Santorini Shopping | Winter Sun Wishlist

Winter Sun Wishlist

Boohoo Floral Co-Ord | Pretty Little Thing Bikini Top | Topshop Aviators | Converse via LoveTheSales | New Look Cut-Out Playsuit | Miss Selfridge Tassel Earrings | Miss Pap Feather Sliders | New Look Bardot Top

So, if you follow any of my social media accounts then you might have heard me mention that I’m going on holiday next week. In fact, you definitely will have because I’m mentioning it approx once every 7.5 minutes online and finding any excuse to shoehorn it into conversations at work too (“Oh, your cottage pie looks nice. I’m just having soup because I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK.”). While it’s felt like a long summer waiting for September to roll around, I’m now really pleased to be going away a bit later in the year because: 1. I get to sod off just as the weather’s turning crap and everyone’s depressed; and 2. I might be tanned in time for my birthday (lol good joke Claire you Paley McWhiterson).

Anyway, I did stock up on some holiday pieces back in spring because I was a Kenny keeno, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying a few last minute “essentials”. And one of the really good things about going away at this time is that loads of summer sales have popped up, meaning I’ve been able to get some good bargains and save more money for Pina Coladas. A lot of the things on this wishlist are either super affordable to begin with (looking at you, Boohoo), or are reduced from the summer (looking at YOU, Converse).

As you might be able to tell, I’m actually really embracing bright colours this holiday – unlike that time I went away as the goth of Marbella. Rather than my usual black and white attire, this trip will be filled with primary brights and bold patterns. And yes, my red tassel earrings are of course coming away with me (James is thrilled, not).

Have any of you got any winter sun holidays planned? Let me know in the comments what you’ll be packing!

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  1. Lauren September 11, 2017 / 12:29 pm

    So jealous, i desperately need some sun and would love to visit Santorini. Lovely pieces you’ve picked out, enjoy!

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