3 Insta-Famous Clothing Brands to Discover


If you’re anything like me then no matter how many shopping sites there are out there, you could still always do with one more. Yes we have the likes of Missguided, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, but one more tab open on the screen never hurt anybody, did it? Luckily, I’ve discovered three new brands that are already pretty big on Instagram and are sure to become household names soon.

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Nuvo Masquerade Ball & Fashion Show

Nuvo 3Last night we were lucky enough to be invited to a charity masquerade ball at Nuvo bar  in aid of Birmingham’s Children Hospital. The event was organised by the wonderful girls who study fashion at BCU and featured everything from a fashion show and dancers to topless butlers, henna and a photobooth. Drinking on a work night? Never a good idea. But when it’s for charity? HELLO VODKA (just doing it for the kids, you understand).

Nuvo 1

Nuvo 13The show was hosted by the beautiful Miss Birmingham 2013, Rachel Barker, who we were lucky enough to meet before at the fashion event at Lilly-Lou. She did an amazing job and it was lovely catching up with her after the fashion show – even if she is so glossy and tall that she makes us feel like we’ve just rolled round in a bin (which to be honest, we often have).

Nuvo 12

Nuvo 11

Nuvo 16 Nuvo 15 Nuvo 14

Nuvo 18(It’s a hard job being Miss Birmingham, isn’t it Rachel?!)

The whole event was brilliantly organised and everyone had a great time. We got chatting to some lovely people, including Kirsty who you might recognise from this series of Take Me Out, and of course the girls from BCU. Drinks were flowing and the photobooth was used far too much.

Nuvo 7 Nuvo 8 Nuvo 9 Nuvo 2Like the drunk Cinderellas we are, we needed to dash off by midnight to catch our train home – but luckily not before some of the winners of the raffle were called out. Errr, guess who bagged a little £50 Primark voucher?!
Nuvo 10Yeah, so my new address is Smug Lane, ChuffedAsShitVille.

Overall the night was a huge success and a great amount of money was raised for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. A big thank you to the girls from BCU for organising such a wonderful event and for inviting us! You can follow their Twitter account @BricoleurEvents to keep up to date with their future fundraising efforts – then you too can do things like this and feel no sense of shame at all – because IT’S FOR CHARITY.


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A Week In Instagram #5

Why hi there homies,

I meant to put this post up yesterday, but unfortunately I spent pretty much my whole day reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I know, about 5 years too late), napping and then being overwhelmed by the new Sherlock episode (anybody else have an inappropriate crush on Moriarty? So glad he’s back in the game).

Anyway, Claire and I have been doing our best to put lots of effort into Instragram and post as much as possible. If you fancy giving us a glorious follow, hit us up at StylingoUK. Our posts are always fashion and beauty related and are usually laced with guilt because we accidentally spent all of our money on makeup. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

Instagram2 Instagram1Instagram31. My Primark necklace and Primark fluffy jumper: have so much love for these two pieces. Massively cheap and cheerful but I’ve been wearing them constantly. I featured this necklace in my most recent outfit of the day too!
2. Claire looking like a genuine hotty off to a party over the weekend, featuring one of her favourite Barry M lilac lipsticks.
3. Shameless selfie with a top I bought at The Clothes Show (read about our trip to The Clothes Show).
4. Our love of Primark will never die, Claire picked these cheap and excellent bits of jewellery over the weekend.
5. Claire picked up this amazing MAC makeup shade in a blog sale last week, definitely the perfect colour for daywear (and nightwear, lets be honest!).
6. Another one of Claire’s purchases, recommended by one of our favourite bloggers Latasha at Today I Adore. Keep your eyes peeled for this silver hair dye review.
7. I went to buy a new foundation over the weekend and ended up picking up a Bobbi Brown foundation and concealer (WAHOO, reviews coming soon beauts).
8. How amazing are these Primark tartan leggings? Claire featured them in an outfit of the day recently and they have definitely become a wardrobe staple.
9. The result of Claire’s new silver hair dye – it’s looking fiiineeeee and I basically think she is Daenerys now.
10. Claire’s fit new boots from Boohoo. Read all about them in her haul post.
11. Claire’s epic collection of Barry M nail varnishes!
12. One of my favourite Missguided dresses, the pattern is so lovely!

Well chums, I hope you have enjoyed a peek into our somewhat exciting (?!) lives. If you want to keep up with our updates, make sure you give us a follow on Instagram, Twitter or Bloglovin. Have a fabulous Monday!

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(do you think I’ve plugged our Instragram enough?!?)

January Fashion Haul: Missguided, Boohoo & Primark

So, how are all of your post-Christmas spending bans going? Yeah, mine’s going great too thanks. Anyway, moving on…

Haul 11th Collage 1Playsuit (sold out) £15 / Jumpsuit £25 – Both Missguided.com
I placed a cheeky little Missguided order just after Christmas, I think with the intention of getting something to wear for New Year’s Eve. In the end our NYE plans were cancelled and I ended up staying in, eating pizza and watching repeats of Stars in Their Eyes (which was surprisingly fun, actually – there was a very impressive Cliff Richard), so neither of these were worn for the occasion – but aren’t they flippin’ beautiful?

I also picked up a Bardot body from the Sweet Deal range (though that’s currently in the wash) and some leggings – which did NOT please me length-wise, being the longest leggings known to mankind and completely unwearable. Hmph.

Haul 11th Collage 2Crop Top (sold out) £4 / Chelsea Boots£ 30 – Both Boohoo.com
Not long after New Year I ended up making a little Boohoo order too. This was for no other reason than I was fighting the January blues, and realised that these boots were the one and only thing that could bring happiness to my life. And my oh my, they have made every day better since. 

Haul 11th 7Sports Bra £4 – Primark
My gym is currently twice as busy as it was pre-Christmas due to all of the ‘New Year New Me’ gym joiners – and this is a trend that Primark clearly knows all about, as their gymwear has been moved from a dusty corner at the back, right to the front of my local store. Now, it will come as no surprise to you that I don’t really need to wear a sports bra, seeing as I essentially have no boobs whatsoever – but I couldn’t say no to this neon crop of joy.

Haul 11th 6Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan / Sultry Eyelashes £1 each – both Primark
I’ve been wanting to try out the Cocoa Brown fake tan for ever and ever and ever AMEN, and today was finally the day I added it to my massive Primark basket. I’m going to a party tonight and am currently the ultimate pail Gale, so can’t wait to blast my skin with this and see how it turns out. I think this is about £6 a bottle (currently too comfy on the sofa to go and check my receipt, soz) which is expensive compared to my usual St Moriz – but I’ve heard such good things about it that I decided it was worth the extra pounds. Rumour has it that Cocoa Brown tan doesn’t even smell like fake tan. Wizardry.

I also stocked up on a couple of pairs of Primark’s eyelashes in ‘Sultry’. I reviewed these lashes here and they’re genuinely pretty amazing for just one measly quid.

Haul 11th 5Necklace £3 / Midi Rings £1.50 – Both Primark
Primark’s currently coming up with some absolutely beautiful statement necklaces, and this one was too much of a bargain to resist. You can’t see well in the photo, but it’s rose gold metal woven with a kind of pearlescent cream material. I also picked up a pack of three silver midi rings. I have horrendously fat fingers and so I’ve got no idea whether these will look good or not, but for £1.50 I was willing to risk it.

I also picked up some Primark essentials including tights, leggings, hair bands and a new hair donut, but thought I’d spare you the boredom of seeing those. And now I must get back to my life, and look up what ‘spending ban’ actually means…

What do you think of this haul? What have you been buying lately?

Best of the January Sales: Where to Spend Your Pound Coins

If you’re anything like me and didn’t join the hordes of shoppers attacking stores on Boxing Day (with the crazed eye of a gal with money to spend, of course) you may be thinking now is the time to invest in some exciting sale stuff.

Except…it seems like there’s nothing left. And I mean nothing. In fact, all I could find on a recent shopping trip were some tragic yellow espadrilles and a strange beaded bra. No thank you, H&M. No thank you at all.

In horrible despair (there were tears and screams of ‘WHY GOD WHY’), I decided to hop online where (thank the good Lord) I had a bit more luck. And I have decided to put together a few of my favourites to help a brother out. So, if you’re looking for some excellent bargains and are 100% not looking for beaded undergarments, then check out my top picks from the January sales. Awooooooga.

The Best of the Beauty Bargains: FeelUnique.com

I’ve not particularly shopped at Feel Unique before, but I’ve heard good things (mostly that there are many a bargain to be had, so basically it is a magical wonderland). Now I know that all of you die hard Boots and Superdrug fans may be thinking ‘yes, but I can buy Soap and Glory for half price at Boots and I can get a steak bake from Greggs while I’m at it’. Well, I will tell you this now free of charge: Feel Unique have some fabulous brands and products on offer at the moment – and not just Soap and Glory (or Sanctuary, heaven forbid). Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they don’t sell pasties. Sorry.

Sales Collage 1

All of these are over 40% off. Yes my son.

The Best of the Fashion Finds: ASOS

It’s not really groundbreaking news that ASOS sales are brilliant, but this year seems to be more excellent than usual. The jewellery especially is around the 50% off mark, and its always worth investing in ASOS shoes when they’re on offer. Here are some of my favourites, but it’s defo worth having a look to see what you can find! I’ve already seen some marvy pictures of half price ASOS threads on Instagram and Twitter, but there are many more beauties to be found.

Collage 2


All over these are over 30% off.

The Best of the Electronic Stuff: Argos

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 14.01.26

Before you all get pervy and weird, I’m talking about hairdryers and what not. January is definitely the time to be investing in some new electric beauty goods, particularly if you are like me and the wires are hanging out of your hair dryer and every time you try your hair, it is like Russian Roulette. Argos is always your best bet for finding a good range of electronic products, and this year there are so many products over half price. Amazing!

So chums, what do you think? Have you seen any other online stores selling some amazing bargains? Or did you manage to hit the sale rails before all the good stuff went?

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