7 Things You Really Want for Christmas In Your Late 20s: An Alternative Gift Guide*

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This week, I’ve realised something. Yes, Christmas is great, with the excessive amount of beige food and ‘good will to all men’, yada yada yada. But my god, it’s also the one time of year where I really notice that time is passing, things are changing, and yes – I really am getting old as fuck.

Take presents, for example. In my early 20s, it was all about hair straighteners, makeup and leopard print coats. The true life essentials for a girl living off her student loan and shot girl wages, if you will.

And now? I’m 29, and this week sent my sister the link to some La Redoute bedding I would quite like. Things have changed, and my wishlist is reflecting this.

So, if you’re Christmas shopping for a late-20s millennial and don’t know what we like other than avocados and being woke, this list might just help you.

Bedding & homeware

Seriously, if it wasn’t the bedding I was asking for this year then it would have been some Desenio prints, a new rug or a potted plant. While you generally have more money coming in in your late 20s, for a lot of us this is still spread pretty thin each month between bills, savings and bottomless brunches, and so these little touches can fall to the bottom of the priority list.


When I was younger, getting a voucher was the WORST present ever. How unoriginal, how dull – and how wrong I was. Now, I’d love to be presented with a £50 Asos voucher for some guilt-free spending. I think this one is especially good if you know someone with kids, as it’s much more rare that they get to treat themselves (so I hear, anyway – we all know my responsibilities stretch as far as the cat and my new potted plant on my work desk).

A subscription service

As the generation officially sponsored by Netflix-and-chilling, most of us have more than one subscription service on the go (though how many of them we actually pay for ourselves is a different matter – as a side note, thanks to James’ family for letting me rinse your Now TV without your knowledge, love yas). And yet, there’s always another one that we’re missing out on.

If she already has Netflix but she loves reality TV then treat her to Hulu, or if she loves reading but spends a lot of time driving then try Audible. With perfume, candle and beauty subscriptions all available, the options are endless (though just a word of warning: under no circumstances think about getting one of those period subscription boxes. You will have truly missed the mark, my friend).

A spa day

We might try to live by the mantra of ‘too blessed to be stressed’, but I don’t think there are many of us that would turn down the chance to unwind for the afternoon in a spa. Something like this sounds expenny, but there are always voucher and experience sites that can help you track down the best spa deals in Cheshire, the Midlands, the South or wherever you are in the country. You can usually choose to add on treatments or little extras such as afternoon tea to make the gift even more special.

Little luxuries

As you get older, I think presents become a bit more about the gesture, rather than the psychotic ‘I NEED this or I will be miserable FOREVER’ mania of circling your new must-have toys in the Argos catalogue (ah, #todayskidswillneverknow etc). Therefore, something small but well-made, or with a little touch of luxury, can be a really nice gift for a late-20s gal. I’m thinking a fancy card-holder or a luxury bath oil – basically just go on Selfridges’ gift section and search Price: Low to High.

Pyjamas, slippers or anything fleece-lined

Christmas is official cosy season, but then also your late 20s is kind of one big cosy season. If the lady in your life rejoices at cancelled plans and gets a buzz off buying a new candle then this one is for her. Head to your nearest Primark and stock up on a new dressing gown, fluffy slipper socks and any loungewear that means she can forego real clothes at the weekends.

Amazon Wishlist

When in doubt, honestly just check her Amazon wishlist. Mine is full of absolute weirdness ranging from car air fresheners to tiny razors designed for eyebrow hair – but honestly, there isn’t one thing on there that I would be disappointed to receive.

These are the things on my wishlist this year, but are there any I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!


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