Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub & Ocean Salt Facial Scrub: Review

Lush Scrub Review
As a bit of a fake tan addict, scrubs are HUGELY essential to my weekly beauty routine. I’m usually a pair-of-exfoliating-gloves-from-Poundland kinda gal (and the tramp strikes again), but I figured it was time to get scrubbing serious about things. I have a full time job in a real industry, for goodness sake. It is no longer ok to be buying my beauty essentials for £1 (I say this as I remove my makeup with a £1 cotton pad).

I love Lush and there has only been one product I wasn’t happy with – the henna disaster that I blogged about here. I think that that may have been more to do with me not really understanding what henna is and also being a genuine idiot, however. So, these scrubs were something of an excitement for me and I was a genuine eager beaver to try them out. TO YOU I SAID GOOD DAY, DRY SKIN.

SO…lets start off with the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.


It’s described as being a “fragrant blossom-scented sea salt scrub for your body and hair.” Smell-wise, it’s amazing as most Lush products are. It is also an exciting bright blue, which made me feel quite the fancy lady. The salt grains are quite fine and there are two ways that you can use the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. You can either use it on dry skin for more vigorous exfoliating OR you can use it in the shower, where I found that it lathered up a bit more. I tried both and I think I preferred using it in the shower – mainly because it meant I didn’t get salt all over my bathroom floor.

My verdict: I really love this product. It exfoliates well, although I would say that the more stubborn bits of tan were a bit more difficult to shift (I had to revert back to the gloves for those!). I think I’m going to use it when I just want light exfoliation during the week – it’s not harsh at all so I reckon could be used pretty regularly. Their claim about being able to use it in your hair I’m not so sure about. I did give it a go in the interest of blogging. It’s supposed to give volume (because of the salt), which I could kind of feel before I chucked on loads of conditioner and probably lost any volume that was present anyway.

Next up we have…the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub.


I was really impressed with this bad boy as well. It’s apparently got loads of sea salt, organic limes and avocado butter to wrap it up in a wonderful package of cleaning, brightening and softening magic. It’s marketed as a face exfoliator but it can also be used on the body too. The salt grains are a lot bigger in the face scrub than the shower scrub and the smell isn’t *quite* as nice. Saying that, I’m more of a fan of flowery smells than fruity ones, so others might disagree.

My verdict: Excellent and an honour to our Queen and country. My skin felt SO amazing after using this. I suffer from skin that’s a bit uneven and looks royally crap without some kind of primer or makeup. But after the Ocean Salt facial scrub, it actually looked relatively normal! I would say that it’s a harsh exfoliator though – if you have very sensitive skin then this one probably isn’t the one for you. I have quite a sensitive lip/chin area and it stung a bit when I first used it – especially when I went at my exfoliating circles with brute force. Keep a gentle hand, my friends, when using this. It isn’t necessary to get too wild!

Friendly warning: try and not get either of these in your mouth. They are very salty.

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  1. Natasha August 27, 2013 / 1:07 pm

    Great post! I love a good exfoliator, really tempted to try these now 🙂

    Tash xx

    • Lauren August 27, 2013 / 1:08 pm

      Thanks lovely! They are really good, I recommend it 🙂 xxxx

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