Travel Wishlist: The Road Trip Edition

CarOkay, so my fingers have only had five minutes’ rest since typing up my post on Albufeira, Portugal, but here we are – I’m thinking about holidays again. I can’t be the only one who deals with the back-to-work blues by planning my next trip, surely?

Since getting home I’ve spent many a lunch break flicking between Sky Scanner and Air BnB, just seeing – y’know, out of curiosity – what a ten-day jaunt to Italy next year could look like, or what the all-inclusive resorts of Jamaica have to offer vs those in Mexico. And then this handy little e-book from Kwik Fit landed in my inbox and I exited Sky Scanner faster than Gemma Collins bailed on I’m A Celeb (no, I don’t know why all my pop culture references have to be four years out of date either). 

The idea of a road trip has always appealed to me. The freedom, the flexibility, the endless snacks… what’s not to like? The Kwik Fit e-book is the perfect little guide, rounding up 5 of the best road trips you can take within Europe. You can take a look at their recommendations via the link above, but here are the 3 global road trips on my travel bucket list:

Causeway Coast, Ireland – My trip to Dublin last year was my first time ever in Ireland, and I’m itching to go back. This time (as much as I do love sitting in pubs all day, Dublin-style) I’d really like to see some of the rural scenery that Ireland has to offer. From Belfast to Derry, the Causeway Coast route looks to take you through some breathtaking locations – and of course the fact that so much Game of Thrones has been filmed there lures me even more.

Amalfi Coast, Italy – As I said, I’ve been researching Italy a lot as my next travel destination. One of the trickiest parts of planning is simply deciding where to go, as each town I look into seems even prettier than the last (plus I know each one will have Aperol and pizza, so how can I possibly narrow it down?) This is why I think a road trip would be perfect – I could tick the likes of Naples, Sorrento and Positano all off the bucket list in one (absurdly pretty, I’m sure) drive. Note to self: make sure someone else is driving so I can enjoy ALL the Aperol.

San Francisco to LA, America – I would actually love to travel around a lot of America by car, but I think the West Coast would be my first choice. San Francisco to LA sounds like a dreamy trip from what I’ve read, with Yosemite national park en route and even Vegas just 4 hours away as an add-on. Also, just look at the views in this blog post – I die, farewell.

Of course, before setting off any road trip in your own car – whether it’s across Europe or a little jaunt somewhere in the UK – it’s essential to make sure your car is in the best condition to do so.  The e-book also covers everything you need to check off safety-wise, including oil levels, brakes and tyres – which of course, Kwik Fit are able to help with. Those good eggs.

These are my dream road trip destinations, but what are yours? Let me know in the comments!

This post was written in collaboration with Kwik Fit, but all views are my own. So please someone donate a million pounds to me so I can take all these trips, please and thank you. 


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