Currently Watching: eBay Wishlist #6

eBay Wishlist SummerFloral Trousers / Cleated Sole PlatformRose Print Kimono/ Studded Bumbag/Mesh Swimsuit / Palm Print Bralet 

Hey hey everybody, it’s Cleopatra, coming atcha. Not really, just Claire again (sorry). I realised we haven’t done an eBay wishlist for months and knew that this had to be rectified as I have loads of fit bits in my watching list at the moment, and it would frankly be cruel to not share them with you. Once I’d gathered them all together I realised this is a very summery wishlist, so if you still have a festival or holiday to go to this year then I’mma hook you up.

The trousers and kimono are both from the same overseas seller, and they have SO many nice things. The prices are frankly ridiculous – the kimono, for example, is £4.26. Yes, four pounds and twenty-six pence! With prices like that, it’s definitely worth the wait of a couple weeks for delivery  – and whatever I’ve had from Chinese sellers so far has always been good quality. Accessories-wise, I’m loving these white cleated sole platforms (obviously – who isn’t?!) and the studded bumbag was one that I wanted for Wireless festival a few weeks ago (but I accidentally spent all of my money on houmous before the weekend so couldn’t afford it, sob). I’m off on holiday in FOUR DAYS so it’s a little late for me to order this mesh insert swimsuit but I think it’s absolutely beautiful, and it would also be super flattering for those not quite brave enough to fully flash their stomach. And finally we have the palm print bralet, which is so perfect for summer it almost causes a tear to come to my eye.

What do you all think of this eBay wishlist?

Outfit of the Day: ASOS Swing Dress & Chunky Sandals

OOTD 15th July Collage 1Dress: ASOS Petite / Chain: eBay / Shoes: Primark

Hello you super sexy people. Following on from Lauren’s ‘blogger tips’ post yesterday on the mystery that is Do-Follow and No-Follow Links I’m back today with the much more superficial stuff, i.e. here’s me in a pretty dress with legs like Wotsits (it’s better to be orange than pale, am I right or am I RIGHT?) (Tumbleweed…)

I recently placed a pretty hefty order with ASOS after realising that I have zero clothes I actually wanted to wear in public, and this dress is one of the bargains that I managed to pick up from the sale. How much did I pay? Just TEN ENGLISH POUNDS. Sassy.

OOTD 15th July Collage 2These Primark sandals have NOT been off my feet since I bought them weeks ago, which yes may be disgusting, but can you really blame me when they’re so absolutely perfect? I’m almost tempted to buy another pair for when these inevitably fall apart, but I dunno if that’s the behaviour of a straight up lunatic. Also, how cute is this bracelet that my sister picked me up from her holibobs? I think it’s meant to ward off bad luck, which I could definitely do with lately after smashing my hallway mirror to smithereens. I know, what am I like.

What do you all think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Style Inspo: Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

Hello fellow idiots,

It seems that I have finally grown up into a grown woman. Pass me a Sunday afternoon of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, a glass of gin and a few cats (why lie, I always liked these things). But aside from my imminent old lady behaviour, I’m actually starting to go to weddings regularly in the summer. If that’s not a sign of being in your 20s, I don’t know what is.

While this is all very well and its nice to celebrate mates’ everlasting love and everything, I am very tired of deciding what to wear to the damn things.

I don’t know about you hunnys, but I am the type of girl who sells pretty much all of my clothes right after I’ve worn them (ever Insta’d in the same outfit twice, you get me) so I virtually NEVER have anything nice to wear ever. Which means I always have to buy new outfits, which also means that I have to plan these silly things. And wedding outfits are the worst to plan. You don’t want to look like a hoochie mama, but you also don’t want to look like a massive snore who has no mates. So with the couple of weddings I’ve got to drag myself to this summer, here are a few wedding outfit ideas for you (and me) to feast your eyes on.

Wedding Outfit Ideas

Paisley Print Cut Out Mini Dress | Hampshire Heeled Sandals | Patent Pink Clutch | Diamante Statement Necklace | Rectangular Stone Ring

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 13.54.46

Floral Print Jumpsuit | Gold Statement Necklace | White Metal Bar Clutch Bag | Chanel Lipstick in Camella | White Sandal Heels

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.15.53

Midi Skater Dress | Cleated Platform Sandals | Gold & Blue Statement Necklace | Pale Blue Cleated Clutch Bag

What do you think gals?

I would greatly appreciate your input, because I seriously need some bangin’ outfits to wear this summer! If you have any wedding outfit ideas posts too, then please leave them in the comments below so that I can have a massive perv and probably steal your ideas.

What The Idiots In Our Office Think About… SS14 Trends

Claire and I work with genuine fools delightful people. In an office of 6 boys and only the two of us to defend ourselves against football and their horrible pulling techniques, we have to keep ourselves amused by forcing them into girl talk. While this often involves us pestering them about their tragic love lives, it also can get fashion related. And safe to say, they don’t quite understand it. Just the other day, Claire wore a crop top to work and they began asking invalid questions like, ‘did you shrink your tshirt in the wash’ and ‘did you buy a baby’s tshirt by accident’. Sigh and sigh again.

So obviously, we thought that it would be a jolly good laugh to ask them some questions about the current SS14 trends and get some boys’ perspectives on all of the fabulous things us girls are wearing at the moment.

Cleated Soles

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 13

First off we showed them a picture of a pair of white cleated platforms. Safe to say that they weren’t particular fans of our summer staples. And here is what they thought:

  • “Errr they are rubbish”
  • “These are basically for the summer hooker, and in black they are even more hookery”
  • “I think my nan used to have a pair” and “they look like granny shoes”
  • “They cause an immense amount of sadness within me”
  • “They look like you should be in prison or a desert”


PicMonkey Collage

Claire and I love co-ords at the moment. Unfortunately, the boys didn’t much like them. At all.

  • “Who the fuck is going outside in their pyjamas”
  • “Whether you wore a long or short version, you are going to look like a tit”
  • “I would stamp on someone in the street if they wore that”
  • “It looks like a joke”
  • “These are like meggings and should be illegal”
  • “It looks like a hospital gown”
  • “It’s like bananas in pyjamas, except it’s a lady”

Baby Pink

Baby Pink

Baby pink is the must have colour this summer, and this was a SS14 trend that the boys liked the most.

  • “We like baby pink”
  • “Although not if you wear all of it at the same time, you would look like a skeleton”
  • It’s ok, but it might look like you’re naked if you stood far away”

Unfortunately, the lads weren’t fans of girls with pink hair, with one commenting that he would “spit on people with pink hair”.

Holographic Accessories

Holographic Clutch

Holographic accessories make me and Claire hugely happy. We both love it with a fiery passion. Again, the lads weren’t keen. When shown a picture of a holographic bag, they said:

  • “What the fuck is that”
  • “Erm, it looks like a condom packet”
  • “It looks like someone can’t afford a handbag and has to use kitchen foil”
  • “It looks tacky”

Jelly Shoes

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 14.03.36

We are also fans of the jelly shoes here at Stylingo. Again, the boys were not. We showed them a number of different colours of jelly shoes and none of them appealed. Here’s what they said:

  • “…Oh no”
  • “If you are over the age of 3, you should not be wearing these”
  • “Do you want to look like a child?
  • “If you wear these, you need to have a sit down and have a long, hard think about your life and where it is going”
  • “Why can’t you afford real shoes?”

Well, I think that all this can prove is that boys genuinely know nothing. Let’s all just ignore them and go on put on our baby pink co-ords, match it with a holographic bag and cleated platforms. Good day.

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How To Wear SS14 The Holographic Trend

I love shiny things. In fact, things that involve glitter, metallic delightfulness or just a bit of shine makes me infinitely happy. I’m of the opinion that pretty much every girl feels the same too (and if not, why not you lunatic?). So, giving thanks to the fashion gods and so on and so forth, we have the holographic trend to keep our magpie tendancies in check.

But lets be honest, wearing a load of shiny silver material isn’t the most flattering thing (unless you are Kendal Jenner for example) and it is potentially really the most difficult trend ever. While I would like to wear a holographic dress, I’m pretty sure a tiny size 12 disco ball lumbering toward people would both alarm and distress the general public. In fact, I’m pretty sure David Cameron would deport me back to the motherland.

With that in mind, here are some easy options for incoporating the holographic trend into your wardrobe. And while the easiest way would be to whack a holographic bag or pair of shoes onto your outfit, there are actually loads of different holographic things you can put on your body to feel awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 14.03.26

Missguided Holographic Platform Sandals | ASOS Metallic Hologram Hoodie | Nasty Gal Hologram Phone Case | Motel Holographic Backpack | Holographic Jeffery Campbells | 90s Holographic Skull Choker 

If you’re keen, Topshop also have some holographic nail wraps, which I forgot to put on this collage but they look SUUUUPER AWESOME.

So my dear shiny friends, I hope that these have inspired you to become a beautiful disco ball. Claire and I both agree that we would give up our first born children for those Jeffery Campbells, without question. They are incredible.

It’s actually quite hard to put shiny things with anything other than black, but I recently wore my holographic bag with a bright orange dress…so I think the key is to be brave and just embrace the wildness. If you want to be a disco ball, just be a disco ball. PREACH.

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SS14: The Sunglasses Edit

I have to say that I am a big sunglasses fan. Anything that covers the majority of my face is a winner in my eyes. However, I don’t usually seem buy sunglasses, because lets be honest and open with each other. When does it actually get sunny enough to think ‘Good lord, I am blinded by the rays of the sun, let me delve into my handbag and retrieve my eyeball protectors’? Yes I thought so. Virtually never.

This year, however, is the year of the sunglasses. And here are two of my recent purchases/gifts:



New Look Round Sunglasses | Elsie and Fred Chunky 60s Sunglasses

Sunglasses are definitely not an afterthought anymore, and the right pair can definitely finish an outfit perfectly. But what sort of sunnies should we be buying for SS14 and what beautiful eye protectors are on the highstreet at the moment? These are questions that I am about to answer, mon amie, so don’t you go worrying.

Round sunglasses

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 09.18.56

Topshop Colour Block Sunglasses | ASOS Handmade Acetate Sunglasses | New Look Frame Sunglasses | Miss Selfridge Pink Round Sunglasses Missguided Baby Pink Round Sunglasses | Elsie and Fred Audrey Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses are a must if you are planning on being seen in public at some point this summer. Yes, you might feel a bit like a prat and/or like our dear departed John Lennon, but round sunglasses are great. In fact, the rounder the better. NO HALF MEASURES.

Wire Frame Sunglasses

I think the idea with this sunny trend is to channel Harry Potter – i.e. draw a little lightning bolt on your head and pretend everybody is a muggle and I’m pretty sure people will think you are bang on trend.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 17.32.14

Peach Wire Frame Sunglasses | Teashade Sunglasses | Revo Lense Aviators | Elsie and Fred Pyramid Sunglasses | Rose Tinted Sunglasses |

Tinted Sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses are soooooooooooo 90s and cool I can’t even cope. Think Olsen twins. Think Spicegirls. Think ‘I’m not sure how much this is shielding me from those pesky UV rays but god damn it I look brilliant’.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 17.11.32

Topshop Hex Sunglasses | Jeepers Peepers Blue Sunglasses | Pink Tinted Ray Bans | Mango Mirrored Lens Sunglasses |

Anywho, what sunglasses do you want to put on your face this summer?

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Topshop x Adidas Originals: How to Wear

Adidas 3I don’t know about you, but I definitely thought that the varsity trend had had its day, and died a death with the Topshop ’86’ jerseys of last year. But it seems I’m wrong and that sports luxe is hanging around for yet another season, with Topshop today releasing their brand new collaboration with Adidas Originals.

The Originals range has always been the more fashionable side to Adidas, with the trefoil tees, running shorts and tracksuit tops popping up in vintage stores all over the place last year as a more authentic alternative to the sports trend. Now they’ve all had a full fashion makeover with the help of Topshop, who have incorporated new prints and luxe materials into its 18-piece collection.

Adidas 4The collection’s been designed with co-ordination firmly in mind, with most of the pieces matching others in the range. However, if you’re not brave enough to go head-to-toe Adidas (ya wimps) then I’ve picked out some other sports luxe pieces from around the web that can be worn alongside the Originals collection.

Adidas 6

Vero Moda Flower Printed Joggers
New Look Cameo Rose Baseball Tee
Topshop Bomber Jacket
River Island Crop Sweater
Topshop Marl Running Shorts

Of course, the dreaded 86 jersey had to turn in some form didn’t it?! In general though, I’m happy to see sports luxe sticking around this summer; it means you can eat as much barbecue as you want without worrying about burger bulge AND if you accidentally bump into anyone at the shop when you’re wearing your joggers you can walk away safe in the knowledge that they might be fooled into thinking you were actually being fashionable, rather than just a slob.

What do you all think of the Topshop x Adidas Originals range? 

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How To Dress For Your Body Shape: The Real Person Version

I’m pretty sure most girls have tried on clothes while out shopping, taken a peek in the mirror and thought ‘good heavens, these leather trousers make me look like a raging hippopotamus lunatic’. (no…just me?)

I am very passionate about people wearing clothes that suit them (i.e. if you are over a certain age and insist on wearing disco hot pants, you need to go home). And that’s not just me being horrified at seeing elderly bottom in the streets, I think people generally feel better in clothes that fit them and suit them. I know I definitely do, which is why I refuse (on grounds that I don’t want to alarm anybody with my trunk-like arms) to wear things that don’t have sleeves.

But how on this good green earth how do you dress for your body shape in this day and age without looking like a lunatic?


If you’re a triangle shape, you tend to be bigger on top and smaller on the bottom – basically an inverted pear. Skater skirts help to put you more into proportion.


Leather Skater Skirt | Cropped Ribbed Tshirt | Cut Out Boots | Statement Necklace


Aside from being delicious and good for you, pears tend to be bigger on the bottom and smaller on top. Patterns and sleeves balance y’all out.

body shape collage 2

Floral Skater Dress | Platform Sandals | Pale Pink Bag


If you’re an hourglass, you’re a lucky thang. Hourglasses are the same proportions on top and on the bottom. Huzzah. Make the most most of your hot bod.

body shape collage 3

Black Midi Skirt | Crop Vest Drop | Cascade Necklace | Strap Heels


Apple shapes are usually bigger around the middle bit, with slimmer legs and arms. Shift dresses are excellent because they don’t draw attention to the bigger areas. And transparent clutch bags are great.Body collage

White Flatforms | Daisy Print Shift Dress | Transparent Clutch Bag


The model shape, you lucky thangs! Clothes look brilliant on you and you can pretty much wear anything. Thanks to the queen and merry England.

body callage

Metallic Boots | Lace Jumpsuit | Pink Satchel

I know there have been a zillion programmes on the telly about wearing the right clothes for your body shape, but lets be honest. Gok doesn’t really cater for us gals who are a bit on the younger side. And his tips don’t always correlate to what’s in the shops right at this moment in time. The whole “ooooo-er wear a waist belt to draw the eye to who knows what” is frankly nonsense. It’s not 2004 anymore and I don’t even know where you buy a coloured waist belt anymore. And this horizontal versus vertical stripe situation baffles me. If I wear a vertical stripe, I can pretty much guarantee that I will not look like a size 6 Kate Moss.

My ultimate top tip for you all is: the bigger the bag, the smaller the waist. While dressing for your shape is a good idea…sometimes you just want to wear disco hotpants. If that’s the case, just buy lots of giant handbags and wear what you want. Goodnight.

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