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With the ‘new year, new me’ mantra of January firmly behind us, and the revelation that it’s actually new year, same old nap-loving, pizza-scoffing me, I recently found myself in need of some fresh motivation. And by motivation, I of course mean a kick up the un-toned booty to get myself back on the health and fitness wagon.

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So, real talk – when it comes to working out in the gym, I’m a pro at thinking of excuses not to go. From being too tired to not having the right hair bobble with me (I hope I’m not alone in that one. My hair just gets too HEAVY), it’s far too easy to let things stop us from getting active. And something us vajayjay-owners probably use too often to get out of exercising and pushing ourselves? Periods.

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Do Tea Detoxes Actually Work? | Slendertoxtea Review & Giveaway!

Teatox 4Detoxing has always been pretty big news in the health world, and it seems that recently the popularity of ‘tea detoxes’ has rocketed. This version of detoxing involves cleansing your system simply through drinking some specially blended herbal teas. There are quite a few companies around at the moment offering these products, and one of these is Slendertoxtea, who were superbly kind people and sent me 14 days’ worth of products to try. 

Slendertoxtea state that their tea detox will help to:

  • beat the bloat
  • aid weightloss
  • increase your energy
  • increase your metabolism

I was really intrigued to try one of these detoxes for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’ve been healthy eating and gymming for months now but still find that bloating is an issue, particularly as the day goes on. Secondly, I’ve always quite liked the idea of ridding my body of toxins but haven’t quite fancied only eating apples for three days like some other detoxes advise. And thirdly, I just love a little experiment.

Teatox 3

How Does Slendertoxtea Work?

I actually agreed to review the products before I had any idea how they worked. I know, how wise of me(!) I assumed it would be a ‘skip breakfast and have this cuppa’ instead situation, but I was incorrect. Once I actually scoped the website out I was pleased to see that the tea detox involves no cutting out of food whatsoever. The process is simple: you have one tea each morning as soon as you wake up, and then crack on with all of your daily meals as usual. Then, every other night you also have an evening tea.

Obviously for the tea detox to be 100% effective, you should be eating healthily too. The website has a pretty handy Eating Plan you can download if you would like some guidance on what to eat, and it has some additional information on foods to avoid too.

Now, I will be very straight with you all. The nub and gist of the matter is that this tea detox works due to having a laxative effect. There, I said it. Those of a sensitive disposition should look away now, as this review is henceforth me talking about pooing.

Slendertoxtea is a colon cleansing tea that, to put it simply, flushes you out. This is due to the herbs in the tea, which have apparently been used by South East Asians for many years. The tea needs to be brewed for around 15 minutes in either warm or cold water and then… the magic begins.

My Slendertoxtea Experience

I was a little wary once I realised how the detox was going to work, and even more so when I read the packet that instructs you to begin your detox on a weekend when you’re not at work. ‘Oh gosh,’ I thought, ‘poo explosions imminent!’

However, I’m pleased to report – and I’m sure you’re all pleased to read – that this wasn’t the case. My effects didn’t kick in until the second day and for me, it was not remotely a bad experience. While the website does warn of slight nausea, headaches and hunger pangs, I actually felt fine during my teatox. My loo breaks were increased, yes – especially on the days following the morning tea and the evening tea – but they were, er, shall we say quick ‘trips’ so it didn’t massively disrupt me.

I’m lucky enough to work in an office though, where nobody really cares how often I leave the room – I will say that if you work somewhere like a shop, bar or bank where you’re not allowed to just run off when the mood strikes, then this might not be too practical for you. There was one day where I had a client meeting to go to in Wales – knowing this involved a long journey and long meeting, I decided to skip the tea on this day. Other than that, I found that the effects of the teas didn’t really bother me too much. On top of this, I did genuinely start to feel much lighter and healthier as the days went by, so my feelings towards the tea were very positive.

I hadn’t weighed myself prior to the detox so I can’t tell you whether it worked in shifting any pounds, but I do think my bloating was reduced and I felt overall much better about myself.  I can hand on heart say that I will definitely consider purchasing another set of these teabags in the future. I think they would be a great way to keep me feeling energised and cleansed every other month or so, and especially before a holiday or after a heavy and regret-filled weekend.

The Slendertoxtea teabags are available in 14 day, 28 day or 3 month packs and prices range from just £9.99 to £89.99.


If I haven’t put you off with my somewhat crude review (just being honest, ladies and gents…) then Slendertoxtea have been generous enough to offer a free 14 day teatox to one of our readers. Just enter in the standard way below that we all know and love, and we’ll reveal the winner in 2 weeks!

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There’s also currently a discount available on the Slendertoxtea website, which gives you 20% off your tea detox. Just enter ’20twitter’ for your discount!

Would any of you try a tea detox, or have you? Good luck with our giveaway!

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