Outfit of the Day: Monochrome Bodycon & Red Wedges

OOTN 15th July

OOTN 15th

OOTN 15th ShoesDress – H&M / Wedges: Topshop

I went out last night. Please take a second to let that sink in – I went out on a MONDAY night. I’ve been a real member of the working world since last August so weeknight drinking has very much became a distant memory to me; these days, I feel a bit dangerous going to an 8pm showing at the cinema.  But a day off work today meant that a night out simply had to happen (did the eight Jagerbombs have to happen? I’m less sure of that).

I wore this dress that I bought a couple of weeks ago from H&M. It’s pretty simple but I still really like it, and at least it got me out of the bloody crop tops I’ve been wearing for approximately the last 72 years. Also, HOW clever is the pattern for creating a silhouette? To make it a bit more interesting I added my red wedges, which don’t get to see the real world very often because they go with absolutely nothing. I took a standard black chain-strap bag out with me, which I forgot to include in the photos because I’m the World’s Worst Blogger.

I later accessorised this outfit with crap dancing and shame.

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