So, real talk – when it comes to working out in the gym, I’m a pro at thinking of excuses not to go. From being too tired to not having the right hair bobble with me (I hope I’m not alone in that one. My hair just gets too HEAVY), it’s far too easy to let things stop us from getting active. And something us vajayjay-owners probably use too often to get out of exercising and pushing ourselves? Periods.

Being on your period can make you feel more self-conscious than usual, and so sometimes the thought of running around in gym gear or doing something out of the ordinary can just be too much. Well, this is a worry that Bodyform want to get rid of, which is why they’ve teamed up with a couple of bloggers – ME included – to launch #ChallengeBodyform. The challenge aims to give women the confidence to be fearless, have fun and keep fit without worrying about periods getting in the way. 


Bodyform have kindly kitted me out with everything I need for an active day out – including their DailyFresh Liners – and so in January I’m going to be stepping out of my comfort zone and heading to Go Ape. I’ve wanted to try Go Ape for a while, but after hearing that one of my friends found it scarier than expected and ending up sobbing at one of the stations, I’d kind of wimped out. Now in the interest of living fearlessly, I’ll be going as part of my challenge (and taking along Lauren, who is actually scared of heights. So that should be a lol). I’ve also got a new selfie stick so I can capture my terror for you all – won’t this be fun?!

For more info on Bodyform’s campaign, you can also take a look at their below video. Get ready to be inspired!

What gives you confidence during your period? Let me know in the comments!

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