Benefit Primping With The Stars: Review

Good morning and happy Sunday to one and all!

I’m back on my makeup reviewing hype and I am VERY excited about it. I’ve been having some vonderful chats on Twitter with you all about making some makeup changes in my life (and we all know how important these changes are…), so I thought I would do a little review on something that I have been loving a lot recently.


One of my best friends from uni (combined with her boyfriend, who is also a good friend) bought me this Benefit set for my birthday and I have to say how HUGELY excited I was when I opened the wrapping. I’m a big Benefit fan, I know some people are not quite as keen on it as some products can be seen as a bit ‘gimmicky’. But I’m quite a gimmick fan and the packaging makes me literally want to die with happiness inside. I had their smokey eyes palette for a long time when I was a bit younger and I still maintain that it has been my favourite eye kit to date.

The Priming With The Stars kit has a lot of the products I have wanted to try but haven’t been able to afford recently, so I love the fact that I could give these a whirl FOR FREE, and in smaller sizes so I can decide how I feel about them without having the big version (sorry about the terrible English in this sentence, my brain has fallen out).


1. Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer. 2. Pore Professional. 3. Some Kind of Gorgeous Foundation Faker. 4. Benetint. 5. Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter. 6. They’re Real Mascara.

So, what do I think of Benefit’s Primping With The Stars kit?

1. Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer: I really like this primer. I’ve been loving eye primers recently, I find they keep my standard liquid eye liner flick in place without smudging. This one has a nice nude tint to it, so almost works as a concealer too.

2. Pore Professional: This is a kind of tinted primer and as far as primers go, I’m very impressed. I have very big pores and it really does reduce them significantly! It’s also tinted, which means it can be worn without makeup over the top.

3. Some Kind of Gorgeous: This is the only product that I’m not hugely keen on in this kit. It just doesn’t give the kind of coverage that I like – I love full coverage foundation and this is very, very light. For people who like a light foundation, this is great for a matte effect! I do like it, it’s just not heavy enough for me.

4. Benetint: I LOVE Benetint and I have for years and years. I like the rose colour for my lips and Posietint for my cheeks particularly, so I’ve been using this little one on my lips a lot recently. Not much more needs to be said, it is great.

5. Girl Meets Pearl: I love highlighters and this one is great. I’ve been using it on my brow bone and cupids bow mostly, because the blusher I’m using at the mo is quite shimmery, so I don’t want to look too disco-ball  like. Very impressed!

6. They’re Real Mascara: Everyone raves about this mascara and I was always a bit skeptical about it. I am no longer. This is amazing and I’m very very tempted to buy the full size when this runs out. BRILLIANT.

As a set, I’ve actually been keeping this in my handbag because it has a big mirror that’s useful if I’m doing my makeup on the train or bus! It’s also nice having a Benetint and mascara on me at all times, it reduces the panic in case you get invited to see Rihanna and have no makeup on you whatsoever.

My verdict? This kit is brilliant. I really recommend it for you gals who want to try some of Benefit’s most famous products without investing in the full ones. There is also a little booklet with handy tips, which is great if you are an idiot like I am.

Anyone else tried this kit? What do you reckon?

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  1. Lauren August 25, 2013 / 12:14 pm

    I was looking at this exact box a few months ago, I love their real and bought I big version instead. If really like a pore perfect, I don’t wear foundation and it’s great for smoothing your skin.


    • Lauren August 25, 2013 / 1:00 pm

      Yeah I’m really enjoying using the smaller versions and figuring out what I like! I love the primer, I wear loads of foundation and it works well underneath but I can defo see how it would work if you don’t really wear foundation! 🙂


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