5 Things Your Girlfriend Really Wants for Valentine’s Day (Maybe)

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it, loathe it, or are largely indifferent to it but always like an opportunity to get presents (hands-up emoji from me), the day is coming. And so, like the kind soul I am, I’ve put together a brief list of present ideas to woo and impress the lady in your life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASatin Kimono: Hunkemoller*

I can already sense the eye-rolling from here, along with the cries of how you don’t need to spend money to show someone you care and that not all women are the same. And okay, I admit it; this is basically a list of things your girlfriend really wants for Valentine’s Day, if your girlfriend is actually Claire Cavanagh.

However, I think a lot of girls are pretty similar to me, so if you can brace yourselves for the sweeping generalisations and gender stereotyping I’m going to unleash on you, then you might still find it useful. And so we begin…

1. New PJs. The fancier the better.
Most of us girls love a new set of ‘jarmas, but unfortunately they fall into that category of ‘things I shouldn’t spend much money on because I literally only wear them on my own in the dark under covers where nobody else sees them’ (it’s quite a slim category). This means it’s hard to justify the expense of a slightly nicer set, and we normally only really “treat ourselves” to the occasional new pair from Primark.

But this is where you come in, Valentine’s Day Hero Boyfriend! Treat your lovergurl to a set of pretty PJs that are preferably a tad nicer than anything she would usually pick up for herself. I was recently sent this super fancy kimono from Hunkemoller and it’s added that boujee touch to my life I didn’t know was missing. It also arrived in the most gorgeous packaging, making it the perfect luxe gift. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Of course underwear is always an alternative option on V Day – and Hunkemoller have a Valentine’s edit that will give you plenty to choose from – howevs I feel there’s always an ulterior motive of implied sharing when you give your partner underwear. Similar to when I bought my boyfriend a hamper of white chocolate – I just wanted it for myself really. So show you’re a selfless boyfriend by stocking her up on PJs and dressing gowns (and lingerie can be an added extra, because we actually do like that too, heehee).

2. Books about her interests.
What is she in to – baking? Photography? Blogging? Whatever her passion is, get on Amazon and track down a cute coffee table tome all about it. Not only is this a genuinely useful gift, but it shows that you actually listen when she talks about her hobbies (and I promise that just knowing you listen to us is a bloody gift in itself).

Now you do have to tread a bit carefully with this one – for example, just because bae’s talking about Slimming World and syns a lot does not mean that a recipe book for SW recipes will be go down amazingly well. In fact you might get it thrown back at your head. For a bit of inspo on the kind of books I’m talking about – and that she’ll want to show off on the ‘gram – I’ve put together a little selection in my Amazon wishlist (and yes James if you ever read this then it’s a hint to buy me all of these books, please and thank you).


3. Anything that smells good. 

A lot of us women are super sensory creatures, and if your girlfriend has ever stood in  the candle aisle forcing things under your nose then the chances are you’re onto a winner with this one. From candles and wax melts to bath oils and her favourite perfume, there are heaps of smelly gifts to choose from. If you’re feeling like a Billy Big Budget (see what I did there? Keeping it strictly PG) then brands that will impress include Jo Malone and Diptyque; while more modest budgets could check out some Yankee tealights or a bath set from Lush.

I would steer clear of plug-in air fresheners if you value your relationship, but that’s just my advice.

4. A spontaneous night away.

The ultimate romantic gesture, a lot of girls dream about being whisked away for the night. Now, we’re not talking Paris (but MERCI BEAUCOUP if you’re offering); even just a little B&B in the next town over from you can be a perfectly cute little getaway. Throw in a bottle of Prosec and I’d personally be feeling Kim K level of spoiled.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a hotel, then no fear – any sort of trip or experience that has the element of surprise is really where the romance lies here. Simply book a table at her favourite quirky lunch spot, or book in for a couple of massages. I personally fantasise about the day James whisks me off for a day out at Warwick Castle, but not all girls love turrets and trebuchets as much as me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Me, looking at pics of Warwick Castle.)

5. Something personalised and/or with your faces on. 

My final suggestion is a cheesy but a goody. Why do girls celebrate all of our friends’ birthdays by uploading collages of photos of the two of us to Facebook? Because we like sentimentality, and we also like photos of ourselves where we look nice. Therefore, find her favourite photo of the two of you (profile pictures are a good place to start, natch) and plaster it on something – a mug, phone case or one of those weird cube things that are completely pointless will all do perfectly.

Alternatively, we like personalised things, and I have a second post all about my favourite personalised options for V Day coming this week. Look at me, keeping your interest like a penny dreadful…

What would you personally like to receive this Valentine’s Day? Add your suggestions in the comments!


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