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Foofed Curly Blow Dry Review

Happy Valentine’s Day, one and all! Now, rather than waste a post on nause-inducing romance, I decided that today was the day to tell you all about one of my favourite, most-loved (great link, see?) experiences of recent weeks: my visit to Foofed. ‘Foof?’ you ask, ‘Isn’t that another word for a vagi-‘ – yes, yes it is, dear readers. But Foofed is also a gorgeous new blow dry bar / ultimate pre-night out destination in Sutton Coldfield. I was recently invited along to try out a treatment, and as I had an event to go to, I decided that a curly blow dry was definitely something I needed in my life. 

Foofed Sutton Coldfield ReviewFoofed Salon ReviewFoofed Blow Dry Bar ReviewFoofed Salon Sutton Coldfield Review

I arrived at Foofed and was greeted by the two lovely owners, Amy and Siobhan. After having worked together on freelance hair and beauty jobs for a couple of years, the two opened Foofed in Sutton Coldfield last year – and they’ve created something SO beautiful. As you can see from the above photos, the beauty bar is aesthetically stunning. With crushed velvet, gorgeous lighting and cute accessories, it’s basically how we would all like our homes to look (if only I wasn’t partial to spilling fake on my floor at least once per week).

Foofed is 100% the sort of place I love: super pretty to look at, but with a really down-to-earth, friendly atmosphere. I immediately felt at home when I sat down in the chair, and the 90 or so minutes I spent having my hair washed and blow-dried (attention to detail, anyone?!) flew by as we chatted away. And speaking of the blow dry, it was amazing. I actually haven’t had a proper curly blow before, as I know it’s not something many hairdressers can do these days – so to find someone so close to home was brilliant! My hair was left a bouncy, voluminous – dare I say it, foofed – dream – and it lasted well into my second and third day, too.
Midlands Curly Blow Dry Review(Oh yeah, and they have their own selfie wall, as if you needed more convincing of the amazingness of Foofed.)

So if you’re based in the West Midlands and are looking for a makeup and blow dry bar for a big event, I would definitely recommend giving Amy and Siobhan a call. As well as makeup and hair styling, the girls also offer lash treatments, HD brows, nails, teeth whitening, hair extensions and (my new personal obsession) microblading. You can check out a gallery of their work here and book in to #GetFoofed yourself here.

A huge thank you to Amy and Siobhan for welcoming me to Foofed! Do you think you’ll be paying a visit? Let me know in the comments!



6 Responses

  1. claudia February 15, 2017 / 4:06 pm

    MAJOR HAIR ENVY. And I absolutely LOVE the interior of that salon!

    Claudia xx

  2. Jessie February 16, 2017 / 4:18 pm

    There 100% nothing better than getting your hair done at a salon, honestly the best feeling especially when your hair is feeling drab! x

  3. Zo March 19, 2017 / 2:15 am

    Wow, the decor looks gorgeous in that salon.
    Your hair looks beaut too! I’ll have to check out Foofed as I live in the West Midlands too, looks and sounds great!
    Zoe xx

    • Claire March 21, 2017 / 9:30 pm

      Yay, say hi to the girls for me if you do go Zoe 🙂 xx

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