Skincare Tag: What Is My Daily Routine?

The lovely Liza at Glambeautys tagged us in a skincare post that’s going around that the moment. If you haven’t already, check out her blog – it’s one of our favourites and her ‘how to contour’ post is top notch. Fifi from FifiMcGee also tagged us in this skincare tag, so I thought we’d better hop to it and get one done.

I decided to do this tag because, like any brilliant team, Claire and I both have different interests in the fashion/beauty blogging world. I’d definitely say Claire is the fashion expert and her outfit of the day’s are genuinely fantastic (it doesn’t help that she is a teeny tiny person and looks fabulous in everything). On the other hand, I’m more of a beauty fan and I get excited about things like moisturiser, skincare and makeup. We dabble in both, but as I have a bit more of a skincare routine, I though I’d take the lead on this bad boy.

So…what IS my skincare routine?

1. Describe your skincare routine in five words:

Fresh, Moisturising, Experimental, Thorough and Regular (snore snore and snore. There’s nothing fun about routines!)

2. What is your skin type? 

THE WORST KIND – oily and prone to breakouts. It’s very upsetting and the skin type nobody really wants but I do my best to keep things in check. When I do breakout, the spots I get are horrible. Darn you skin, darn you. If I could I would carve off my skin and transplant it with someone else’s but I’ve heard that most people would think that would be a terrible idea. And also vaguely strange. And possibly death inducing.

3. What is your favourite skincare product? 

At the moment, my favourite skin care product is my Nivea Soft moisturiser. I initially bought it to use as hand cream but it can be used on the face too. It smells lovely and isn’t too heavy. Perfect as a day moisturiser and base for makeup. I love the Nivea brand so much right now that I want to marry it and have lots of really moisturised babies (ew, gross).

4. Top blemish zapper?

Sudocrem is always brilliant, but I like using witch hazel and tea tree oil if my spots are particularly bad. Which they always are.

5. Face wipes….yay or nay?

I’m not using them at the moment and they aren’t great for your skin, but they are useful when you haven’t got time/can’t be bothered/too drunk to do a proper makeup removal.

6. Toner….yay or nay.

I love toner – it helps to remove any cleanser left on my skin and it also REALLY wakes me up in the morning! At the moment, I’m using one by Clarins because I’m really fancy. So fancy that I plan to invest in a yacht and sail around the world with Jay Z.

7. High end skincare or high end make up?

I would rather buy high end skincare because I think that you can really notice the difference in quality, which is something that isn’t always true with makeup. In an ideal world, I would have both but a gal’s gotta compromise!

8. You’re in a French pharmacy and can only buy one item, what would it be?

I’ve heard LOTS of good things about Bioderma, which is a brand I’ve not yet been able to try. I’d love to try some of their products aimed at oily skin – particularly the Sebium H20 cleanser to sort out my greasy head.

9. Top skincare tip.

Always remove makeup and stick to a routine. My skin has got a lot better when I regularly cleanse, tone and moisturise. Everything looks better when your skin is looking good too and makeup is definitely enhanced when you don’t have to faff around covering up spots. Also, you can feel smug that you have a skincare routine and look at the lesser people who don’t in horror while saying ‘Oh darling, you simply must moisturise. THINK OF THE WRINKLES.’

Well there you have it gals, that is my skincare wisdom shared and hopefully appreciated. As this is a very picture-free post, I thought I would treat you all to a picture of my face to finish it all off in style (I hope you can all hear the sarcasm in this, I don’t think that my face is a treat. Except for my millions of male suitors, of course).
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  1. lauren July 25, 2013 / 3:37 pm

    thank you for tagging me Lauren, i’m not sure i have enough of a skin care routine to answer these questions though lol!

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