MAC ‘Crème D’Nude’ Lipstick: Review

Right, so I’m aware that I’m about to make possibly one of the most shameful confessions that a beauty blogger can make, so I’ll blurt it out as quickly as possible:


I know that this is very shocking news for the blog world, so I’ll try to explain myself. Firstly, I never used to be that into lipsticks on a day-to-day basis. Secondly, I prefer to stick to the same colour palette on my lips; as your standard blonde-hair-blue-eyes I think pale pinks and nudes have always worked best for me and so I just don’t get all that gaga over lipsticks.

However, one of my best friends got married a couple of weeks ago and I decided to invest in a decent lipstick for it. I wore a deep red maxi dress and so (surprise, surprise) decided I wanted a nude lipstick so as not to detract from the dress, and also so that I could wear my usual ridiculous false eyelashes with lashings of eyeliner. The lipstick needed to have staying power to last all day and night though, and also needed to be quite moisturizing as my lips have a tendency to get dry and so lipsticks can look cakey quite quickly.

So after much research I decided a MAC lipstick was the best option for me, in the Crème D’Nude shade.


MAC Crème D’Nude: £14

I believe it’s one of their most popular shades, and I have to say that I am a new convert to this lipstick. The colour was just what I was looking for; nude without that ‘foundation lip’ effect that Snog Marry Avoid girls seem to like. It was subtle yet still made my face look more ‘done up’ than if I’d just gone for a gloss or (shudder) au naturale.



These pictures make it look slightly more pink than it actually is in real life, but hopefully conveys the sheen and natural shade the lipstick provides.

It also lasted really well, felt really moisturizing on my lips and smelt lovely too (I would say it has a cocoa butter-y smell; this is probably completely wrong and I would waft it under Lauren’s nose for a second opinion but I don’t want to risk it touching her nostril). It’s become a staple of my makeup bag in just the couple of weeks since I’ve owned it, seeing as it’s so wearable on an everyday basis. I’m also already counting down the days til payday so I can justify my next MAC purchase – for blogging review purposes, of course…

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  1. Beaumaquillagex July 18, 2013 / 7:06 pm

    This is gorgeous! This looks like a perfect nude and I have been wanting one for ages 😀 Thanks for sharing, also I have just read your ELF Vs MAC post, and it is a shame the ELF one doesn’t offer a dupe 🙁 But hey ho! 🙂 xo

    Beaumaquillagex | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • Claire July 19, 2013 / 8:10 am

      It really is so worth the money, I’m sure the other MAC nudes are just as good too – so may have to try some of those out, oops! Glad you liked the post 🙂 xx

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