The Varsity Trend

Howdy y’all. That’s my brilliant way of introducing this distinctly American-themed fashion trend; hope you all loved it (if you didn’t, then take it up with me on Jerry Springer where we can both wrestle dwarves, or whatever else it is that happens on that programme).

Anyway, one of this season’s biggest trends is the ‘varsity’ look. Sports luxe as a wider trend has been around for quite a while now, but varsity is slightly more specific as it focuses on a typically American high school sports feel. Think baseball jerseys, letterman jackets and heaps of over-enthusiasm.

Varsity Collage - Clothes
86 Jersey – Topshop
Denim Varsity Jacket – Boohoo
Jumper Dress – Asos
‘R’ Pastel Jumper – River Island
73 Crop Top – Mary Jane Fashion

I’m never usually a big fan of anything ‘preppy’ looking, or even anything overly sporty (the only thing I slam dunk is da funk) (sorry). Because of this, I prefer varsity pieces that are either oversized or cropped so as to give them a bit of an edge. I had my eye on the Topshop ‘86’ jersey a few weeks ago; but since then it seems like every girl and her Chihuahua has bought it. Also, a lot of girls seem to be wearing them on nights out, which has offended me even more than when girls started wearing lovely midi dresses with a dirty pair of Converse – and let me tell you, that was A LOT (but that’s a rant for another day).

I’m now planning to buy the extremely purse-friendly crop top from Mary Jane Fashion. Teamed with high-waisted denim shorts or underneath a pair of dungarees I think it will be the perfect summery nod towards the trend (I can already hear Lauren retching at the mention of my dungarees, but please ignore her).

If you want to incorporate varsity into your outfit without actually looking like you’re about to tackle someone, then there are a lot of accessories on the high street for the subtler look. You would think the lettered beanies wouldn’t be needed anymore, but if the temperatures this morning were anything to go by then I still might find myself buying one for the coming months (seriously, May, what are you playing at?)

Varsity Trend Accessories

Adidas High Tops – Asos
‘T’ Beanie – Topshop
Star Print Backpack – Asos
Yellow Casio Watch – Asos
Converse Low Tops – Schuh

What do you think of the varsity trend, love it or hate it?

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