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There are 3 things that I think us Brits do well in the summer: endless enthusiasm for barbecues, dodgy sunburn marks, and music festivals. With V last weekend and Reading and Leeds this weekend, festival season is well and truly in full swing. So when the lovely people at New Look contacted us to see if we’d like to write a post around festival fashion, we couldn’t say no – firstly, who doesn’t love New Look?! We’ve been mega keen for their Evolution of Festival Fashion infographic (check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!) too. And secondly, we’ve been too poor to make it to any fezzies this year so have been creating up dream outfits in our minds almost daily anyway (is that sad? Probably. Do we care? NEIN).


New Look FestivalFloral Kimono / White Crop Top / Acid Wash Denim Hotpants / Across Body Double Zip Bag / Chunky Chain Necklace

I love all of the kimonos around at the moment, so decided to base my outfit around this sexual floral number. We all know that you don’t really feel the cold at festivals due to the ever-so-handy ‘cider jacket’ that you develop after several over-priced pints of orange fluid, but a cover-up’s still a good idea as the night wears on. Denim shorts are also a festival favourite, and OF COURSE I would team this outfit with a little white cropped tee – have I been wearing anything else this summer?

Bags at festivals need to be 100% practical to avoid any mishaps with pickpocket – or worse, portaloos. I’m sure we all remember the story of the girl who got her head stuck in the portaloo at Leeds Festival in 2009 after trying to retrieve her dropped bag, don’t we? DON’T WE?! (If you don’t, then here’s a reminder.) An across-the-boy bag with more zips than you think you can possibly need is therefore top of the essentials list – unless you too fancy earning yourself the name of ‘Poo Girl’ in the national press.

I’d finish this look with some chunky jewellery, a floral crown and a decent pair of wellies. Oh, and heaps of dry shampoo. I think I mainly love festivals because they give me a chance to be the unhygienic tramp I secretly long to be in my everyday life.


Ah, festivals make me infinitely happy and I was lucky enough to pop to Wireless for the day earlier in the summer. While it was AMAHZING, it didn’t quite have the same excitement for me than a four day extravaganza getting muddy and looking crap. My past festival outfits have been beyond tragic and I really should have been a bit better at planning them at the time (they usually involved throwing things into a backpack an hour before we had to leave and wondering if there was still space for vodka). So, without further ado – here is what I’d have worn if I wasn’t a homeless girl living under a bridge a bit too poor to afford a fezzie this year.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 14.42.46

Tenki Pink Flower Print Skirt | White Bandeau | Light Blue Washed Effect Denim Jacket | Black Gold Chain Wellies | Gold Leaf Headband | Fringe Back Pack

Skirts are a must for me when dancing about like a prat in a field. I was considering putting a playsuit onto the list but then thought about the portaloo horror and decided against it. Skirts mean that there are no unpleasant mishaps vis-a-vis getting stuck in your clothes and having to call strangers for help.

Glastonbury a few years ago was unbearably hot (an Irish man saved the day when I got sunstroke and bought me a bottle of water. I LOVE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU?!) and I didn’t even laugh with scorn at a girl walking around in her bra and pants. With this in mind, you should always be prepared to keep as cool as possible in the event that a Mexican heatwave attacks you like a half-crazed Mariachi band. Bandeaus are a good idea because it’s LIKE wearing a bra but ensures that nobody thinks you are a prostitute.

BUT, you don’t want to look like an actual prostitute. Cover up with a trusty denim jacket, you slut (…joking hunnays).

Wellies are a must and these New Look babies are GORGEY. I also love the backpack. BACKPACK?! I hear you saying. It’s not as impractical as you think, this naughty little number has draw strings that you can tie with complicated knots to ward off pickpockets.

Floral crowns are brilliant and I’m still sad that I don’t own one (it’s a bit late to get on that wagon now). If you’re a bit tired of seeing floral crowns everywhere though, this gold leaf headband is a beyyyooootiful alternative.

What do you all think about New Look’s festival fashion? And what are your essentials? And how would you feel if you too were branded ‘Poo Girl’?

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  1. Lauren August 23, 2013 / 3:28 pm

    I’m really lovin all the kimonos that are around just now, good choice for a festival.


  2. Lauren September 3, 2013 / 12:32 pm

    KIMONOS ARE GREAT! We love them at the moment, Claire’s got a beautiful one but I’m still on the hunt 🙂


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