My November Homeware Wishlist


In the interest of being as diverse and vaguely interesting here on the old blog, Claire and I have been delving into new territory and writing about things we know nothing about interiors and homeware. This was mostly inspired by our beautiful new house, which now may or may not be be slightly covered in my moulting brown hair and miscellaneous socks. We’ve done a couple of posts giving you perverts a tour of our bedrooms (read Claire’s bedroom post and mine here) and now I’m lurking about creating wishlists and spending my money on ridiculous things (because buying a personalised doormat with a Step Brothers quote was normal behaviour).


Bird Frame from Vintage Forever on Facebook. Black ornate frames from ThePaintedLady on Etsy. Gold Frames from Huckleberry Vintage on Etsy. Owl Frame from Vintage Forever on Facebook.

I may have gone a little frame mad and wish everything in my life could be framed, but gone are the days that I collage merry pics of my and my pals next to my Eminem poster. I want to do some wall collages with picture frames in the very near future, and I’m thinking a mixture of these cute animal pictures with framed snaps of me and my pals will go down veeeery nicely. We also need some frames to go on the walls of our staircase, so I will be suggesting these black ones to my house pals for sure. And they will say “those are far too big, are you mad” but I won’t care.


Chalkboard hearts from Etsy. Tableware from British Home Stores. Carbs sign from Etsy.

Our kitchen is teeny tiny and there is about enough space to play a game of miniature golf. And by miniature I mean ant size. Nevertheless, we have a cute monochrome look going on at the moment (complete with canvasses of a cat and dog wearing hats). We need some matching tableware but unfortunately, most monochrome plates etc are horribly boring and involve polkadots. These are the best I’ve seen, I really love them but I’m not sure if my home gals will!


Coatstand from Ikea. Bathe sign from Ebay. Birdcage from Ebay.

We have a little bit of spare room in our hallway and a hatstand is the obvious answer…apart from the fact we don’t own many hats. Which means we have to buy hats to put on it, no biggie. Our bathroom also has a little shelf to put things on. We currently have a couple of candles but want a gay bath sign to jazz it up. Lame? Maybe, but who the hell cares? FINALLY, We have a big gaping hole in our fireplace and are looking for something cute to cover it up, Claire suggested a birdcage and it would look hugely cute fo sho. FO SHO I TELL YOU.

What do you all think of my homeware wish list? Any suggestions??

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2 Responses

  1. Hollie November 21, 2013 / 9:37 pm

    Love the bird cages and vintage looking photo frames!

    • Lauren November 23, 2013 / 5:08 pm

      I don’t know what it is about birdcages but they’re just so cute! xxxx

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