September eBay Haul: Fashion and Beauty

Anybody who knows me knows that I love a bit of eBay. Whether it’s screaming ‘YES, EAT MY DUST BITCHES’ when I speedily out-bid someone or just browsing for a Buy It Now bargain, I can (and do) happily spend hours of my life scouring the site.

I know that not everybody likes the auction aspect of the site (though how else do you people get your kicks if not from destroying other bidders with your super-fast finger skills?) but what always amazes me is how many people don’t understand the full wonders that can be found by shopping via eBay. I get literally so much junk useful hair, beauty and fashion bits from there that I either wouldn’t be able to track down on the high street, or would pay much more for.

I’ve had a fair few bits delivered from eBay the last month or so, so thought I would make a collective haul post to show you all my wares. All of these were bought brand new for a Buy It Now price.

ebay haul tangle 3
ebay haul tangleTangle Teezer by Shaun P – £8.50 (UK Seller)
My weave has a mind of it’s own so I decided it was definitely worth investing in one of these babies. The thick, widely spaced teeth glide through hair effortlessly, and I’m already wondering how I ever got through life without it. These have an RRP of £10.20 on the official site, so buying via this eBay seller will save you a couple of squid.

ebay haul t-shirt
ebay haul t-shirt 2‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ T-shirt – £6.99 (UK Seller)
If you don’t understand this t-shirt then you’re more stupid than Karen!

ebay haul coat
ebay Haul coat 2PU Sleeved Wool Mix Coat – £18.99 (Overseas Seller)
Here is a fact about me: last winter, I was very very cold most of the time. ‘DUH,’ I hear you cry, ‘everyone was cold! It was winter!’ But, dear readers, I was especially cold because I went the whole winter without ever wearing a proper coat. I alternated between my Topshop leather aviator jacket and a faux fur jacket from H&M, neither of which kept me particularly warm. I think last winter I just had a lot of other priorities which meant I was never willing to fork out for a proper coat (if I recall, I developed quite a strong addiction to frozen yoghurt which perhaps needed funding). This year, I decided to be ahead of the game.

You can’t tell from the awful photo but this coat is rather beautiful – its quilted leather sleeves give it a bit of a nod to winter fashion, while the black wool makes it still a very practical, work-appropriate piece of outerwear. As it came from China, I was a bit unsure of which size to get. They advise that a Small is a UK 6, a Medium a UK 8 and a Large a UK 10 (I know, how ridiculous is this – THANKS, CHINA). However, because of my height I find coats are often too big and bulky so decided to order the Small anyway – and it actually still comes up a little big, so I would definitely advise sizing down with this. It cost £18.99 and then about £5 on top of that for postage – so I have no idea why the tag marks it as over 80 euros. I have seen UK sellers on eBay attempting to sell this same coat for about £50 though, which is why it’s always worth having a proper search to see if you can get something cheaper overseas. I know people have problems with the long postage, but I think this actually came in around 10-14 days which I don’t think is too bad at all.

eBay Haul RollersSleep In Foam Rollers x 12  – £4.28 (UK Seller)
I’ve blogged about these previously, but they really are an excellent bargain. A set of the genuine Sleep-In Rollers will set you back around £20, which is just a bit stupid when you consider you’re buying hair rollers with bits of foam in them.

eBay Haul phone iPhone 4S White Quilted Cover – £3.29 (UK Seller)
I still can’t decide whether this is a bit chavvy, but considering I got it to replace my much-loved silver glitter case then it can definitely be regarded as an upgrade.

eBay Haul socksLace Ankle Socks – £1.19 per pair (Overseas Seller)
I was on the hunt for some quirky ankle socks and so was overjoyed to find these full-lace versions. I bought this white pair, as well as the black that you can see in my cut-out ankle boots post. Again, these arrived quicker than I expected.

eBay Haul brushes 2
eBay Haul brushesMakeup Brushes – £2.59 each
Do these remind anyone of a certain famous brand of makeup brushes? O’ course they do; at first glance they’re the spitting image of Real Techniques brushes. I first saw these very similar eBay brushes featured over on Rebecca-Louse’s fabulous blog Autumn Leaves, and decided to buy a few merely out of curiosity and to do a bit of an eBay dupes post.

However, I’ve actually been SO impressed with their quality. These brushes are amazingly soft and I haven’t experienced any loss of fibres yet either. I know some people will probably be dead against the very idea of these brushes because people are SO loyal to the cult RT brushes, but bargain hunters might be interested in picking up a couple to bulk out their brush collection.

eBay haul toner 2La Riche Directions White Toner – £7.89 for 2
I won’t say too much about this as I have a full review coming, but I bought two pots of this white toner after home bleaching my hair. I think these can be picked up a bit cheaper from stores, but this was the cheapest price I found online. Plus buying online meant I got them delivered nicely to my desk at work and didn’t actually have to go and interact with any smelly members of the public.

Do any of you love eBay as much as me? What do you think of this haul?

5 Responses

  1. Lauren September 8, 2013 / 2:07 pm

    Haha love that top! I wouldn’t think to look on ebay for hairdye etc so definitely will in future, great post 🙂 x

    • Claire September 8, 2013 / 2:08 pm

      Thank you 🙂 YES, you can find basically anything on there haha, always worth a look first xx

  2. Lauren September 8, 2013 / 4:14 pm

    I love eBay, was browsing away last night and nearly spent a fortune!


    • Claire September 8, 2013 / 4:50 pm

      So easy to get carried away isn’t it haha, I have so much saved in my waching list constantly! xx

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