Outfit of the Day: The Mirror Edition

You know how people say that as a parent you just feel permanently guilty and worried that you’re not helping your kids enough? I feel that way about this blog – does that make me terribly sad? That question is strictly rhetorical, don’t answer. Anyway, I’m aware that I haven’t done an OOTD post for ages, and have felt very guilty about it. So I finally set up the tripod and camera at the weekend to capture my oh-so-fascinating outfit and what was I greeted with on the display screen? Battery Depleted. SUPER.

So, like the absent father that I feel like, I’m trying to make amends. To give you a rough idea of outfits I’ve been loving lately, here’s a selection of rubbish mirror selfies that I’ve uploaded to our Instagram account @StylingoUK over the last couple of weeks.

OOTD 29th July 4Midi Dress – Primark / Cross Belt – Primark / Watch – River Island (similar here)

I featured this midi dress in my June haul post last month, where I said how rubbish it had looked in the changing room and that it would probably be going back. Well, wasn’t I just being a Negative Nancy. After trying it on properly and jazzing it up with a belt and better shoes, I now love this dress and it’s one of my staple work dresses (I took this at work, hence the attractive toilet shot). A good example of why it’s a good idea sometimes to buy things and try them out at home before making your mind up about them.

OOTD 29th July 3Leather Gilet – H&M / Vest – H&M / Maxi Skirt – Motel Rocks / Cross Necklace – eBay

I wore this outfit last week when I went into Birmingham to meet one of my old uni friends for lunch (FYI, Red Pepper in the Mailbox is THE best place I’ve eaten for a really really long time)(really really). I bought this sleeveless leather jacket months ago and have kind of just never got round to wearing it. I’ve seen plenty of other people wear them, but you know when you get those items you just can’t make work for yourself? I finally bit the bullet and teamed it with my knitted maxi skirt from Motel and I think it kind of worked…

OOTD 29th July 2Crochet Top – Primark / Vest – Primark / Denim Skater Skirt – Topshop

Ah, I love my little Topshop skirt; and it came in so handy during the heatwave. I wore it with this crochet tee (which I stole from my sister about two years ago and never returned – thanks Amy, if you’re reading!) for work one day as a simple summery outfit. I’m lucky to work somewhere where an outfit like this is seen as acceptable, I have NO idea how people who work in offices with strict dress codes coped during that heat!

OOTD 29th JulyCrop Top – Missguided / Trousers – Primark / Jelly Shoes – JuJu (via ASOS) / Lion Head Necklace – eBay

I love this outfit. It’s a shame that I only wore it round to my mum’s house and so it was just met with the greeting, ‘Those trousers are… interesting’. It will definitely need to be re-worn somewhere that it will get a bit more appreciation. I also wore my new favourite piece of jewellery, the lion head necklace that I first mentioned in my eBay dupes post back in May.

I actually ordered it just after that post went live, but there was an unfortunate incident when it was delivered. You see, I just happened to be quite drunk when I came home and discovered the parcel, and all I could remember the next day was the parcel ending up somewhere and my drunk mind thinking, ‘you’re NEVER going to find that when you’re sober, har har har’. And drunk me was right; I searched high and low for it for days and could not track it down. It eventually turned up two weeks ago, wedged behind the back of my chest of drawers. I do wish drunk me had been more considerate and left a note for sober me.

So, I apologise once again for the quality of these OOTD posts. I will soon fix the depleted battery issue and take my parental blogger responsibilities more seriously. Do you forgive me? Can we go bowling now?

3 Responses

  1. lauren July 30, 2013 / 3:48 pm

    never listen to your mother (or bf for that matter) when it comes to fashion. i love those trousers, will be visiting primark this weekend to try and find them!

    • Claire July 31, 2013 / 10:07 am

      Haha so true – these people know nothing! Good luck with your hunt 🙂 xx

  2. Stef August 8, 2013 / 12:56 pm

    Those printed trousers are gorgeous!:)and I really like your denim skater skirt!:)

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