Eyeliner Review | Rimmel Exaggerate vs L’Oreal Infallible

We love eyeliner. We love makeup reviews. And so when the lovely Bells from BellsLittleOnes offered to send us over an eyeliner review, we almost nibbled her hand off (and this is why she refuses to meet us in real life). Enjoy!


Hi I’m Bells (McClure). You might remember me from such posts as Body Shop Shampoo: Review and lame Simpsons jokes like this one.

Today we’re here to talk about eyeliner, specifically my old favourite Rimmel Exaggerate and it’s evil counterpart, L’Oreal Infallible Indefectible.


To the untrained eye (and apparently mine) these two eyeliners look identical. They’re both the ‘twisty uppy’ ones (yes that is a technical term) rather than the kohl pencils that you have to sharpen which I love as I find sharpening eyeliner pencils rather snoresville and I cannot get along with liquid liner. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Anyway, seeing as this review was clearly biased from the start, you might wonder why I even strayed from Rimmel in the first place when I clearly loved it so much. The simple answer being – I was having an eyeliner emergency (yes that is a thing!) and my local Boots had run out of the Rimmel in my chosen colour. I picked up the L’Oreal as a substitute, making the catastrophic mistake of judging a book by its cover…. or an eyeliner by its plastic casing… thinking that because they looked to be essentially the same product, I would get on with it just fine. Ha. Bloody. Ha.

It was a disaster right from the start really. Despite professing to be ‘Night Day Black’, the L’Oreal really struggled to even make a decent mark. I found myself going over and over and over my waterline (and even below it which I hate doing) just trying to achieve something close to the colour black but all I could manage was a weak grey. And of course, it was a horrible thick line of grey too as I’d been forced to go below my eye. Yeeuuurgghh.

I then faffed around with make up remover wipes trying to thin out the line (although to be honest in my opinion, if you reach the point of using make-up remover during application, you’ve already lost the battle that day) and tried again to get a darker line. I danced this dance for quite a while until I achieved something I was vaguely satisfied with (by that I mean, was happy to leave the house with). The whole process ended up taking the best part of half an hour which may be because I apparently suffer from eyeliner OCD (yes that is a thing too!) but more likely because this eyeliner is useless.

Needless to say, I hotfooted it back to Boots two days later where I was overjoyed to find that they had the Rimmel back in stock. I may have done a little happy dance right there in the make-up aisle. Seriously. I couldn’t wait to get it home and let me tell you… the difference is extraordinary. It took me all of thirty seconds to get a lovely, thin, perfect, dark line under each eye. I will never stray from this eyeliner again and will be stocking up so that no more ’emergencies’ ever have to occur.

And because we all love a good comparison (although the L’Oreal enraged me even further at this point by actually behaving itself reasonably well when it came time to do the photo), here they both are. Yes I sort of cheated as my entire eye is made up in one photo and not the other but we’ll overlook that shall we. Oh and my eyes look weirdly spaced but we’ll ignore that too.


I still think the Rimmel has a more ‘perfect’ look and took me far less time to achieve than the ‘less than perfect’ line on the right hand side so I’ll stand by my review but I’m willing to admit…. it might just be me 😉

Do any of you have an opinion on either of these eyeliners (or any others?) Am I just being fussy?

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