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So, hands up who’s currently feeling a little bloated (and still blaming it on Christmas weight despite it being the middle of February)? I certainly was, which was why I was really pleased to be offered the chance to try the Slimming Solutions Teatox* for 14 days recently.

Teatoxes have been big news for the past year or two, and I actually first tried one around this time last year (the post-Christmas bloat struck again, what can I say). I really enjoyed the one that I tried, and wrote rather openly – a little tooooo openly, some might say – about my experience in my review here. What I essentially found during that particular teatox was that it worked because of the laxative effect of the herbal tea. Incidentally, this made me find all of the sexy ‘fitspo’ Instagram accounts advertising teatoxes really funny, as they’re possibly the least sexy sexual ways to lose weight going.

HOWEVS, like I said I actually enjoyed the tea detox and so jumped at the chance to try another brand. Admittedly, I was expecting a very similar experience, as I assumed them to all be the same. Interestingly though, that wasn’t the case. (OOH, the suspense is building.)

Slimming Solution Detox TeaThe Slimming Solutions teatox works the same as others I’ve seen; the 14 day version contains 14 ‘daytime blends’, which are to be drank as close to waking as possible, and 7 nighttime blends, which you drink every other night as near to going to sleep as you can.

Taste-wise, this brand was also similar to the other one I had tried in that they basically taste like most other green teas. A bit planty, but not unpleasant to me. However, if you do find them a bit bitter or tasteless, then you’re welcome to flavour them with their honey or lemon.

Detox Tea ReviewThe difference came in the effects of the tea – or, you might be happy to read, the LACK of the effects. Although the nighttime blend does contain senna leaves, which are supposed to be the main laxative ingredient, I experienced no laxative effect whatsoever. This is bound to be good news for people who are put off trying teatoxes because of that very reason – as I said in my review last year, there are some jobs and lifestyles that just aren’t well suited to you running off to the loo with gay abandon all day. It also means there’s none of the discomfort, stomach cramps or fatigue that people often associate with tea detoxes.

Personally I can’t tell whether the teatox helped with any actual weight loss – to be honest, I ate SO many pork pies over Christmas that I do think it’s going to take more than a couple of teabags to help me now – but I did find that I felt less bloated on the teas. I also think anything that forces me to substitute my first morning caffeine-rich tea with something herbal is a good idea.

Slimming Solutions is an affordable tea detox at only £19.99 for the 14 day version, or £34.99 for the 28 days. I think it would be well suited to people trying a teatox for the first time, or those who don’t want the inconvenience that some other blends can cause. You can buy yours online here.

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