E.L.F. Makeup Haul – Reviews to Come!

ELF Haul 1

You know that feeling you get when you’re so overexcited about makeup and beauty products that you start to wonder whether you’re too superficial and your priorities are all wrong and that you might die sad and alone surrounded only by mascara? Yeah, well I was simply too busy to feel that today as I was SO EXCITED by the arrival of our delivery from E.L.F.

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about E.L.F (or e.l.f? Or am I allowed to just call it Elf? I’m so unaware of the etiquette) in the last couple of weeks that I just had to have a look at their website. I was initially looking for a contouring kit, but was so amazed by the cheapy-cheap prices that I had to throw a few other things into my online basket. I had around £15 worth of stuff, and then Lauren realised that if she spent about the same amount then we would be eligible for free deliver. Well, that’s just good economics isn’t it?

ELF Haul 2

I was really impressed to have it turn up in the post today after only ordering on Monday – 3 days for free second class delivery is not bad at all. I immediately had to take a few photos to share what we’ve bought in our haul and am having to resist the urge to run into the work toilets to try out all the products. Needless to say though, they will all be tried very shortly and you can expect to see some reviews up.

Here’s a run down of what we decided to buy:


ELF Haul 4

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in ‘St Lucia’ – £3.75

All-Over Cover Stick in ‘Light Beige’ – £1.50

Nail Polish in ‘Desert Haze’ – £2.50

Mineral Lipstick in ‘Natural Nymph’ – £5

Lip Primer and Plumper – £3.75

All-Over Colour Stick in ‘Spotlight’ – £1.50

I ended up with quite a bit more than the contouring kit, as you can see. But with prices like £1.50, how can you resist? I love gimmicky products like the lip plumper so I’m looking forward to giving that a go, and I’m intrigued to try the ‘Spotlight’ Colour Stick as part of my contouring experiment. I also had to try the nude lipstick in the hope that it might be a cheap alternative to my Mac Crème D’Nude that I’m still using far too often for a £14 lipstick.


ELF Haul 3

Beauty Book in ‘Natural Look’ – £6

3-in-1 Mascara – £3.75

Lipstick in ‘Nostalgic’ – £1.50

Nail Polish in ‘Copper’ – £2.50

Lauren was really impressed with this Beauty Book which comes with an eyeshadow palette, primer, eyeliner, applicator and instructions on how to achieve different looks. I know, it’s extremely shocking that she ordered it in a natural shade – I think I got a new wrinkle from how quickly my eyebrows shot up in surprise. She also needed new mascara so decided to give this one a whirl – we’re excited to see how it matches up to Benefit ‘They’re Real’ seeing as it has the same brush shape, complete with the little ball at the end. She then decided to try out the £1.50 lipstick range, and settled on a new copper nail varnish.

This resulted in an incident that we will now refer to as Metallicgate, in which I made a casual comment that I wasn’t a fan of metallic polishes and Lauren argued with me that I SO WAS because I wore gold and I said that I SO WASN’T and I think I know what I like and then we didn’t speak for five minutes. It sometimes gets pretty tense here at Stylingo.

Anyway, we are SUPER excited to try out our new products and let you know what we think of them all. Have any of you tried E.L.F? What are your thoughts? And am I allowed to call it Elf?!

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