Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms | Swatches & Review

Revlon 1Up until now, the chubby lip crayon craze had passed me by. In the past I’ve found lip crayons to be dragging, drying and unforgiving on any but the smoothest lips, and so I wasn’t overly excited when I first heart about Revlon’s newest releases, the ColorBurst Matte Balms.

Then I read a few rave reviews on them and my arm was twisted, so when Lauren and I headed to Boots on payday last week (always a dangerous business) we couldn’t resist swatching a few. Swatching led to buying one each. Buying one each then led to me going back the following day to buy another. I warn you in advance: these crayons are addictive.

Revlon 3 Revlon 5The ColorBurst Matte Balms are supposed to be unique in the sense that they provide a pigmented, matte finish but with all of the moisture of a balm due to a triple complex of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter.  Moisture and matte are not two words that usually go side by side, so I was dubious about the claims. But you know what? The hype is fully true.

Revlon 2The crayons go on extremely smoothly, with a light peppermint smell that makes them feel even more balm-like. From the first swipe they’re extremely pigmented, but the smoothness of the formula means that you can also continue to build up for a stronger look.

Once on, they feel really nourishing on the lips, and not at all cakey or dry like other matte products tend to. The finish is, as promised, velvety and matte.

Revlon 9

Revlon 10

I’m absolutely in love with my first shade, Shameless; it’s a strong purple which is perfect for a dramatic look at this time of year. The second and third shades are both brilliant everyday colours, with Elsuive being a light blue-toned pink and Sultry being a darker – but totally wearable – brownish-red.

I’ve found the wear time of my two shades (Shameless and Elusive) to be a good few hours. Because of the formula, they do transfer onto glasses and whatnot quite easily – but when the colour does fade, it seems to do so evenly, without that dreaded ‘unintentional lipliner’ look you can get from other matte lipsticks.

Overall, I don’t think I can stress enough how much ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. They’ve completely changed my opinion on lip crayons, and I’m now gagging to try out the Lacquer finishes too. At £7.99, they’re unfortunately not the cheapest lip products out there – but the quality is, in my opinion, brilliant and so well worth the price of two less fantastic lipsticks from a cheaper brand.

Have any of you tried the ColorBurst Matte Balms yet? What do you think?

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  1. Bee February 2, 2014 / 11:58 pm

    I’ve not been bowled over by Revlon’s last few lip releases (mainly those horrendous “velvet” lipsticks that make your lips look like actual velvet) but these look to die for. I know where I’m going on my lunch break tomorrow!

    • Claire February 3, 2014 / 9:03 am

      Ooh I didn’t try those, but I had a couple of the Lip Butters which I could definitely take or leave. So I’m very pleased that these lived up to the hype! xx

  2. jenn February 3, 2014 / 9:15 am

    The purple is gorgeous! I think you’ve helped me decide on 2 colours I want. But they’re on 3 for 2! Oh the eternal struggle of choosing the perfect free option, I could be in boots a while!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    • Claire February 3, 2014 / 10:59 am

      Oh really, typical that they weren’t on 3 for 2 when we shelled out for them haha! Though this does tempt me to go and stock up on some of the Lacquer ones 😉 Let me know which ones you end up getting! xx

  3. Naomi February 3, 2014 / 9:47 pm

    I’m definitely gunna have to try these out! Xx

    • Claire February 4, 2014 / 10:21 pm

      I fully recommend them, and apparently on 3 for 2 at the moment 🙂 xx

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