The Tipple Box | Cocktail Subscription Review

Cocktails and summer are the ultimate perfect pair (followed closely by cocktails and winter, and cocktails and always), so when I was recently sent The Tipple Box* it was absolutely fantastic timing.

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, the Tipple Box is the latest take on the subscription box phenomena. For me though, it definitely trumps the likes of Glossybox and Birchbox because – hello! – instead of loads of skincare samples and weirdly-coloured eyeliners, you’re getting alcohol. And not to sound like a lush, but alcohol > most things (which is definitely the mantra of lushes everywhere, but I’m okay with it).

Cocktail Subscription Box Review

To be fair, I’m actually underselling exactly what The Tipple Box is. It doesn’t simply provide you with alcohol, but actually everything you need to create two delicious cocktails (and two servings of each cocktail may I add). In the box that I was kindly sent, I was provided with ingredients and instructions to create the Westminster Abbey Martini and Orange Lady cocktails. I hadn’t tried either of these before – probably because they don’t do them in ‘Spoons, let’s be honest – but I was so intrigued to give them a go. Tipple Box Subscription Tipple Box Review

I can confirm that they both went down a TREAT, and having all of the ingredients in one handy box made making them a really fun experience. If you fancy yourself as something of a would-be mixologist but don’t want to have to spend your whole life savings on stocking a liquor cabinet, then I definitely recommend checking out The Tipple Box. A one-off box will cost you £25, or you can save money by getting them on a subscription basis. There are 3 month (£24), 6 month (£23) and 12 month (£22) options available, and I think these would also make an amazing gift for a cocktail-loving loved one. You can find out more about the subscription here.

Have you tried a cocktail subscription before, or would you like to? Let me know in the comments!

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