8 Ingredients for the Best Night Out Of Your Life (Probably)

claire 2At 25 years of age, I’ve now been going on nights out for EIGHT YEARS. Apart from just being a horrifying fact that makes me feel like a granny, what this really means is that by now I’ve sussed out the essentials needed for a good night out. I will point out that I nearly always have fun on nights out, mainly because my friends are heeee-larious and we could probably have a laugh in a skip if there was enough vodka and crisps, but there are of course some nights that are better than others. And, in my extensive experience, these are the nights that involve… View Full Post

7 Ways I Totally Fail As A Woman

Vanity ClaireOn first impressions, I’m your typical girls’ girl. I don’t leave the house without makeup on, I’d never drink lager in a pub, and sometimes I cry at The X Factor without really knowing why. However, beneath this girly exterior I hide a few dark secrets. A few things that make me worry that my membership card for Womanhood might be revoked at any minute.

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