Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Collage

Barbour Jumper | Amazon Fire Stick | Sony Headphones | Baylis and Harding Pepper and Ginseng Record Tin | Hugo Boss Aftershave | Panasonic 4K TV | Stainless Steel Travel Mug | Ted Baker Leather Holdall

If you read my Christmas Gift Guide for Dads then you’ll know I find present shopping for paternal figures the trickiest of all gift shopping. My dad generally only enjoys football, beer and buying the exact same jumper in slightly varying shades of green; so unless I can arrange for Steven Gerrard to meet him down the pub in matching knitwear, I’m  destined to always buy disappointing presents. With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I would put together this wee gift guide for anyone else facing the Dad Struggle – and I’ve expanded below on some general categories you might want to explore if nothing on that list floats your boat. 


Gadgets are a dad classic, and luckily so much falls under this category that you’re bound to find something to suit your dad’s taste and your budget. From this pair of £20 Sony headphones to the ultra-flash Panasonic TV*, there are plenty of gadget options out there. Personally, my life has improved 700% since I bought myself an Amazon Fire Stick, so if your dad hasn’t got one of those yet then I would definitely recommend picking one up (and I’m sure he’ll enjoy binge watching TOWIE and One Born Every Minute just as much as I do).


Depending on how trendy your dad is (/thinks he is – sorry dads),  you might be able to pick out some new pieces for his wardrobe. As I mentioned, my dad’s quite picky when it comes to his sartorial choices, so I don’t tend to go down this route. But if I did, then I’d go for a classic, good-quality brand like Barbour or Ted Baker and look for staples such as this leather holdall.


If your dad needs a bit of help in the grooming department, then make your mum happy too by treating him to some sort hair/beauty product. If you think he’ll actually use them, then something like this Bayliss and Harding gift set is ideal so he can try out a few new products. But if you think it’ll be a chilly day in hell before your dad reaches for a pomade, play it safe with a new aftershave.

I hope this guide has helped with your Father’s Day gift ideas! If you have any suggestions then let me know in the comments. 

2 Responses

  1. Lauren May 17, 2017 / 12:15 pm

    Thank you sooo much for these ideas, I’m always stuck for what to buy!

    Lauren x Huggled

  2. Danielle May 17, 2017 / 6:57 pm

    I don’t think you can go wrong with getting tech gadgets for my dad, he loves them!

    Danielle xx

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