Health & Fitness Haul: Gracechurch Centre


With the ‘new year, new me’ mantra of January firmly behind us, and the revelation that it’s actually new year, same old nap-loving, pizza-scoffing me, I recently found myself in need of some fresh motivation. And by motivation, I of course mean a kick up the un-toned booty to get myself back on the health and fitness wagon.

Luckily for me, the babes at the Gracechurch shopping centre were on hand with the motivation I needed. They challenged me to track down the best the centre has to offer in terms of health, fitness and wellbeing. And – spoiler alert – I picked up some pretty amazing stuff.

First up, I knew I needed some new sportswear. Nothing gets me more motivated to head back to the gym then new workout gear, and of course the fact that it’s perfect for lazy hangover loungin’ days means I love it even more.

I headed to the centre’s JD Sports, where I swooned over the Pink Soda range before picking up this cropped Adidas hoodie in grey marl. Next up was Topshop, where I initially went to check out the latest Ivy Park pieces. But instead I spotted these grey marl Adidas leggings, and HELLO MATCHY-MATCHY, I had to have them too.

(I literally can’t wait to wear this trackie to the airport, so if anyone would like to book me a holiday then that would be swell.)


Next I headed to Flying Tiger, one of my favourite shops EVER for random-things-you-didn’t-know-existed-that-you-now-really-really-need. Amongst the weird and wonderful knick-knacks, I found a great selection of tupperware and other kitchen accessories that would make eating healthily SO much easier. I picked up a cute breakfast container (perfect for overnight oats), microwaveable bowl and protein shaker bottle with different compartments for your powders and supplements.

Oh, and did I mention they were all pastel? Hummina hummina.

Finally, I headed to Bodycare for some pampering bits, as taking time out for yourself is essential for that healthy-bod-healthy-mind balance (or that’s what I tell myself to justify my massive lie-ins anyway). They had a HUGE choice of sheet masks for around the £1-£2 mark, so I picked up a couple of packets of those along with some pore strips and moisturising foot socks.


I left the Gracechurch Centre with a huge bag of treats and my motivation firmly back in place. And for an added boost, I’ve also kindly been given a month’s membership of Sutton Coldfield’s newly-opened branch of The Gym. They have classes such as Body Conditioning, Bootcamp and Abs Blast on every single day, as well as personal training services, so I can’t wait to try something new in the next few weeks. Abs, you will be mine (…maybe).

What gets you motivated to be healthy? Let me know in the comments!


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