades. So gorgeous in A/W with this dark ‘gothic’ look!

The Pale Gail Round Up

Firstly a huge thank you to all the girls for helping with this post; I for one am feeling very inspired now I’ve heard all this pale-lovin’. The key things that I’ve picked up are that:

  • bronzers and tan don’t need to completely banished from my life; instead it’s just about picking the lightest shades for clever contouring and evening out pasty pins
  • highlighters are also a big part of keeping pale skin looking fresh and healthy. Just because you’re not bronzed doesn’t mean you can’t have a glow
  • contrast is the key to achieving ‘pale and interesting’ so dark lips and pops of colour should be on the agenda
  • your new best makeup friend will be blusher 

I’m not sure whether I’ll ever be fully over my penchant for fake tan, but hopefully these  tips will help me grow used to my actual skin tone and learn to embrace it.

Are any of you pale? What are your tips for making pale skin look its best? Please let me know in the comments below!