Matalan Spring/Summer 2014: Collection Preview

Now I don’t know about you chicas, but Matalan is a shop that personally I can usually take or leave. While I know in principle that they sell some decent stuff, I can rarely be bothered to venture inside to actually have a look. I’m not sure if it’s the same in other cities, but here in Coventry the stores are all located on various retail parks that are a bit of an effort to get to, plus once you get inside the carpet smells a bit musty and the fluorescent lights are a bit icky and so I generally end up yelling “nah, CBA!” and skip out again to go into Pets At Home to look at guinea pigs.

But, dear readers, no more – no more I say! Today the Look website has featured a preview of the Matalan S/S14 collection and I have to say, it’s looking pretty good. You can see all of the photos here if you so wish, but here are some of my favourite picks.

Matalan 1Panelled Pencil Skirt, £12
Gold Brogues, £12
Monochrome Swing Dress, £16
Croc Tote Bag, £20
Pleated Midi Skirt, £16
White Brogues, £15

Matalan 2Pink Coat, £40
Slogan Tee, £8
Daisy Print Cami, £6
Ostrich Strap Tote, £20
Mesh Panel Full Skirt, £16

The midi skirts all need to be mine immediately, and the (large) portion of my brain that’s dedicated to my current brogue obsession  is working overtime at the sight of these jazzy pairs. Yes, slogan tees are a bit cringe and yes, slogans about fashion are particularly cringe, but there’s still something about that roll-sleeved number that I quite like; I think it would go well tucked into one of the skirts or paired with some leather trousers. Loose fits are set to remain big news this S/S so the cami and swing dress are both bang on trend, and of course any high street shop worth their salt are stocking a version of the pastel pink coat right now. Throw in some statement handbags and we have a collection that would surely convert even the biggest Matalan cynic..?

Overall I’m really impressed with this range and will definitely be eschewing Pets At Home in favour of Matalan in my next retail park visit. Well, I suppose I can still pop in and see the rabbits afterwards. For their benefit, not mine.

What do you all think of this collection? 

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17 Responses

  1. Abby February 17, 2014 / 6:03 pm

    I personally love Matalan, and this collection looks so nice! Those bags will find their way into my possession at some point xx

    • Claire February 17, 2014 / 9:29 pm

      This collection may well make a fan out of me too! 🙂 xx

  2. jenn February 17, 2014 / 6:20 pm

    I’m the same with Matalan to be honest. I always see great things in magazines but they never have them in the shop…might be just the one near me. I WISH mine had a pets at home (auto correct changed that o peas at home which made me laugh more than it should) next door so I could go in there to curb the disappointment.
    However I love the daisy print cami, £6? GIMME!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    • Claire February 17, 2014 / 9:28 pm

      Same, and I always see bloggers with lovely things from there too but I think the shop itself can be a bit uninspiring! Definitely going to give it more of a chance from now on though, some bargains to be had (though I did always think it was meant to be super-cheap? And aside from the cami it’s not quite Primark prices yet, sob sob) xx

  3. vickie February 17, 2014 / 6:44 pm

    Love this! Matalan are on fire recently I’ve definitely been popping in there more often recently. Cannot wait to get my hands on the spring/summer stock! x

    • Claire February 17, 2014 / 9:26 pm

      It will definitely be getting a bit more love from me in the next few months! xx

  4. Lauren February 17, 2014 / 7:28 pm

    I agree I can never really be bothered with it, really like that panelled skirt though

    • Claire February 17, 2014 / 9:26 pm

      And they just have so much stuff, it can be a bit of an effort trawling through! But seems worth it this season, I love that skirt too 🙂 xx

  5. Frankie Alex February 17, 2014 / 7:57 pm

    I love the white pannel skirt however I am not sure I could pull it off … Oh well I guess I will have to venture in to try it on and see!

  6. Frankie Alex February 17, 2014 / 7:58 pm

    I love the white pannel skirt however I am nt sure I can pull it off.. I guess I will have to venture in to try it on an see! I do hate trying things on though.. I’m so lazy 😀

    • Claire February 17, 2014 / 9:25 pm

      I know what you mean, it would all depend on the length for me as I’m so short! But definitely worth a visit I think 🙂 xx

  7. Shaz De Vos February 17, 2014 / 9:35 pm

    I’m impressed with their collection! I agree Matalan can be a hit or miss but I’ve found some lovely items from them, I especially love their baby clothes for my little girl.

    • Claire February 20, 2014 / 11:02 am

      Yeah I know my other parents friends love it for kids’ stuff! 🙂 xx

  8. Ingrid February 19, 2014 / 4:09 pm

    I don’t actually mind matalan except from the factors you mentioned (the shops are a bit meh) but I find that, being 5ft2 and a size 6, they never have anything that actually fits me which is a bit sad cause some of their clothes are a bargain! x

    • Claire February 20, 2014 / 11:03 am

      Ahh I’m 5’2 too, definitely worried that the midi skirts will be too long! It’s a hard life isn’t it 😉 xx

  9. Belle February 19, 2014 / 10:48 pm

    I actually find Matalan expensive for what they are. I don’t mind whatsoever on the brand etc, but I just think I can get better clothes for the price. Saying that, I am a sucker for advertising and since they got Abbey Clancy I am a bit more interested!!

    Belle xxx
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Claire February 20, 2014 / 11:05 am

      Yeah to be honest I always thought they were supposed to be uber-cheap, but aside from the cami I wouldn’t say it’s hugely bargain filled. But I love Clancy too, if it’s good enough for her it’ll definitely be good enough for me 😉 xx

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