How to Dress Like… Iggy Azalea

Iggy White Dress
I don’t think I can accurately describe how thoroughly in love I am with Iggy Azalea. Ever since first seeing the ‘Work’ video, I’ve dedicated good portions of my day to stalking her Twitter and Instagram accounts, lusting over her hair, clothes, figure… okay, her everything. It borders on a creepy crush, and I’m perfectly fine admitting that to you all.

I figured that I may as well put my obsessive perusing to some good use and run through some of Iggy’s key looks, how you can replicate them and general tips on how to embrace your inner Iggy.

Look 1: The Body

Miss Azalea is regularly spotted wearing leotards that perfectly show off her teeny tiny top half. One of the reasons I absolutely adore her style, and I’m sure I’ll waffle more about this in a bit, is because she’s proud of her ‘runway tits’ and doesn’t go in for trying to make them look bigger like other small-boobed celebs do (Rihanna, I’m looking at you, ya B-cup faker).

Iggy Body Collage


Iggy Body Collage Shop

Motel body / Miss Selfridge Black Mesh Body / New Look Print Body

Look Two: Urban

I’ve read numerous bits about how Iggy moved from Australia to America (which is not something I’d necessarily do – waving ‘laters’ to fit Aussie surfer boys just seems like the actions of a lunatic) because she considered it to be the home of hip hop. Her love of this culture is obviously something that passes into her style, so she’s regularly repping the urban look. Generally, I wouldn’t encourage you to start going out in full tracksuits unless you’re a big name in rap, but luckily the current trend for sport luxe means that you can incorporate this in a wearable way.

Iggy Urban Collage

Iggy Sports Luxe Collage

River Island Mesh Crop / Topshop Grey Quilted Joggers / River Island Studded High Tops

Look Three: Bright Bodycons

One word will suffice here: CURVES. She’s always emphasising hers in bright prints and colours. I’m personally really intrigued to know whether she ever wears fat pants to suck it all in – I mean, I know her abs are amazing, but what if she has a really big pie before an event?  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d get a response if I tweeted her about her underwear. Sad face.

Iggy Bodycon Print Collage

Iggy Bodycon Collage Shop

Boohoo Ombre Dress / Motel Jolene Dress / Motel Zoe Dress in Aztec

Look Four: The Crop Top

A girl after my own heart, Iggy has a selection of amazing crop tops. If you had a stomach like this, wouldn’t you constantly be flashing it?

Iggy Crops Collage

Iggy Crop Top Shops

Topshop Leater Look Bralet / New Look Aztec Crop / Urban Outfitters Halterneck Crop

What do you all think of Iggy Azalea’s style?  Who are you admiring at the moment?

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  1. bexandthecity2013 July 2, 2013 / 11:25 am

    Fantastic Post!!! Celeb style done on a high street budget, love it!!! x x x

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