3 Products I Won’t Be Re-Purchasing


Now, you all know that I’m usually all about the positive vibes. Aside from when I have to drive past a cyclist or see shoes made out of denim – ugh- I generally avoid negativity and focus on the good. However, I do think there’s a time and a place for some constructive criticism,  and a beauty blog seems like just that. I’ve recently found myself a little less than impressed with a few products in my makeup bag, and now that they’re used up I had two choices: 1. shake my fist at the sky, throw them in the bin and spit on them (dramatic), or 2. take some snaps, talk through why I was unhappy with you guys and then pop them in the bin sans-spit (sensible and mature). View Full Post

Everyday Nude Lipsticks for All Budgets

Nude Lipsticks NYX MAC Maybelline Makeup Revolution ReviewAccording to The Beatles, all you need is love. Well, I have this to say to Paul McCartney – what about food, Paul? Water? 8 hours of sleep per night? And most importantly – NUDE LIPSTICKS? Some minor amendments to the lyrics and I could maybe get on board with that song, s’all I’m saying. In my opinion, nude lipsticks are actually the most important on that list, and I’ve mentioned before that I usually have quite a few loitering around in my handbag. My current total stands at 4, which I think is pretty restrained for me – but luckily, they’re 4 good’uns.
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Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara | Review

Big Eyes 1If you read this blog regularly then you may know that nothing gets my pulse racing quite like a new mascara (I know, I know – some call me an adrenaline junkie but I just won’t stop). Although I only recently re-purchased my beloved Benefit’s They’re Real (my review of which you can read here), a few new releases lately had piqued my interest. One was L’Oreal’s Miss Manga, which I was dangerously close to trying out until I saw the advert for Maybelline’s offering.

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes claims to be quite the revolutionary piece of makeup, giving us “360 degrees of lash glam volume” with its double ended mascara wand. The idea is that our bottom lashes are different beasts to our top lashes, and so deserve a separate brush to properly catch each eyelash.

Big Eyes 4This was a concept I wholeheartedly supported; how many times have we poked ourselves viciously in the eye with a fat mascara wand as we attempt to delicately wiggle it down our bottom lashes? Too many, ladies, TOO MANY TIMES. I know Clinique has a special Bottom Lash Mascara but I for one can’t quite bring myself to spend £12 on a product that can only be used on half of my eye; so Maybelline offering 2 brushes in 1 product was much more up my street.

So, does it deliver on its grand problem-solving promises? The answer: ehhhh kinda.

Big Eyes 2Firstly we’ll talk about the Upper Lashes wand. It’s not my usual wand of choice, being a fibre brush whereas I’m much of a plastic fantastic kind of girl. It’s also one of those wands that has twists in it for what appears to be no good reason. I like the brushes to be quite straight and even so that I can work all the magic with my fancy hand wiggles and so on. Wands like this never really seem to catch my lashes where they’re supposed to, and can distribute product too unevenly.

And then there is my main bugbear with this mascara. The length of the wand itself. Just look at it. The decision to make the wand double ended and have the product in both the lids was, in my opinion, the wrong one. It means you have to manouvre all of the bulky packaging while applying the mascara, giving you much less control than when you have a longer wand to play with. It also might bash off your nose and lead to you smearing mascara over your cheek if you’re a bit, er, like me…

Big Eyes 3The Lower Lashes wand, however, IS really good for the job. A nice, simple brush, it’s got much smaller fibres to properly coat the finer hairs on the bottom. I’ll go as far as to put my lady balls on the line here and say that it’s better at catching the lower lashes than They’re Real – and that’s a big claim for me to make.

Big Eyes 7I think the results photo here shows perfectly my overall issue with the mascara. Bottom lashes = PERFECTO. Top lashes = PERFECT-NO (sorry, that was the best I could do). As you can see, the top wand just didn’t work for me and resulted in uneven distribution as well as my inner lashes being missed due to the cumbersome wand issue.

In terms of formula, I think the mascara does fairly well. It lasts nicely and doesn’t seem to smudge. It’s also a welcome change, after using the very wet and stubborn Lash Vegas and They’re Real recently, to have a mascara that actually comes off with a face wipe and doesn’t leave me looking like a panda until I’ve quadruple-cleansed.

Overall, my thoughts are that Maybelline are onto a winner in terms of concept, but didn’t quite get it right with the upper wand. I’m sure other people would be able to manouvre the upper brush much better than me, but personally I don’t think I’ll get much more use from it. The bottom lash wand is an absolute god send though, and I think I’ll continue to use this alongside my normal mascara to better complete my look.

Have any of you tried this mascara yet? What do you think?

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From Bag to Bin: 4 Make-Up Products You Should Avoid

Bad 1Hello there, one and all. Now, if you read us regularly then you’ll know that one thing we really hate is writing negative reviews.

Oops, my bad, I just fell off my chair laughing.

Who am I kidding, we actually never fail to dish the dirt on products that we’re not fans of. Some people don’t like to do this as they think it’s too negative, but we think our reviews come from a place of love. We love our money – what little of it we have, that is – and so we don’t really like parting with it for sub-standard products. And we don’t want you to either, which is why we like to give our honest thoughts.

Of course, with makeup it’s often a case of ‘one man’s treasure is another man’s big pile of poo’  and so what we hate, you may love. With that disclaimer out of the way, here is a little run down of four products we’ve bought in recent months that have left us disappointed. As you can see, some of these have been used a LOT, so we really have persevered with the little bundles of rubbish.

1. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil: Review

Bad 2After lightening my eyebrows a couple of months ago, I needed to invest a new eyebrow pencil in a lighter shade. I don’t use many Maybelline products but definitely trust them as a reliable, established brand, so figured I was playing it safe when I picked up the Master Shape Brow Pencil in Dark Blonde. It’s a wax formula pencil with a wand on the opposite end to brush through your brows with, and the pencil promises to create fine ‘hair-like’ lines for added definition.

However, for me this just did not work. Pigmentation is horrendously poor. I know that it’s not meant to be like other pencils that can be used to literally draw your eyebrows on, but getting any sort of colour payoff on the sparse parts of my eyebrows that needed a bit of filling was almost impossible. The wax formula also means that it’s incredibly greasy and slips easily, so attempting to tidy up the ends of your eyebrows is also really difficult, as it smudges so easily. On top of these problems, you then have the added nightmare of how quickly the pencil itself wears down. Even using the lightest of strokes, it’s still reduced to a stump after just a few applications. If you look at how much of the pencil I’ve sharpened and only after using it a handful of times, you can see that it really wouldn’t last you very long.

The only way that I can see this pencil being of use is if you’ve already got near-perfect eyebrows and just want a product to essentially set them. This, it does – though it leaves a noticeably slick look that I’m not a fan of.

2. Natural Collection Lipstick: Review

Bad 3I have to confess, Natural Collection is a brand that I’ve never been too inspired by. The packaging is a little meh, the products all look a little meh, even the name is a little meh (definitely lost us at ‘Natural’ I’m afraid, eww). However after reading a sparkling review of their lipsticks on another blog, I started to think maybe there was something not-meh about them after all. I love nudes and pale pinks, and Natural Collection is full of them, so for only £2, I was willing to give one a go.

I can’t even tell you what shade this is, possibly ‘pale meh’ or ‘meh blossom’ or ‘candy meh’. Whatever the heck it is, it’s thoroughly useless for me. Pigmentation is weak, staying power is weak, oh and the lipstick actually broke in half – making it physically weak too. Perhaps there are other shades in the range that are better, but personally nothing about this lipstick has made me intrigued to try any more of them. I’d consider it giving it to my 6 year old niece as something to play with, but I think even she’d ask me where my head was buying this.

3. Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara: Review

Bad 4This cosmetic complaint comes courtesy of Lauren. The Borjois Paris Volume Glamour Max Holiday mascara (jeez, want to get any more pointless words in there?) promises 10 times more volume and 24 hours of waterproof joy, perfect for holidaying and hobnobbing about. Unfortunately Lauren found it to be a bit of a dud. The wand is clumpy and fails to separate or define lashes, while the formula is actually very thin and so doesn’t deliver on the volumising promise either. While it doesn’t leave a horrible effect on the lashes or create any problems with flaking or smudging, it’s generally just not very good either.

Considering this came free in a gift set after spending over £15  on Bourjois products, Lauren doesn’t see it is a product she particularly hates – but those who pay the full £5.99 may be a little more disappointed.

4. MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

Bad 5Lauren is somewhat of an expert when it comes to eyebrow kits,  and this one has just failed to live up to her high standards (women, eh). Initially she actually did like it – you can read her review here – but after a longer while of using it, the cons of the product started to show up more starkly.

As Lauren already explained in her review, the highlighter , gel and brush were all difficult to work with. On top of this, she soon started to notice that the powder itself wasn’t as good as she initially thought, with it smudging easily or completely disappearing if anything else came into contact with it. Being left with no eyebrows because you accidentally touch your face isn’t really what you want to happen during your day. The pro of this kit remains the tweezers, which are apparently very good quality – however, the rest leaves a lot to be desired. It looks as if the product might actually have been discontinued now, and to that I think we all say GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD BROWS.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

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How Much Is My Face Worth?

G’day mates. Today we’re finally getting round to doing the blogger favourite ‘How Much Is My Face Worth?’ post. We both love reading these posts, and are usually left gawping at how much people’s everyday makeup actually costs, and bloggers are usually pretty surprised themselves to find that their collections often add up to as much as £100 or £200. I’m pretty sure that mine is going to be nowhere near this, but you never really know (well actually, I do because I’ve already worked it out. But let’s not ruin the suspense).


  • Seventeen Stay Time Primer: £5.49
  • Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm: £8.99
  • Seventeen Phwoarr Paint: £5.49
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: £3.99
  • E.L.F. Contouring Kit: £3.75
  • Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara: £6.49
  • Barry M Natural Glow Eyeshadow Palette: £6.49
  • Collection Felt Tip Liner: £2.99
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow: £2.99

Total: £46.68

This surely has to be in the running for one of the cheapest HMIMFW ever? My everyday makeup actually changes at least monthly and there will have been times when the total would have been a fair bit more, but my current love affair with super cheap and cheerful brands such as Collection and Seventeen means that my total price is driven right down.

I have to admit that I’m torn between feeling like a total pikey and actually feeling pretty relieved that if disaster were ever to strike and I were to lose my everyday makeup bag (possible reasons for this: leaving it on a bus, being mugged by criminals with a penchant for eyeliner, zombie apocalypse, etc) then it really wouldn’t be too much of a hardship to replace.

Have any of you done this tag? Leave your links in the comments below!

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