How To Wear SS14 The Holographic Trend

I love shiny things. In fact, things that involve glitter, metallic delightfulness or just a bit of shine makes me infinitely happy. I’m of the opinion that pretty much every girl feels the same too (and if not, why not you lunatic?). So, giving thanks to the fashion gods and so on and so forth, we have the holographic trend to keep our magpie tendancies in check.

But lets be honest, wearing a load of shiny silver material isn’t the most flattering thing (unless you are Kendal Jenner for example) and it is potentially really the most difficult trend ever. While I would like to wear a holographic dress, I’m pretty sure a tiny size 12 disco ball lumbering toward people would both alarm and distress the general public. In fact, I’m pretty sure David Cameron would deport me back to the motherland.

With that in mind, here are some easy options for incoporating the holographic trend into your wardrobe. And while the easiest way would be to whack a holographic bag or pair of shoes onto your outfit, there are actually loads of different holographic things you can put on your body to feel awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 14.03.26

Missguided Holographic Platform Sandals | ASOS Metallic Hologram Hoodie | Nasty Gal Hologram Phone Case | Motel Holographic Backpack | Holographic Jeffery Campbells | 90s Holographic Skull Choker 

If you’re keen, Topshop also have some holographic nail wraps, which I forgot to put on this collage but they look SUUUUPER AWESOME.

So my dear shiny friends, I hope that these have inspired you to become a beautiful disco ball. Claire and I both agree that we would give up our first born children for those Jeffery Campbells, without question. They are incredible.

It’s actually quite hard to put shiny things with anything other than black, but I recently wore my holographic bag with a bright orange dress…so I think the key is to be brave and just embrace the wildness. If you want to be a disco ball, just be a disco ball. PREACH.

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Topshop x Adidas Originals: How to Wear

Adidas 3I don’t know about you, but I definitely thought that the varsity trend had had its day, and died a death with the Topshop ’86’ jerseys of last year. But it seems I’m wrong and that sports luxe is hanging around for yet another season, with Topshop today releasing their brand new collaboration with Adidas Originals.

The Originals range has always been the more fashionable side to Adidas, with the trefoil tees, running shorts and tracksuit tops popping up in vintage stores all over the place last year as a more authentic alternative to the sports trend. Now they’ve all had a full fashion makeover with the help of Topshop, who have incorporated new prints and luxe materials into its 18-piece collection.

Adidas 4The collection’s been designed with co-ordination firmly in mind, with most of the pieces matching others in the range. However, if you’re not brave enough to go head-to-toe Adidas (ya wimps) then I’ve picked out some other sports luxe pieces from around the web that can be worn alongside the Originals collection.

Adidas 6

Vero Moda Flower Printed Joggers
New Look Cameo Rose Baseball Tee
Topshop Bomber Jacket
River Island Crop Sweater
Topshop Marl Running Shorts

Of course, the dreaded 86 jersey had to turn in some form didn’t it?! In general though, I’m happy to see sports luxe sticking around this summer; it means you can eat as much barbecue as you want without worrying about burger bulge AND if you accidentally bump into anyone at the shop when you’re wearing your joggers you can walk away safe in the knowledge that they might be fooled into thinking you were actually being fashionable, rather than just a slob.

What do you all think of the Topshop x Adidas Originals range? 

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Spring/Summer ’14 Key Trend: How to Wear Baby Pink

Hi there you fashionable little so-and-sos. Despite the fact that it’s still very much onesie season and we’re donning our fur coats most days to keep our human flesh all nice and warm, at Stylingo our eyes are now firmly set on Spring/Summer and what we’ll be wearing once the weather sorts its life out. While pastels have been around for what feels like forever now, this season is going to see pastel pink take centre stage ahead of all other shades. This has already started to sneak in through A/W in the form of pale pink coats and that infamous Topshop PVC skirt, but this Spring it’s really going to become a central theme. Put your worries about looking like Barbie, Baby Spice or – shudder – Miss Piggy to one side and embrace the candyfloss joy that this colour can bring.

Why put off til tomorrow what you can buy today though? Here are our favourite baby pink pieces that are currently available on the high street and online, meaning you can get Spring/Summer ready even while your toes fall off from frostbite.

Pink 1Faux Leather Pencil Skirt – Missguided / Mesh Panel Crop – Missguided

Pink 2Textured Coat – ASOS / Fluffy Crop Jumper – Boohoo

Pink 3Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – ASOS / Clear Clutch With Contrast Purse – ASOS / Iridescent Chunky Chain – New Look / Slipper Shoes: Primark

Some people are likely to shy away from the trend for fear of looking too girly, or perhaps like some sort of human-salmon hybrid. I think the key to wearing the baby pink trend will be to toughen it up. This can be done by teaming it with more grungey pieces like leather skirts and trousers, or by opting for more unusual pink items. Leather, mesh and perspex are all materials that will take baby pink from being too pretty and instead make it contemporary.

What do you all think of the baby pink trend? How do you plan to wear it?

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Primark Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: First Look

Good afternoon you saucy wenches! People who have been reading us for a while might remember a post that we did back in July on Primark’s A/W 2013 Collection. For those who don’t remember or have more important things to do with their lives than read back, I basically ripped into the whole collection and claimed that I would never ever ev-uh be seen dead in the array of PVC, tartan and gaudy gemstones that the autumn/winter collection was offering.

Fast forward a few months, the post remains one of our most read blog posts ever and it turns out that I’m a big fat liar. I eventually came to love nearly all the trends and pieces that I slammed upon first seeing (except for kitten heels, I never went quite that far into the dark side). When I saw that the initial images of Primark’s Spring/Summer ’14 collection had been released, then, I decided to approach them with a much more open mind.

And I have to say, I’m feeling pretty positive about the coming season!
Primark SS Collage 2The Primark S/S14 collection seems to feature a lot of bold colours, prints and shapes. I’m convinced that this daisy dress with its cute Peter Pan collar will become one of those sell-out Primark pieces, just like the collared tartan dress was this season.  Trousers also look set to remain big news, and of course my wardrobe’s crying out for another garish pair just like this. The mixed print makes them really fun while the paneling should help keep them pretty flattering (or so my thighs are hoping). I’m delighted to also see a few more co-ords dotted around next season; this jacket and short combo will work amazingly both separately or together. The subtle floral keeps it from looking too overpowering, and I’d quite like to swish about work wearing this.

Primark SS Collage 3It seems as if S/S 2014 will see Primark finally get on the skort trend! I think this is frankly superb news; I’ve always been put off buying any of the cheap skorts online simply because I have no idea how flattering they would be on my shape. Primark bringing out affordable versions is therefore the perfect way for unsure people like myself to experiment with the look. Baby pink features quite a lot in the collection, which I do think works quite nicely in some pieces – this skirt, for example, will look pretty fit during the summer – but looks horrific in others (there’s a baby pink biker jacket that I just can’t bring myself to expose you to). Check also looks like it’s hanging around in S/S, though in a simpler version than the wintery tartan that we all grew to love (eventually, in my case).

Primark SS Collage 1

The few accessories images that have been released have made me pretty excited. I still don’t really love big gemstone necklaces like this, but I’m addicted to gemstone rings so hopefully there are other statement pieces to go alongside this. In the shoe department we have little baby pink slipper shoes (top marks for cuteness, bottom marks for practicality) as well as clumpy mary-janes that will look perfect with some frilly ankle socks (thank goodness I invested in about eighty-three pairs this autumn). I am SO happy to see the holographic trend seeping in in the form of this bag – it’s not quite as nice as the ones I’ve seen in Topshop and River Island, but at half the price it’s still a welcome addition to the collection.

In general, the pictures from the Primark Spring/Summer 2014 collection look pretty promising. It seems that some key trends are going to be catered for in a wearable and affordable way. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more pieces and will be sure to throw my opinions on them in your faces as soon as I spot them. All of these images were nabbed from Look so you can peruse the whole range of images there if you so desire.

What do you all think of this collection? 

Latest Trend: Velvet | Best of the High Street

Velvet CollageAs we approach the Christmas season each year, there’s always one material that re-surfaces to get us in the festive mood: velvet. There’s something about the plush texture that seems to scream Christmas louder than Noddy Holder (who, as a side note, basically ruins Christmas for me. Annoying berk).

Now, I’ve always been a bit wary of velvet. I think this stems back to a rather shocking fashion faux pas I committed when I was younger. My mum re-married when I was around 10, but I used to be scared of dresses and so, for some reason God alone knows, I thought it was appropriate for me to wear at the wedding – please brace yourselves for this horrifying image – a purple velvet suit. I kid you not.

So ever since that frankly traumatising time in my life, I’ve given velvet a bit of a wide berth. However, this year it’s interesting to see the various forms that velvet is now appearing in. For the last few years it’s been pretty exclusively reserved to dresses; but with this A/W’s focus on texture, texture and more texture, there are a huge number of options on the high street for different ways to wear velvet.

Here are some of our favourite pieces:

Velvet 1Velvet Playsuit – Boohoo

A velvet playsuit is a nice alternative to the usual velvet dress. Cami straps and loose swing styles have been really big the last few months, so this one manages to tick quite a lot of boxes with one massive pen.

Velveet 3Gold Foil Velvet Tube Skirt – Topshop

If you thought that Topshop reached it’s peak of gaudiness with the pale pink PVC skirt that everyone was loving recently, then you will see that you’re wrong. This shamelessly extravagant skirt is Christmas opulence in sartorial form.

Velvet 5Velvet Cropped T-Shirt – River Island

Moving away from the traditional blacks and burgundies that velvet usually appears in, this electric blue cropped t-shirt is a slouchy alternative to the trend.

Velvet 4Floral Velvet Bodycon Dress – Miss Selfridge

Patterned velvet is emerging strongly this year, and the winter hues of this dress keep the floral from looking too summery.

Velvet 2Velvet Leggings – Missguided

If you’re a bit unsure about how wearable velvet is, then these leggings from Missguided are a very easy-to-wear take on the trend. They can be teamed with a baggy tee or chunky knit for a daytime look, or dressed up with a crop top or body. Versatility, eh, got to love it.

What do you all think of this trend? How would you choose to wear velvet this winter?

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Outfit of the Day: The Big Massive Fedora

OOTD 30th N CollageSo I recently decided to branch out a bit and buy myself a fedora. I’d seen them gracing the heads of many a fashionista and thought, yeah, let’s give that a go. However because I am an IDIOT I failed to buy one of the reasonably sized fedoras that the likes of Lily Melrose have been sporting,and instead accidentally ordered this massive hat from eBay. Honestly, it looks like a frickin’ sombrero.

OOTD 30th N Collage 2Hat: eBay / Dress: Topshop / Sleeveless Leather Jacket: H&M

OOTD 30th N Collage 3Boots: New Look /Rings: Primark and eBay / Nails: Barry M ‘Lychee’

While I do enjoy the drama that the big massive hat brings to an outfit – imagine, for example, how emotional my train station goodbyes would look if I wore this – I’m unconvinced of the ultimate wearability of the big massive hat. I mean, will my head even fit in my car?

What do you all think of the fedora trend? Do you have any tips on how to wear them?

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Autumn/Winter 2013 Mini Trend: Cut-Out Ankle Boots

Cut Out Boots 1

Cut Out Boots 2

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to my new loves. I featured these boots in my recent haul post, but thought I’d write a bit more about them seeing as they’re SEXY definitely one of my key A/W pieces.

Cut-out ankle boots are something that bloggers have been loving for a while now, with the Topshop Arabel boots becoming almost a cult item. This winter though, cut-out boots are really coming into the mainstream and are ALL over the high street. I think they’re a really fun take on the winter staple that is the humble ankle boot, and easily add edge to any outfit.

Although the clunky, biker boot style is the real on-trend choice, I opted for this slightly more feminine version, deciding that the slight heel would give me a much-needed boost in the height stakes and also that I could get away with wearing these to work without attracting too many strange looks (which me and Lauren are quite used to). These are from New Look and, at £28, are definitely at the cheaper end of the scale which I was really happy with.

I think the key to these boots is what you wear under them. During autumn you can flash some ankle flesh through the cut-outs (though I definitely recommend wearing those footsie socks unless you want to become the sweatiest, most blistered girl about town), and then as the temperature drops there are a whole host of fun socks and tights options for you to frolic round in. I’ve bought six new pairs of frilly socks just to wear with these (excessive, meeee?), including two pairs of lace socks, the black version of which are pictured above. These were only £1.19 each from this eBay seller in China, and thankfully the shipping was amazingly fast and they arrived after only about 8 days. My sister said I looked like a creep Victorian porcelain doll in them, but I decided to take that as a positive.

I’m completely in love with these boots, and they’ve already received loads of compliments each time I’ve worn them. I’ve scoured the rest of the high street and web and tracked down a good range of alternatives, ranging in price, style and colours (though I still think trusty black is my fave).

Cut Out Boots 1

River Island – £45 / Topshop – – £70 / Zara – £79.99 / Primark – £18 /

Cut Out Boots 2
eBay – £19.99 / New Look Limited Edition – £59.99 / New Look – £27.99 / Office – £85

What do you all think of cut-out ankle boots?

Outfit of the Day: Neon Tshirt and a Maxi Skirt.



My unabated love affair with the neon trend continues. When I came home with this top yesterday, Claire sarcastically said “Oh, I didn’t know you liked neon”, which I think was a bit rude really. I think that girl needs an attitude adjustment. She has a point though, my last few shopping trips have all included something neon and I’m seriously wondering whether I’m investing too much into this trend, only to be rudely awakened by the dark colours and gloominess that the autumn/winter trends will bring.

But as our dear and beloved friend Drake would say, YOLO. I love the colour of this little neon pink number and I can see myself getting LOADS of wear out of it before the hot weather runs out. Basic tshirts are something I don’t have enough of, so it is a useful little addition to my wardrobe.

I wore this outfit out for dinner at a friend’s house yesterday (nachos, YUM) and I’m horrified to say that the WHOLE outfit is from Primark (apart from my necklace, phew). I bought the maxi skirt a few months ago, it’s nothing special but it’s nice and flattering. My love of crosses is nearly akin to my love of neon, so I whacked on my big cross pendant (bought from New Look), a pair of sandals (Primark, I’m sorry) and a brown bag. The top was a mere £3.50 from Primark, what a genuine barg!

You might notice a bit of a change of scene for this OOTD. I thought I’d treat you all to a sneak peak of my bedroom (this post is practically an episode of Cribs). As you can see I have really nice carpets, I think the puke green marbled effect really compliments my eyes. I also have a chicken ornament, nothing more needs to be said about that.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and keep your eyes peeled for lots of exciting posts this week!

Rihanna Style: Swooning at the Diamonds Tour.

Claire and I have come to the conclusion that we must have been genuinely the best people in a past life because karma has been very good to us this week. After Claire won some nail wraps in a Twitter giveaway and we were given bottles of Argan oil, we had concluded that it had been a successful week of excitement. THAT WAS UNTIL YESTERDAY AT APPROXIMATELY 15.45. While we were working extremely hard and wondering whether the 10th cup of tea would be the one that would send us over the edge, a phone call came through.

Claire took it and managed to stay very calm saying things like “ah, brilliant. yes. thank you” so I automatically assumed it would be something boring to do with KPI or ROI (or whatever it is these marketing types enjoy nattering on about). Little did I know. It turned out that our boss couldn’t make the Birmingham Rihanna concert last night so kindly donated his tickets to us. Needless to say, we were massively excited and I spent a good 15 minutes shouting “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK IN THESE CONDITIONS.” We immediately started panicking about the state of our work faces and that we looked vaguely like idiots, so we had to do what every beauty blogger would do in times of crisis. We legged it to Boots after getting the train and hurriedly applied makeup using our iPhone cameras as mirrors on the way to the NEC.

It turned out the tickets our boss gave us were in the hospitality suite that included dinner before the show. As we were discussing whether or not there would be cocktail sausages and a buffet, we were shown up to the restaurant and presented with two glasses of champagne. There were no cocktail sausages. We were forced to choke down a five course meal (sigh, isn’t life hard) before heading up to the show deck to watch RiRi. Erm. Has anyone actually BEEN in/on a show deck before? Can I just say that a private bar, lounge and swanky leather seats were something I was not expecting…obviously having a healthy mixture of vodka, gin and archers was obligatory.

Rihanna was amazing, brilliant and we have big lesbian crushes on her now. If we had been more prepared for the concert (or gig? is it acceptable to say gig for an event where you don’t get beer in your hair?), we might have treated you all to an OOTD post, but neither of us looked that interesting. SO INSTEAD, we’re going to do Rihanna’s OOTT (outfits of the tour…). She is genuinely the most beautiful woman on the planet and can pull of anything…even things that seem like terrible ideas. Claire has already expressed an interest in purchasing a shiny dress patterned with dollar bills and I’m thinking of investing in a pair of neon chaps.

Act 1:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 12.50.03

I believe this little number was designed by Givenchy’s creative director and Rihanna looked AMAZING in it. Homegirl can rock thigh high boots, that’s for sure! Fans of Rihanna might have seen on Twitter that she’s dyed her hair a sort of grey colour. We couldn’t hugely tell the difference, but it looked very shiny and nice anyway.

Act 2:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 12.53.57I think Rihanna might actually be the queen of the varsity/sports luxe trend. I love love love this outfit, even the thigh high white leather boots (which Claire and I thought were trousers for a while, until we saw a flash of bottom). The ‘Sea of Desire’ top was designed by Raf Simmons and she wore a bra and shorts by Wolford. Her EPIC over the knee boots were custom made by Christian Louboutin. Oh, to have custom made Loubs.

Act 3:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 12.49.01

Rihanna’s second look was designed by Adam Selman and Manolo Blahnik for her snakeskin boots. I love her little crop top, it is brilliant in a I-drive-a-ferrari-so-I-got-a-crop-top-to-match kind of way.

Act 4:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 12.59.23


Oh. My. Goodness. RiRi looked absolutely stunning in this dress/top/skirt combo. Even though me and Claire are not the biggest fans of red, Rihanna has made me reconsider my stance on red clothing. This two piece top and skirt was also designed by Adam Selman and her shoes were Manolos again.

Act 5:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 13.03.10This hologram dollar bill dress is FIERCE. She came out with a matching jacket but I wanted to give y’all a full picture of how brilliant she looked in this. She had matching hologram trainers on, which were designed by Pierre Hardy. Her dress was designed by Adam Selman again. I want one.

Act 5:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 13.07.23Rihanna’s jumpsuit was absolutely beautiful, onstage it was SO shimmery and excellent. It was designed by Lanvin and the heels/belt were Manolo Blahnik again.

These pictures were borrowed from Rihanna Overdose because we only had our iPhones on us and our pictures weren’t great! I thought I’d give you a little collage of our evening as well (lots of photos of our dinner paha!)



Rihanna3What do you think of Rihanna’s style? Have any of you guys been to the Diamonds tour? What did you think about her outfits? I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t anything TOO slutty (if by pleasantly surprised I mean horribly disappointed) and my personal fave was her sheer varsity-style top. There were similar tops that apparently were available online but are now totally sold out, which is is definitely not surprising.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and RiRi is definitely our new gymspiration (I say that while I munch on a bag of  cheese and onion crisps…).