Monthly Must-Haves #15: The Living Room Edit*

Pink velvet sofa & industrial coffee table: both via Lion’s Home | Artificial grass pot: Wilko | Industrial bookcase: George Home | Copper floor lamp: Matalan | Knitted pouffe: George Home | Diamond rug: Matalan | Bulb pendant lights: Maisons du Monde | Vintage armchair: Maisons du Monde

As you might know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I’m one of life’s long-term renters. Whereas some of my friends were lucky enough to snap up mortgages in our early- to mid-twenties, I’ve spent most of my seven years post-graduation in a variety of rented homes.

Renting has been absolutely fine, and I think it gets a bad rep for no real reason  – however, the fact that I’ve finally managed to scrape together something that’s slowly starting to look like a house deposit is getting me all kinds of excited. Because I’ll finally be an adult? No. Because I’ll have a foot on the property ladder? Nah. Because when I finally buy a place, it will be an excuse for the MOTHER of all shopping trips.

My Pinterest boards are steadily growing and, for the first time in my life, I’m browsing home websites more than ASOS. Buying is still a minimum of six months away but hey, a little planning never hurt anyone (as I try to convince my boyfriend when I’m shoving pictures of three different sofas under his nose and insisting he tell me his favourite). So when shopping portal Lion’s Home got in touch about me collaborating with them on this post, I knew it was time to create the first of many homeware wishlist posts. And so here we have my favourite room to plan: the living room.

I think my living room style will be fairly industrial, with a little hint of boujee. So a lot of natural wood and metal, with the occasional standout piece – yes, I’m looking at you pink velvet sofa. If pink proves to be a bit too out there, then Lion’s Home also have a selection of slightly more toned-down sofas that fit the bill perfectly (basically as long as it’s bold, comfy and large enough for James’ ridiculous 6’4 frame then it’s in).

Sofa via LionsHome

As I like on-trend pieces, such as the copper lamp and ladder shelf, I think a lot of our purchases will be from more affordable, high street shops. This way, they can be switched up after a couple of years pretty easily. I’ve been so impressed with the pieces available from the likes of George and Matalan, so am on a mission to find even more low-cost homeware shops. This is one thing that’s great about Lion’s Home – as it’s a shopping portal, you can find pieces you love from brands and stores you otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. The only problem might be struggling to pick one and ending up with a spare sofa in the bathroom. Ah well, such is life.

What are your favourite homeware stores? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Dharma Rocks September 5, 2019 / 4:15 pm

    Oh my gosh! I got all kinds of excited along with you when I read this post because I am ALSO about to buy my first home. Just like you, I am nearing the end of having my deposit ready and I can’t WAIT to start shopping. To start with, I will probably get it all from IKEA but I have promised myself I will have just ONE luxury piece per room. 🙂 Great post. Xxx

  2. Lauren September 9, 2019 / 1:32 pm

    oh my goodness this makes me want to re-decorate our whole house! i looove the colour of that sofa but don’t think my boyfriend would be too keen – damn it!

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