Outfit of the Day: Acid Wash Jeans and Lace.

Well something entirely mad has happened. It appears I simply can’t get my Topshop acid wash jeans off of my legs.

Joking and larking around aside, I really do need to stop wearing them constantly before you all think I am homeless and have no other trousers. But they really are my favourite jeans at the moment and they work well for both casual and nighttime looks. This is basically what I had in mind on Friday, which was the day Claire and I tried to do the frightening from-work-to-drinks thang (see her OOTD post, she looked much more trendy than I did). I figured you couldn’t go horribly wrong with jeans, a blouse and a pair of wedges so I opted for potentially the most boring outfit in the world. Nevertheless, I was pretty happy how it turned out and things weren’t too tragic if I do say so myself! A fierce (hopefully) bun and my usual face plastered with makeup and I was ready to down a cocktail or 10. We ended up having a brilliant night and now I’m vaguely convinced we are sophisticated gals about town.

OOTD 1st July L[1]If you want to recreate this outfit…YOU CAN’T. Only kidding, I’m pretty sure the top and shoes are no longer on the highstreet but they’re quite simple items so I’ve sourced some similar ones for you to peruse online. I also realised I look a bit like a vicar with a bun, so I’m not so sure about the top anymore (which is great as I’ve already worn it, snore).

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.31.08Topshop Acid Wash Jeans £39.99 Beige Wedges £19.99 White Lace Top £24



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