The Coral Lippy Battle: Revlon Lipstick Review


It’s no secret that Claire and I are superfans of a Boots offer. Any kind of 3 for 2, 2 for £10, spend £30 and get a free gift offer we are all over it like two tiny rats on a makeup shaped biccy. I’m hoping that one day soon that Boots will branch out into doing more offers too. I suggest ‘spend £20 and get a person to stand by your fridge who will swat you away when you head in for ice cream’ or perhaps ‘spend £5 and get 3 sincere compliments on your hair and/or face’. It would go down a treat, I can tell you that right now (…can you tell I work in marketing?).

ANYWHO I DIGRESS. Revlon were having a huzzah-worthy 2 for a tenner on their makeup (I think it is still on, GO GO GO), so it was rude not to pick up a couple of lip products. I believe Claire did exactly the same thing recently, and treated herself to a couple more of the ColorBurst lip crayons. However, I decided to go all coral up on this thang and get myself 2 orange tinged lipsticks. I’m a big coral lipstick fan, and I’ve actually had my eye on this Topshop orange lipsitck – it looks mega. For some reason I simply can’t be arsed to go and buy it, so I got these two babies instead.

When I bought them, my stupid boyfriend questioned why I would buy two lipsticks that are exactly the same colour and by exactly the same brand. Obviously, I said WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, CAN’T YOU TELL THAT ONE IS A LIP CRAYON AND ONE IS A LIP BUTTER. YOU NEED TO GO TO MAKEUP SCHOOL, YOU ABSOLUTE PONCE FACED WANKER. Love you.

My point still stands, these two lipsticks are vastly different, and here’s why – and what I like about each of them.




Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

We have already established that us Stylingo girls enjoy bigging up Revlon’s Lip Butters (read Claire’s great Revlon review here, chummies). So obviously I knew I was going to like the Tutti Frutti shade…but the question was, how much?!

Erm, very much. It’s actually a very paley orangey shade, which is perfect for the daytime. It’s really moisturising like all of the lip butters are, and it looks really lovely on (honk honk, that’s the sound of me blowing my own trumpet). Obviously, the staying power isn’t that great considering it’s quite pale and also really balmy, but it’s not a huge issue – it fades well and reapplying is a pleasant experience had by all (but mostly me).


Revlon ColorBurst Moisturising Balm Stain in Rendezvous

These are my favourite things ever, and Claire and I are big fannys of the Matte Balm offerings from Revlon. This is the Balm Stain, which gives you all the fun of a balm with all of the party of a stain.

I really love the Rendezvous colour, it is SUPER bright and beautiful. The stain aspect of the lip crayon is good too, and it doesn’t fade too horribly either. I would say that if you plan on wearing this for more than 12 hours, you’ll probably have to re-apply. But it lasts a good 4-5 hours with eating, which is simply brill in my books.

And here’s what it looks like on:


Without the Revlon 2 for £10 offer on at Boots at the moment, the ColorBurst Moisturising Balm Stain and the Lip Butter will set you back £7.99 each. You can buy them online here and here.

What do you think & what are your favourite coral lipsticks? Let us know in the comments below!

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