Curly Half-Up Ponytail with ghd Purple

ghd Purple IV Styler
If you’ve read my blog for a while (*cough* and if not then why not, hey?) then you might have heard me rave about ghd before – in fact, more than once. I’ve been a long time advocate of the brand and, while I know other electrical brands have upped their game over the last couple of years, for me ghd are still the ONE. Clearly plenty of other people agree, as this ghd are celebrating 16 years of giving all of us those good hair days – and to mark their birthday, they’ve released one of their bestselling stylers, the IV, in a limited edition Purple finish.  View Full Post

3 New False Eyelash Brands You Need to Try

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you know me well (or even just speak to me for about twenty minutes) then you’ll know the 3 things I absolutely could not do without are fake tan, acryllic nails and false eyelashes. They are my trifecta of ‘going out out’ beauty items, and I think I’d genuinely rather go out without shoes on then without one of them. As such, the fact I’ve been able to try out THREE new eyelash brands lately is just fabulous and also dandy. As much as I love my trusty Eylure and my cheaper Primark Sultry lashes, it’s always good to see what other alternatives are out there and I feel like I’ve now discovered some proper gems. Read on my little friends, read on…

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Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Shaping Kit | Review

Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Kit 1It is a well known fact that Lauren is to eyebrows what Katie Hopkins is to being a big grade A bitch – i.e. an expert. Over our time in the blogging world she’s reviewed many an eyebrow kit on Stylingo (Lauren I mean, not Katie H… that would be strange) so I feel a bit like I’m treading on her tiny hobbit toes here, but please bear with me and my idiot opinions.

Makeup Revolution are my new favey brand at the moment thanks to their  super cheap and super fantastic lipsticks (which I reviewed here if you fancy a read) so I was excited to give their eyebrow kit a whirl too. The kit’s available in two shades: Light-Medium and Medium-Dark. Favouring a strong brow, I opted for the darker of the two. And here is what the little devil looks like inside…

Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Kit 2Weeeeee, pretty isn’t it? Three eyebrow powders, one wax, a brush, some teeny tiny tweezers and a mirror in a compact, all for £2.50? You really can’t argue with that sort of value, unless you’re a div. The three shades of powder aren’t hugely different from each other, but this is actually useful considering it can  be just a slight mis-match in shade that can make the difference between a good eyebrow filling job and a pure disaster. The powders are also meant to be blendable so you can find the best colour for you, but I found that the second colour along was a pretty good match for me as it is.

Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Kit SwatchIn terms of quality, the powders are brilliantly pigmented and apply easily. I initially took a stab at using the brush that came with the kit but it was just too little so I reverted to my normal eyebrow brush (the E7 by MUA) as the longer handle gave me more control.

I hadn’t used a wax on my eyebrows before as I don’t usually find I have much problem with them falling off my face anyway, so I can’t say I’ve noticed a big difference applying this over the top of the powder. But I think it does make the final look appear a bit more groomed and sleek.

Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Kit 3Overall I think this compact is amazing value for money. At £2.5o it’s cheaper than it’s other bargain rivals, and it’s the perfect sturdy little kit to carry around with you. You can buy it either via the website or at Superdrug, and I highly recommend you do.

Another thumbs up from Makeup Revolution from me!

Have any of you tried this product? What do you think? 

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Makeup Revolution: £1 Lipsticks | Review

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks
Now, I’m genuinely not usually one to hop on a beauty blogging bandwagon. It definitely would have been a nippy day in hell before I forked out £37 for the Naked 3 palette, for example  – I mean, do you know how many tequilas that can  buy you?! Sheesh. But over the last couple of months there’s one brand it’s been hard to ignore: Makeup Revolution. With dirt cheap prices and a shockingly good amount of reviews online, I eventually caved. It’s being stocked in Superdrug, but I assumed that if the stand was anything like the MUA stand in there then it would be virtually empty (is this the same in your local stores or is it only in Coventry that people see £1 makeup and thoroughly lose their shit?) so I decided to place a little order on their website. And for those of who are remarkably unobservant, YES, those 3 lipsticks up there were part of the order!

Makeup Revolution Crime Fusion The Ones
I opted for the shades Crime, a striking Barbie pink; Fusion, which seemed to be a vampy plum; and The One, a classic nude (aka my go-to lipstick shade of dreams). At only £1 it was definitely tempting to get more carried away and order all 30 shades, but I realised that was the behaviour of someone whose priorities are not in order, so settled on these shades to give me a nice range.

On first impressions, the packaging is of course similar to MUA but a bit nicer – the rose gold writing definitely gets a thumbs up from this rose gold lover. And then onto the swatches…

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks Crime Fusion The One Swatches
I LOVE Crime and The One with a fiery passion. Both are really pigmented from the first swipe, and feel moisturising when applied. Crime will be perfect for so many nights out (I’ve always been a sucker for a Barbie lip) and The One will most definitely become my new everyday nude. However, I have no idea what happened with Fusion. Not only is the colour much lighter than you’d expect, but the colour pay off is also pretty weak and it felt a lot more dragging to apply than the other two. Please see Exhibit B:
Makeup Revolution Lipstick Swatches
Overall though, I’m SO impressed with the other two shades that I’m going to overlook Fusion as some sort of fluke and still declare these lipsticks to be the tits. For £1 I’ll  definitely be stocking up on more shades if I ever bother to venture into Superdrug and find the stand hasn’t been too massacred.

In my order I also picked up a foundation, brow kit, highlighter AND received a lipgloss, blusher and a couple of nail varnishes as a free gift (I don’t know why either, but THANK YOU Makeup Rev!), so stay tuned for more Makeup Revolution reviews over the next couple of days. That’s if the suspense doesn’t kill ya anyway.


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What do you all think of these lipsticks? Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution yet?

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions in 90s Blonde | Review

HK 1Have you ever got an email that’s made you so happy you want to rip off your own face? We have, and it was when we were recently asked if we would like to review some hair extensions from Dirty LooksI’d seen a couple of reviews of this brand floating around the blogosphere lately (from Liza and Latasha to name but two) and they looked so amazing there was no chance in HELL I was going to pass up an opportunity to try them out. 

HK 2Dirty Looks stock a range of hair extensions, with everything from full sets to ponytails, and even a clip-on fringe. We were asked to review the HK Full Head Hair Extensions, which contains 10 wefts of hair and the mighty Quad Weft which is also available separately.

After a chat with the super helpful Abigail from Dirty Looks, it was decided that I would be best off with the shade 90s Blonde, while Lauren was best suited to St Tropez. Lauren will review her set separately (I’m not her damn slave!), so for now here are my thoughts on the 90s Blonde hair extensions that I received.

HK 3HK 5The first thing to note is how amazingly packaged the hair extensions come. Dirty Looks are such a breath of fresh air after years of buying hair extensions in scabby plastic wallets from grumpy shop owners. The extensions come in a pretty little purple box (perfect for future storage) with spare clips and a really useful guide to using your new extensions.

An especially nice touch is the sample of hair which is provided; you take this out first to check the shade and length is right for you before opening the main packet – this means that if the colour doesn’t suit, then you can easily return and exchange them. 

HK 6The helpful little booklet breaks down exactly where you should place the hair extensions on your head. We’ve all witnessed those tragic sights of really badly blended hair extensions, so this eliminates the chances of us falling victim to it (hurrah!)

HK 7And now onto the hair itself. Oh. My. GAWD. It’s beautiful. I’ve used a lot of hair extensions in my time and can hand on heart say that these are the best quality I’ve had. If you’re completely new to the world of hair extensions and try these out, then you’re going to be impressed. If you’re used to them though, then you’re going to be amazed

Most wefts tend to get thinner towards the bottom, leading to that rat-tail look that is oh so popular with the Snog Marry Avoid birds of society. These, though, are perfectly thick from top to bottom. I opted for the 16-18 inches, which is 160 grams of hair. This in itself is an impressive weight, and you can certainly tell the quality difference if you’re used to buying cheaper hair extensions.

HK 8(Ah, is there a more beautiful sight than all that hair?)

In terms of colour, 90s Blonde is the lightest shade that they stock, and it would definitely be a good match for most bleach blondes. As I’m currently in the grey/platinum club, I was advised that these would be the best base colour for me to tone to match my current hair colour. I applied my usual colourant and I’m pleased to say that they took the colour wonderfully – with no damage afterwards either.

Dirty Looks CollageI’m completely in love with these hair extensions. With prices starting at £69.99 for 12-14″, they’re not the cheapest extensions out there – but this is absolutely a case of getting what you pay for. I already know that the life cycle of this set will be far longer than any cheaper clip-ins that I’ve bought in the past.

The Dirty Looks website is also really helpful in terms of hair advice, with their blog being a particularly good read if you’re into hair extensions. Overall they’re a great brand who are clearly passionate about what they do, which is really nice to see. A huge thumbs up from me.

Have any of you tried Dirty Looks hair extensions? Or would you try them now? 

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Seventeen Instant Glow Cream Bronzer | Review

DSCN4103If you read our blog regularly then you might know that Seventeen are one of our favey brands of the past year, after seriously upping their game following their re-brand and a release of a plethora of bangin’ new products (you can check out all of our Seventeen reviews by clicking here if you so wish). During a recent Boots trip I was hugely excited, then, to see a couple of new releases. In fact, I might even have done a bit of an excited dance right there and then in the aisle.

I picked up the Instant Glow Cream Bronzer, a contouring product ‘for face and décolletage’ (ooer).

DSCN4104It might look a bit daunting in the palette, but rest assured that the bronzer’s actually very lightweight upon first application, so the fact that it only comes in one shade shouldn’t be an issue for paler girls out there. It’s also buildable for when you’ve got more of a tan, and never feels too heavy or remotely greasy despite its cream texture.

DSCN4112The best thing about the product is its blendability. When you use powder bronzers to contour with, it’s easy to put far too much on and end up buffing away like a lunatic to avoid looking too Snog Marry Avoid-y. The cream formula is much, much, MUCH easier to work with, blending with foundation and concealer like an absolute dream. I’ve been applying with my fingers and then blending with my Real Techniques Beauty Blender, but you can do whatever you like because it’s your life and I’m not here to tell you how to live it.

1689188_10152596775342786_1408801181_nHere’s a terrible iPhone snap to give you a vague idea of how the bronzer looks under the cheekbones and down the side of the nose. Decided to leave the décolletage out of it; it’s only Wednesday after all.

Overall I’m madly in love with this product, and it’s another roaring success for Seventeen. At only £4.99 it’s a downright bargain, and Seventeen also have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment so you should make this a staple of your makeup bag immediately. You can pick it up online here or get off your lazy bum bums and go into your nearest Boots store.

Until next time, ratbags.

Have any of you tried the Instant Glow Cream Bronzer yet? What are your thoughts?

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