Outfit of the Day: Primark Patterned Trousers & Crop

OOTD 1st July C

SHOCK BLOODY HORROR, CLAIRE’S ONLY WEARING A CROP TOP AGAIN. Seriously, what will I do when these go out of fashion? My midriff will feel so unloved.

On Friday we had the ever-daunting task of going out for drinks straight after work. This is the sort of thing that Cosmo pretend is really easy when they write things like ‘this dress is the perfect office-to-drinks piece’ – in real life it is very difficult and means lugging a pair of heels, extra clothes and your entire makeup bag to work with you (we don’t have ‘office-to-drinks’ faces, unfortunately).

I opted for my new patterned trousers from Primark, with a plain long sleeved black top during the day. Just before leaving work, I released my stomach and got changed into the crop top for a more evening-appropriate look. I’ve just realised that this entire outfit, including necklace, is actually from Primark. I’m going to awkwardly side-step away from life now. Bye.

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