Autumn/Winter 2013 Mini Trend: Cut-Out Ankle Boots

Cut Out Boots 1

Cut Out Boots 2

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to my new loves. I featured these boots in my recent haul post, but thought I’d write a bit more about them seeing as they’re SEXY definitely one of my key A/W pieces.

Cut-out ankle boots are something that bloggers have been loving for a while now, with the Topshop Arabel boots becoming almost a cult item. This winter though, cut-out boots are really coming into the mainstream and are ALL over the high street. I think they’re a really fun take on the winter staple that is the humble ankle boot, and easily add edge to any outfit.

Although the clunky, biker boot style is the real on-trend choice, I opted for this slightly more feminine version, deciding that the slight heel would give me a much-needed boost in the height stakes and also that I could get away with wearing these to work without attracting too many strange looks (which me and Lauren are quite used to). These are from New Look and, at £28, are definitely at the cheaper end of the scale which I was really happy with.

I think the key to these boots is what you wear under them. During autumn you can flash some ankle flesh through the cut-outs (though I definitely recommend wearing those footsie socks unless you want to become the sweatiest, most blistered girl about town), and then as the temperature drops there are a whole host of fun socks and tights options for you to frolic round in. I’ve bought six new pairs of frilly socks just to wear with these (excessive, meeee?), including two pairs of lace socks, the black version of which are pictured above. These were only £1.19 each from this eBay seller in China, and thankfully the shipping was amazingly fast and they arrived after only about 8 days. My sister said I looked like a creep Victorian porcelain doll in them, but I decided to take that as a positive.

I’m completely in love with these boots, and they’ve already received loads of compliments each time I’ve worn them. I’ve scoured the rest of the high street and web and tracked down a good range of alternatives, ranging in price, style and colours (though I still think trusty black is my fave).

Cut Out Boots 1

River Island – £45 / Topshop – – £70 / Zara – £79.99 / Primark – £18 /

Cut Out Boots 2
eBay – £19.99 / New Look Limited Edition – £59.99 / New Look – £27.99 / Office – £85

What do you all think of cut-out ankle boots?

3 Responses

  1. Sarah September 4, 2013 / 9:24 am

    Love those River Island boots!! x

    • Claire September 5, 2013 / 8:38 pm

      Me too, they’re beaut 🙂 xx

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