How to Wear Dresses Over Trousers (Yes, Really…)*

It’s going to be a wild ride in fashion this year, as more retro trends show up on runways across the globe. Whether you love them or hate them, tie-dye, bucket hats, and patchwork are in this season, marking a return to more carefree times in the world of fashion. One nostalgic look, in particular, has been appearing in fashion circles around the world and on celebrities’ Instagram accounts, but enjoying a more sophisticated revival. That’s right, the dress-over-trousers trend is back.

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Back to the Noughties

This seemingly clashing combination took off in the ’90s, and was all over red carpets until the mid-2000s. Who can forget Jessica Alba’s iconic dress-over-trousers outfit at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards? The layered look captured the anything-goes feeling at the time and was a fun style to play around with for all sorts of events and award shows. Recently, the star tried the look once again, but this time with a modern twist. Wearing an open button-down dress from The Great over plain jeans and a t-shirt, Alba showed us a more subdued way to rock the trend.

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Other celebrities are also putting forward a sleeker version of the trend, with industry names like Bella Hadid and Julia Roberts bringing the combo back to life. Rihanna has also been spotted multiple times rocking the trend in a fresh way, with breezy dresses perfect for the warmer weather.

How to Wear

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Thankfully, you don’t have to be a celebrity or even an online influencer to rock the look. All you really need is a dress you adore and, well, some trousers. You can start slow with a shirt dress worn with staple skinny jeans featured on Who What Wear to avoid a baggy silhouette. However, if you’re ready to fully jump into the look, you can make it work by mixing contrasting fabrics or prints. For a classic representation of this throwback look, go for a flowy floral dress from Woman Within accompanied by some straight leg jeans from J Brand. You could even roll up the cuffs for a subtle, chic touch. Complete the outfit with some classy leather boots or flashy stilettos — it all really depends on your own personal style!

Whatever look you end up with, what’s important to note is that the dress is the real star of the show. That being said, keep in mind that accessories have to be straightforward and simple. Pro tip: These gorgeous minimalist accessories from Thomas Sabo are the perfect match for this trend’s maximalist silhouette. Once you have these basic rules mastered, then you can break them! Wear a patchwork blazer over a satin black dress and straight leg trousers for a sophisticated look, or incorporate a tie-die midi skirt to really nail the whole 90s feeling.

The dress-over-trousers trend may just be the beginning of a grand nostalgic call back to the old days, but in a bigger and more exciting way. Who knows? Next year, it might involve flashy bling reminiscent of fashion icons like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Whatever comes next, you may as well enjoy the ride for now and try on that dress and trousers combination you’ve been eyeing in your wardrobe.

*Guest article written by Sienna Long. Sienna is a digital nomad and freelance lifestyle writer, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. In the past, she has served as a stylist for multiple publications. When she’s not busy working on her next big project, she enjoys cooking and going to spinning class.


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