Primark Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Anybody who knows me will know that I have a long-standing love of Primark. I’m not obsessed or anything; I definitely didn’t queue up outside when the local Primark opened up when I was 15 (ahem…)

Some people are still really snotty about Primark, but those people are what I like to refer to as ‘idiots’. Here are some of the things I think Primark are perfect for:

• The Basics – why spend a lot of money on a plain black vest top when you can get one for £3?
• The Night Out Dresses – I know I’m not alone in being one of those girls who only wears a ‘going out’ dress or outfit once, so I don’t see the point in spending £40-70 on a one-time item
• The On-Trend Pieces – again, on-trend items have a short shelf life. I personally doubt I’ll be wearing neon far beyond this summer, for example, so picking up a top for under £10 is the perfect way to give a little nod to the trend without breaking the bank
• Jeans – I might be alone in this but, oh GOSH, does anyone else find Primark jeans really good for the price? I have had pairs that fit better and keep their shape longer than endless New Look, H&M and even Topshop jeans.

Now that I have gotten my Defense of Primark out of the way, I’ll move swiftly on to talk about the new items they have for Spring/Summer. It seems a bit late to be doing a post like this, (high-end designers are probably talking about A/W 2019 or something by now, right?) but I’m sure I’m not alone in only just starting to take summer shopping seriously.

So, with payday fast approaching I have been browsing various photos of the S/S collection online. Apart from occasional bouts of rage over Primark not offering online shopping (will this EVER be a thing?), I spent most of my perusing time very impressed. Here are some of my favourite items for the collection, all of which I will be attempting to track down on Saturday.


Aztec Print Two-Piece: I have been after a co-ord for ages now. Do I care that I might look like I am wearing an oversized bikini out in public? Do I heck. This is such a fun look and, if you think of it as being not too dissimilar to a dress with a cut-out middle, then it’s really not as ‘out there’ as you think. Additional bonus is obviously that both pieces can then be worn separately. Huzzah!


Printed Trousers: I love a good printed pair of trousers, even if whenever I wear either of my pairs my dad will always feel the need to ask me why I am going out in my pyjamas. Being quite, shall we say, large of bottom, I have to be a bit careful of the shape and colours so as not to make me look too ridiculous. The dark colours of these should hopefully work quite well, and their ability to be dressed up or down ticks boxes for me.


Rose Gold Watch: I’m a huge fan of rose gold, and you have no idea how long I waited for a Michael Kors dupe to pop up on the high street. I think this is only £5 and so is the perfect way to achieve the look at a teeny tiny fraction of the price.


Studded High-Tops: High-tops definitely seem to be here to stay over the summer, and I really like this cute feminine pair.


Floral dungarees: I love the smudged floral print of these dungarees. Teamed with a plain crop top, these would be perfect festival wear. As I’m not going to any festivals this year (insert grumpy face here), I’m sure I could also get use out of them at barbecues and pub garden days.

What do you all think of what Primark has to offer at the moment?

All images from In Style.

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